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Foolish is the man who doubts Chris Harris. I had the good fortune of knowing Chris when he was more or less just getting started on his journey to market disruption and growing domination. There’s one thing I’ll never forget, something all great entrepreneurs share, and that’s the burning glimmer in his eyes of total confidence. I could see that Chris lived in a world where his vision of success would come to pass, regardless of what skeptics and vested interests told him. It’s not cockiness, but rather a trust in himself and his faith that through hard work, adaptability, determination, and the relentless pursuit of serving customers he will succeed at any endeavor. And that he has. Chris has seen it all, from bootstrap blues to growing pains, and has much to offer anyone looking to prioritize their resources and grow their business. Stephen Rosenberg

Founder, Perfect Pitch Concepts

There are very few people in this world that are blessed with the ability to emit excellence across the spectrum of life. Chris Harris is not only proving that a superior and forward-thinking business intellect has the potential to revolutionize an industry, he is doing it while integrating a dynamic spiritual body/mind practice. From early morning workouts to pumping binaural beats for study sessions, Chris Harris is continuously exemplifying what the true aim of an entrepreneur should look like. If you had to sell your soul and wreck your health to make a dollar was it worth it? Not to Chris. And this is why he has my full support and testimony for being the guy to tune in to for increasing your life experience and prosperity in the marketplace. Dr. Brett Jones

Founder, The Source Chiropractic

Chris is quite simply one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs (and people) I’ve ever met. He has an insane work ethic and drive to better himself and the people around him. He’s also extremely generous with his advice and time. One of his best attributes is his humility–even though he built his moving company to over a million dollars in revenue practically overnight, he still is hungry to learn and openly shares the lessons he learned along the way. I value Chris’s ideas and insights so much that I make sure to run my ideas by him when we face big decisions. Because of his active, engaging mind and the wealth of experience he’s accumulated (at such a young age!), he’s a huge asset for any entrepreneur or business looking to grow. Josh Matthews-Morgan

Partner, Learn Your Brain

My final semester of college, I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I couldn’t decide whether to take the full plunge at the entrepreneurial journey or to work a job and do my passion project on the side. I called Chris one morning in February 2015 to notify him I was going to take the job in New York City. I told this to the man who held my hand every step of the way for the past year in my young journey as a budding entrepreneur. That night, I was getting ready for bed when I received a message from Chris. He told me bluntly to “put my armor on and keep moving forward and take on the battle of what it means to be an entrepreneur.” We had a lengthy conversation, and one that changed the course of my path. I shed light on this story because Chris is the type of leader and coach who will hold those he associates with accountable. He has high standards and works diligently to serve those he cares about. What impresses me most about Chris is his constant desire to grow himself and become the best person he can be. Working with Chris is a long-term investment and not just in your business, but in yourself. As a coach, I can ensure Chris will undoubtedly exceed your expectations and make you a better person. Bryan Wish

Founder, The Wish Dish


Chris is a serial entrepreneur, having bootstrapped his first startup venture straight out of college from idea to a multi-million dollar venture in a little over 36 months.

You will have the chance to hear him share his stories and experiences while providing invaluable information on navigating the infancy stages and beyond of a new endeavor.

Chris hopes that he can bring about the entrepreneur in all of us that has already begun to blossom or is just waiting to hatch.

His podcast, Entrepreneur Hour, has trended as high as Top 5 Worldwide on iTunes with featured guests from ABC’s Shark Tank, Primetime TV and Radio Hosts, New York Time’s Best Selling Author’s and some of the biggest celebrity names in entrepreneurship.

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