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Trending as high as Top 5 in the world on iTunes under Business, Health and Education, Entrepreneur Hour podcast has now reached millions of listeners across over 120 countries; bringing not only high impact advice from Chris but also some of the most notable names in entrepreneurship that include: Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Marie Forleo, Grant Cardone, Guy Kawasaki, Dr. Josh Axe, Dave Asprey, Ryan Deiss, Jon Acuff, Ryan Levesque, Sally Hogshead, Ray Edwards, Jeff Hoffman, Ezra Firestone and SO many more…

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Managing Debt as a Business Owner | Avoid Falling Into the Debt Trap

Managing Debt as a Business Owner | Avoid Falling Into the Debt Trap

managing debt as a business ownerChris Michael Harris, Executive Producer8/23/19The best way to manage your debt is to avoid it like the bloody plague...Sorry, but I just had to start with that... Because there's just too many people taking on debt when they begin...

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