The Different Types of Sales Funnels

Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


In this episode, we’re going to talk about what to do with cold, warm, and hot traffic. I was just rereading the book Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson which talks about the seven phases of a funnel. 

So, one important thing to remember is speaking directly to the level of sophistication of your customer. Ensure that you have processes and a different strategy for each segment of your market, whether it’s cold, warm, or hot traffic.

Cold Traffic

Start at a lower price point and what usually what works is between $7-$19 that turns people into buyers. This will give you the opportunity to take them through your funnel and upsell them. Also, make sure that whatever you’re offering, you’re not likely to be able to go straight to a $15,000 package. 

Focus on your pre-frame for every step of the way throughout your funnel and start with a lower offer. You want to start with a lead magnet that ties into that specific offer. It could be free resource like a PDF checklist. You could also do something like a quiz or a three or four-part video series, a webinar. Anything that is inviting them to that is going to allow you to educate them.

Require an email, which you’ll be able to qualify and provide some kind of offer. Maybe it’s $7 or $9, whether that’s immediately from the point of contact. It could be from your Facebook Ad or you have them sign up for the webinar or four-part video series. Then you immediately offer something while they’re waiting for that. The benefit of either one of those two is that you’re going to self liquidate your ad spend in the best-case scenario.

If your audience is unaware of their problem that they have. Are they unaware completely they even have a problem, or do you wanna focus on problem aware which is a little bit higher level sophistication, are they aware of a problem? But they’re not aware of any potential solution that’s out there for it. Are they solution aware? Meaning, do they know that there are solutions out there, but why should they choose yours? You need to indoctrinate and introduce them to what it is that you specifically offer. 

Warm Traffic

You can do what’s called pixeling that person—retargetting audience on platforms like Facebook Ads. The ad doesn’t actually have to be a pitch video, it could just be a video of you educating. 

Prove your mechanism or what is it you offer that fixes their immediate problem. These people are our warm audience, meaning they’re probably problem aware, they know there’s an issue in their market and that’s how they sought you out to begin with.

Hot traffic

Take them probably just straight back to your sales page or use a deadline funnel where they know that a specific offer is available within a limited time. And this will put them into action and move forward and hit your sales cart.

If they’re a hot audience or a warm audience, there’s really not any need to further educate them or bring this big, long pitch that you really just need to represent the offer. Maybe give them some education and then move them along throughout your sales process. 

So if somebody hits or liked it but don’t subscribe, don’t send out for the webinar or they don’t go through the quiz or don’t do the four-part video series. So they don’t take your lead magnet. Retarget the people once they’ve engaged with your specific page or with your specific post.

The beautiful thing about online marketing, if you do it right with these retargeting and pixeling people and having these various forms within your funnel, and cross-selling  and down selling and upselling is you get to match it, you get to have a compounding effect on that.

But if you miss, all you do is toss it right back up, and you get a chance to catch it again. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to get all of these pieces in place first. Really build-out. I think a lot of people would just start creating ads all over the place for all these other things they’re trying to test. And I think they end up just doing a lot of stuff and spending a lot of money and not really accomplishing much of anything. 

So start with what you’ve already created. That’s going to be the easiest customer for you to land. And when you’ve really mastered and optimized your conversion numbers on those specific efforts, then what we’re going to do is then focus on cold.

And if you can start scaling out the cold, when you really have dialed in that offer, and you can really start calculating or are capitalizing rather on what you’re doing, then we’re going to start experimenting with cold audiences, starting to take advantage of other people’s built-in audiences.

And targeting those people, specific interest, specific people in your industry, maybe other offers the people that are competitors, that you can start targeting their audiences. 


Make sure that for each one of those cold, warm or hot, that you do have individual strategies that you’re going to deploy over time and keep testing and tweaking as you go.  

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I’ll see you in the next episode!




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