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Chris Michael Harris, Entrepreneur


In the previous episode, I talked about how to validate your business ideas and if you haven’t seen that yet and you don’t have an idea what business you should pursue, I highly highly suggest visiting it for a while before we hop into this episode.

But for the rest of you, let’s dig in.

Casting your vision

The problem is a lot of people don’t think about the other aspects of what makes them tick.  They think about the business and their financial goals and stuff like that.   So they make a lot of sacrificial decisions, they don’t take care of themselves, nor their relationships, their personal well being their fitness, their health. 

To start, please grab your own copy of The Business Roadmap and let’s do this  together. 

Five different layers to consider:
1. Faith
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Fitness
5. Finance

All of those things make up and embody the fulfillment that you have the desire and the motivation that you have, it’s important that you’re making sure that you are fulfilled in all those various areas.

For each category I want you to think of your long term goals, let’s start with year 5 and reverse engineer it. Going back to year one, think of the most meaningful, easiest, most viable step you can take right now. Start easy and focus on building that habit so it will be easier for you to reach each goal.  Scale out and of course, now you can continue to do the things you’re doing previously from year to year.

 So these are in order of what I deemed to be priority.  Let’s start filling this out.  (I provided an illustration for you as an example but you don’t have to follow that, you can put whatever you want).


Figuring out what’s required

In this part of your worksheet, identify the action steps, what are you going to do on every priority. 


Filling in your roadmap

So this is your actual business roadmap, what you’ll do is you’re going to take each one of those from the categories that we mentioned, and you’re going to add them into your one goals, those are your now your year, one, five goals for all those areas of your life.  And then underneath, what you’ll see is challenges and needs that you might encounter along the way.

I add a little stoplights here just as a visual, and I would circle if you’ve met all your goals, and you go back in hindsight, you reflect on those things, as you look over this over the coming years.  

So if you need to expand on these ideas, I absolutely would make it as detailed and as lengthy as you possibly would like it to be.  But definitely make sure you include those in that specific order. I think if you do that, what you’re going to find is that things are going to be much easier than had you not included them to begin.


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