How To Rewire Your Brain for Business Growth

Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


Behaving differently and making positive changes first requires a fundamental shift in the way your brain itself functions…

One of the notions that truly drives me crazy is this idea that mental health has this symbiotic relationship with ‘weakness’…

As a man, this rings even more true.

When I tell people I practice NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or partake in any form of “therapy,” it’s usually followed with a “everything okay, bro?” comment.

That’s like someone telling me they’re going to go to the gym and me asking the same questions…”you okay bro?”

We perceive physical improvement and augmenting our physique as such a desireable pursuit and yet our poor little brain is just left to be as it is.

And for an entrepreneur, it IS your #1 asset.

We’re constantly pursuing hacks and tricks to grow our businesses.

Seriously, go plug in “how to get more followers” on Google Trends and date it back from 2004 to Present…

There was a MASSIVE spike in 2013 and it’s still 25 times higher than it was when social media really burst onto the scenes.

Now, I’m not disputing the importance of building an audience, in fact, I talk about it often.

But if you want a TRUE hack…

If you’re seeking a REAL advantage over your perceived competition…

Fasten your seatbelt because I’m about to BLOW your mind (so that you can then rewire it).

Imagine how much of a difference we could make if the search focus was on things that truly moved the needle?

Screengrab taken from Google Trends, 2004-Present.

I met Michele Molitor back in the Fall of 2018 during my inaugural Female Entrepreneur Series.

Prior to our meeting, I had already invested much time and effort into EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

EFT is another form of NLP (lot of acronyms, I know)…

In short, it involved what’s called acupressure.

You tap (literally) on various pressure points, usually on your face, while conversing with a trained specialist to re-address some undesireable experiences that may have led to some unfortunate set of beliefs.

These beliefs can often times dictate the way we think and feel, but at such a deep, subconscious level that we don’t even know they’re there.

What’s more is there are varying levels of trauma…

What I’ve been taught to call Big T and Little T trauma.

So while you may not have been in an active war and seen people shredded by a landmine, things like bad breakups, dysfunctional homes during childhood or even something as seemingly insignificant as being rejected for the school dance…

All of these can leave your brain with belief patterns that are intended to protect you.

That was important for us to briefly cover, now let’s get back to my introduction to Michele.

She was pitched as a guest for my show and I was told she was utilizing a methodology called RTT (another acronym, I know), which stands for Rapid Transformation Therapy (now you see why they use the acronyms).

Upon further research and my previous discussion with Michele on the pod (you can listen to that here), I was fascinated that this form of therapy involved borrowing elements from hypnotherapy…

And here’s why that intrigued me at such a deep level.

Conventional therapy helped me rationalize things that had happened in my life.

Like all people, I’ve had my fair share of life experiences that left unwanted thought patterns…

Most I was COMPLETELY unware of until I used NLP, by the way.

But conventional therapy left me longing for more.

I felt as though I had come to some semblance of peace with these circumstances but it still felt like I was carrying that baggage around…SOME baggage.

And, to a degree, it seemed like it stripped parts of me away.

“like all people, I’ve had my fair share of life experiences that left unwanted thought patterns…

Whether it was my playful nature…

The way I dealt with stress…

The way I thought and behaved in social situations.

And even the way I thought about and approached work.

EFT, on the other hand, cracked the egg, for lack of a better term.

My first EFT session I cried like a baby…

True story.

There was all this STUFF I didn’t even realize was there.

And I felt MASSIVE relief just being able to identify it.

It’s like when you know you’re sick but you’ve been putting it off.

Even if the diagnosis isn’t positive, it’s still a relief to KNOW what’s truly going on.

And these things truly go from mole hills to mountains when they manifest and linger in the mind.

Literally, same concept.

And the longer you go, the more these belief patterns shape who you are…

Or at least who you THINK you are.

But even with EFT, as impactful as that was, left me feeling like there was still some muck to clear out.

It was an improvement…

And for short periods I felt FREE of the shackles of those belief patterns.

But within about 48-72 hours, the dust settled and it felt like a FULL shift hadn’t been made.

EFT is a WONDERFUL place to start as an intro to NLP.

Photograph from Bulletproof Blog

Now, enter Michele and our previous conversation about RTT.

I’m sure when I said the word “Hypnotherapy” I might have lost some of you.

Totally normal…

It almost lost me too.

But what’s important to note is the science behind it.

And what’s even cooler is we can now track these things.

I use a neurofeedback device, called a MUSE.

It effectively teaches you how to enter into a Theta or even Alpha Brain Wave state (don’t worry, I’ll explain what that means).

We usually operate in Beta or even Gamma Brain Wave states when we’re awake and productive.

These are on the high end of the spectrum…

It represents an active mind, one that’s busy with critical thinking, problem solving, task planning, etc.

But the sweet spot, at least for creativity purposes and entering into what most know as a “FLOW” state, is in the lower frequencies.

In fact, children usually spend far more time in Theta than their adult counterparts and it’s why they have such amazing imaginations and creativity.

Drop one step lower and you enter into Alpha, which is synonomous with a deep meditative state.

