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Through our online training, memberships + coaching, we create Superhuman Entrepreneurs…ready to make an impact in whatever it is they do.


Growing up with a desire to do something worth remembering in my life, Entrepreneurship found me at the perfect time…

I pursued what was once a side hustle in college, and within 36 months found myself in the midst of our first Multiple 7-Figure Build.

Realizing quickly just how hard entrepreneurship is and that it only gets harder when you start growing…

I decided to launch a podcast to pay it forward and share some of my experiences.

Within a matter of weeks, that show was trending Top 5 in the World on iTunes under Business, Health, and Education.

Many of us, while we absolutely try our hardest, just find we get in our own way and we struggle to really know what to work on and if it’s really making a difference.

Our goal is to help as many people as humanly possible tap into their own potential and unlock the growth in their business they deserve…

Through our training, both free and paid, we have now served millions of entrepreneurs in over 140 countries around the world.

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Yes, this is a business and yes, my services do cost money. Despite our offerings being digital, it’s no different than if you ordered one of those self-help DVD’s back in the day.

We are proud of the fact that we are able to provide SO (and I do mean SO) much free content all over the web.

So, let me share with you how it’s different from our flagship programs, Startup U Podcast, Startup U TV or anywhere else on the web…

Our free content is to get you momentum in the right direction.

Maybe you just need a spark right now.

Or maybe you’re in a rut, feel stuck, and just want to gather some wisdom from both myself or a variety of my highly notable guests.

On the paid side, there’s just no substitute for my one-on-one, tactical know-how.

It’s like watching a YouTube video on the proper golf swing versus working with an active golfer on the PGA Tour.

Inside all of my flagship programs, you get access to a community filled with like-minded entrepreneurs + direct access to me.

That’s not to diminish the free content we do put out.

In fact, I often find myself overwhelming people with TOO much information all at once. Oops.

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