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My name is Chris and if If I had to break down who I am into just one sentence I would tell you that I am just a man that found purpose at 25 years old with the courage to seize an opportunity and the resilience to see it through.  This entrepreneur “bug” got me at a young age and I didn’t even want it or know what it was. All I really wanted was to fit in and be like everyone else. Through watching my start-up business absolutely erupt, I have found that every last characteristic I would have changed about myself ended up being my most valuable trait to propel my successes.   

I always had this burning desire to creatively think of ways I could generate income outside of the hours for pay model. Whether it was mowing lawns in the 5th grade, starting an auto detailing business and  handyman service in high school or buying discounted, men’s designer clothes and selling it on eBay in college, my life has been all about the hustle. I believe there is no such thing as making a “quick buck” and if you can find a venture that couples undeniable work ethic with passion, you have the basic ingredients to create a serious source of revenue.

My goal for this site is to help people take their BIG dreams, hone in on turning that into a legitimate concept, outline some expectations and be a sounding board along the way. The single hardest challenge for me as an entrepreneur…the reward is very long-term for a person that wasn’t blessed with a tremendous amount of patience.

If you have a job and  happen to put in a good week’s worth of effort, most times you can see that you made a quantifiable difference or someone is there to recognize your contributions. However, being an entrepreneur/business owner, you are the lone wolf at the top of the hill and there is an unlimited list of “To-Do’s;” making it difficult to even notice a dent in the can.

Add employees to the fold and you now have an audience of critics that you must never reveal your true emotions to. This career path is a journey and a lifestyle. You will see yourself grow and change in ways that you never thought possible. Through your challenges, you will FEEL more gratification and satisfaction in your achievements that far surpass anything you previously experienced.
So I ask one simple thing, let me help you…Let me help you avoid some of the mistakes I made as a result of the trial by fire approach and let me help you with how to make your business wildly successful.

The stories I have to share are sometimes almost impossible to believe but they will undoubtedly entertain you and put a smile on your face. As a result of my Faith, I believe in a life of service to others. My dream is to see you WIN…Let’s get started.

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