Chris Michael Harris

Who I Am…

If I had to break down who I am into just one sentence I would tell you I’m just a man that found purpose at 25 years old with the courage to seize an opportunity to pursue my dreams as an entrepreneur…

I always had a desire to creatively think of ways I could generate income outside of the hours for pay model matched with a passion to help people achieve their wildest dreams and live a life of fulfillment.

My Mission…

To reach, teach and help thousands of entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs around the planet. My goal is to be your guide, to help you avoid the costly mistakes I made time and again before I subscribed to my own mentors and invested in myself.


This thing called entrepreneurship is really freakin hard…hardest thing I’ve done in my life. I have so much more climbing to do in my own journey but I believe a rising tide raises all boats and through the power of community & sharing we can change the world.

How Can I Serve You?

I don’t know everything but I push myself every single day to bring the absolute best of my ability to the people I serve…YOU!


Maybe it’s just a pick-me-up quote you see on my Instagram or maybe one of my programs finally gets you over the hump you’ve been stuck on for so long.


Whatever it is, I’m here for you and it’s my life’s work to see you WIN!

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