Hi, I’m Chris

I’m the Founder of StartupU, an online school for soon-to-be and current Business Owners.

I also host StartupU Podcast + StartupU TV, where we provide free education weekly.

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Yes, this is a business and yes, my services do cost money. Despite our offerings being digital, it’s no different than if you ordered one of those self-help DVD’s back in the day.

We are proud of the fact that we are able to provide SO (and I do mean SO) much free content all over the web.

So, let me share with you how it’s different from our flagship programs, Startup U Podcast, Startup U TV or anywhere else on the web…

Our free content is to get you momentum in the right direction.

Maybe you just need a spark right now.

Or maybe you’re in a rut, feel stuck, and just want to gather some wisdom from both myself or a variety of my highly notable guests.

On the paid side, there’s just no substitute for my one-on-one, tactical know-how.

It’s like watching a YouTube video on the proper golf swing versus working with an active golfer on the PGA Tour.

Inside all of my flagship programs, you get access to a community filled with like-minded entrepreneurs + direct access to me.

That’s not to diminish the free content we do put out.

In fact, I often find myself overwhelming people with TOO much information all at once. Oops.

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