When dropped into Alpha, what we’ve found that’s truly profound is how suggestible we now are.

And I’m not talking doing the chicken dance on the stage of a cruise ship under “hypnosis”…

I’m talking about just being open to new ideas and tapping into a deeper part of your subconsious.

The volume of the rational brain is turned WAY down so that you can speak, literally, to the emotional brain.

And that’s why I’ve found it to be SO much more effective than conventional therapy.

A part of your brain, the Amygdala, which Michele has appropriately taught me to call “Amy,” is responsible for keeping things in order.

She’s there to protect you from the world…

And she does this job well!

So when previous experiences TEACH you that “X” causes pain, anything that may then resemble “X” again will trigger Amy to take control.

Don’t get mad at her, she’s just doing her job.

We just need to retrain her to have a new job, as Michele would tell me.

But what I found much more effective about RTT over EFT was the time spent to get you in an Alpha state.

EFT felt like we were knocking on the door but not FULLY there.

My rational brain was still in control and I could sense this internal struggle of my emotional brain wanting to come out but Amy having a tight grip on things.

RTT, as it were, and utilizing aspects of hypnotherapy, forced me into Alpha where real change could happen.

Here’s how it works, as I’m sure you’re now trying to envision all of this craziness in your head.

A trained specialist like Michele will have you do some eye exercises…

ie. looking up as high as you can and holding it.

This triggers the same sensation your brain has when you are asleep and thus, forces the brain into an Alpha state.

Michele would then tell me to close my eyes and relax.

From there, she’s modulating her voice in a way that further brings about a deep Alpha state.

And eventually, she snaps her fingers a few times and you are “under.”

But let me qualify that…

Under does not mean she could perform surgery on you without you knowing.

I was still aware of what was going on.

It just felt like I had let go and things were on autopilot.

Michele then says something to the effect of your eyes are sealed shut, locked tight…

And being the diehard rebel that I am I tried to open my eyes a few times.

I can tell you, despite my efforts, I did not succeed.

She then does another exercise to ensure you are truly in a hypnotic state.

In this particular instance, she had me imagine my left arm was attached to a bag of bricks.

My arm started to feel a tremendous weight and slowly dropped to me side.

Conversely, she said to imagine my right arm being attached to a bunch of helium balloons.

And sure enough, that arm slowly felt light as a feather and raised above my head.

At this point, I’m telling myself (in my head, of course) HOLY SHIT!

This is the real deal!

The fun part began when we started going back to experiences that have shaped my beliefs.

I don’t have the time, nor do you, for me to go into ALL of the details but I can tell you this.

It was like I was THERE, in those moments, all over again.

I saw what I saw as though I had teleported back in time.

I felt the same feelings I felt.

I could even sense the same smells, objects and people around me…

It’s just truly amazing what the brain can store and even more amazing how much we can tap right back into that with the proper environment, techniques and guidance.

We shifted something so profound in that session that I’ve never been the same since…

No bull shit.

The way I’ve approached my life, my business, my relationships, from just ONE session, was life changing.

And when it shifted, I FELT it.

What’s even more bizarre us Michele could SEE exactly when it happened as well.

It was like a Big Bang in my head.

I felt a whirlwind of emotions.

I cried, I smiled, I felt excitement and joy…

Kind of all wrapped up in one bowl.

And the work we did together over the subsequent three months was just as impactful.

Is this the end of the road for me and I’ve now checked it off my bucket list?

Certainly not…

It’s a lifetime pursuit…

Just like going to the gym.

You don’t “get abs” and then assume you’ll have them for the rest of your life…

Although it’d be nice, right?

But here’s the thing I’ll leave you with today.

Because I’m a total nerd.

I wear several biometric devices.

Some are for recording sleep (or the quality thereof) and others take measurements througout my day.

One of the most notable measurements is called HRV (Heart Rate Variability).

I’ll let you do the deep dive research on it if you want but, in short, it’s an extremely accurate way of measure stress on the body.

All types of stress, not just the type many of us think about as entrepreneurs.

And here’s why that matters.

If you’re carrying around toxic, subconscious beliefs, the body experiences that as STRESS.

Meaning, you’re using your stress bandwidth on shit that doesn’t matter or move the needle forward.

So, check this out.

My HRV score improved dramatically over the three months in working with Michele.

In fact, my baseline HRV went from a ~58 to the mid-70’s!

My lower HRV scores, on “bad” health days, are now what was previously my HIGH scores in just three months.

Pretty astounding to see.

Simulataneously, my sleep score also improved by about 20 percentage points…

Plus, we had lab work done before and after, called an Adrenal Stress Profile.

Well, we saw my DHEAS (long explanation but it’s a measure of your hormones) DOUBLE in that short period of time!


I had been chronically low in those areas for nearly three years.

And in just three months that sort of a shift is indisputable.

I now have had my most productive work days I’ve ever had.

My happiness and fulfullment levels are at all time highs…

And I have the peace of mind and clear head space to work on what truly matters.

Talk about a business hack, right?





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