5 Steps to a GREAT Annual Plan

Chris Michael Harris, Entrepreneur


Based on statistics, only 17% of people continue with their new year resolution beyond February, and the rest halted and never continue making it happen. Today, we will discuss what you can actually do to hit your goals and have an effective annual plan.

1.Break your environment

Kim and I usually spend our annual planning in Puerto Rico, the reason why I personally choose the place is it is just a stark removal from our typical environment. We get caught up in the day-to-day, all the hustle and bustle doing the same things day in and day out.

What you need to do during your annual planning is to break the pattern, getting outside of your physical environment, it doesn’t have to be fancy; you can go to your local Starbucks or your local coffee shop, or just going to a library night or a place that inspires you a place where you feel like you can kind of open up your creative thinking and really just dive into it. And more importantly, go to a place where you’re not distracted.


2. Write your major wins

You may think it has nothing to do with my planning for the new year, it absolutely has a lot to do with it. And the reason being is that what we want to do is we have a tendency to focus on the 5% of things that we didn’t do, not the 95% of things that we did do, right.

Moreover, it’s hard for us to assess what we did well when you are you and you don’t have the vantage point of someone else looking at you. So we tend to not recognize the areas that we did well, it’s so crucial for you to analyze and assess these things and celebrate those wins


3. Pull your data

This could be, obviously, primarily in your business, so maybe you had a goal from the previous year. Data is going to give you a roadmap; it will justify and validate whether what you’re doing was working or not. More importantly, what you want to look at is what type of content was actually resonating with people.


4. Developing your goals for the new year

This is why we did the goals for our wins first, and we did our data second, because what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna see if there’s alignment, we’re gonna see if, what if our wins led to the data. Whatever your goal looks like for the year, then we’re going to do is we’re going to reverse engineer that. We’re going to break that down into quarters.



5. Write the roadblocks in achieving your goals

 Now, what I want you to do in the last step is to write down what’s required in achieving your goals. In other words, what are going to be your biggest challenges or the resources that you don’t currently have, that are going to be roadblocks for you on that roadmap to hitting your goals for that year.

It’s more of connecting the dots rather than just making a list of goals. So it’s not this big, hairy thing that you’re trying to take on, it’s something where you literally have roadmaps, the whole thing out and it feels doable and feasible.




Wrap Up

You might be watching this video any time of the year but I guarantee you, it is still relevant and you can still use these steps to create a great annual plan, don’t forget to grab the worksheet I made for you, it’s a gift from me where you can list down your wins and plans to create a great annual plan this year. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this episode and I will see you in the next one!



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