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  • Upping your conversions is often times better than just throwing more traffic or ad spend into the equation.

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  • Customers want to see you’ve done this thing you’re selling, you’ve helped others do it and you can help them.

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  • You need to create a framework with your Sales Copy that assumes the risk but also prepares for their rational objections.

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Making sales online is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

In fact, I really sucked at it for a long time.

And what’s more is I consider myself decent at sales.

I’ve closed multiple six figure contracts for my startups.

Along the way, I’ve sat in rooms with Fortune 50 Companies…

The type of companies that will still be around when the world stops spinning.

And never did I find it harder to close those deals than selling a $9 product on the internet.

I remember at one point I was so frustrated I created this BS offer and promoted it to my list for $1.

I truthfully believed my emails weren’t sending properly because that’s how many crickets there were.

My website traffic was crap.

My podcast was trending and getting LOADS of downloads.

And still no sales.

If you’ve been in the online space or you’re just starting out right now, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

Because Leads, Downloads, Likes, Comments, etc. DON’T PAY THE BILLS!

I even had an Instagram post go viral with almost 100,000 views and I LOST 50 Followers.

Go figure…

And maybe many of you have tried Webinars only to pitch your heart out to all two people that showed up (likely your supportive mom and spouse).

The struggle is real, yo, I’m with you.

So what can we do?

Well, when I discovered my friend Ray Edwards, and more specifically, the work he highlights in “How to Write Copy that Sells,” I knew exactly what was missing.

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Just like those big Fortune 50 Corporations I was talking about…

Copywriting is going to be around forever & ever & ever.

And it does, has and always will make you money.

But there’s a science to it.

And one that doesn’t involve you just slapping “Buy Now” labels all over your site.

Now, don’t get me wrong, because some of us don’t even have a whiff of anything on our sites that suggests we sell ANYTHING at all.

It’d be like walking into Walmart and they hid all the merchandise and you’re just trying to figure out why the hell you’re even there.

Our websites are our stores.

And stores that don’t sell stuff don’t wind up being in business long.

Can we on that?

So, let’s get down to business.

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Many people think we’ve moved beyond the age of direct response marketing.

I don’t buy it, at all.

Especially with all of the tools we have now to drive traffic.

Because if you can get someone over to a highly optimized Sales Page with great copy and a literal Blueprint that touches all of the important emotional triggers and objections…


What’s more is this can work outside of direct response, too!

I ALWAYS link my core offer as a tab on my website.

Because you never know when someone is looking for exactly what you offer.

Maybe they HAVE listened to your podcast or watched your YouTube Channel.

Maybe they do LOVE your blog.

And so I like to make it easy & include that link direct to my sales page.

You’d truly be amazed just how many people hit that sucker every single day.

And I’m even going to show you how you can track their every move once you get them there…Mwahahahaha *Evil Laugh*

So, while it might feel uncomfortable to make a page on your site so bloody long, just know there’s science behind it and we’re going to cover a few of those elements here today.

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Can you answer the following three questions when someone hits your site.

    1. Have you done this “thing” yourself?
    2. Have you done it for someone else?
    3. Can you do it for them?

So, as we talked about previously, you need to not blast people with buy now buttons everywhere but they do need to know you sell something.

That starts with being super clear about WHAT you do, WHO you serve and HOW you do it.

They should know almost IMMEDIATELY what you do.

So, as much as I love all of these Ninja Experts online, unless you sell Karate Lessons I don’t want to see no Ninja nonsense on the top quarter of your website or sales letter.

And THEN we get to the three questions I outlined for you.

Can you demonstrate on your long form sales page that you’ve done this thing successfully for yourself, it’s helped other people and it can help them?

Because if you can, you are on the right track, my friend.

Being clear and specific is the most important aspect before we even more forward.

But PLEASE note, because I got this totally wrong, people want a Guide & not a Hero.

This is the customer’s journey, not yours.

So why the hell would they watch a movie where YOU win and not them?

When have you been in a convo with someone and all they do is talk about themselves?

How many times did you leave feeling AMAZING about that engagement?

You probably stay away from that person as much as humanly possible.

So why would you buy from someone like that?

When you look at Yelp Reviews, they don’t go on about how they started their business, who has dined there, how wonderful their owners are, etc.

It likely says here’s what we serve, here’s what it costs and here’s what other people say about it.

Now, they may throw in some accolades like how they’ve been rated or where they’ve been featured (you can and should do that!).

But the customer is the hero, not you.

I made a big boo boo by thinking I had to boost myself up to seem credible.

Like why would any buy from me?

Well, because I’ve done X, Y and Z.

And I’ve had blah, blah and blah guests on my show.

They don’t care…

Make them the hero.

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Your Header for you Sales Page is the ad for your ad.

Think about it…

When have you seen an ad that didn’t pop at you and yet you still decided to learn more just for the hell of it?

More than likely, you tuned out as soon as it didn’t grab you.

In fact, you may have not even noticed that you totally zoned out.

And that’s the problem with the world we live in today.

The average person is now estimated to see somewhere between 3,000 to 5,000 ads per day.

Isn’t that crazy?

So when I couldn’t sell my measly $1 offer to more than like two people, it’s likely because I wasn’t speaking a language that jived with them.

Because capturing them on your email list isn’t a guarantee for sales.

Quite the contrary.

If you can get a 2% to 3% click rate on your emails and a 20% to 30% Open Rate, you’re doing pretty well, my friend.

I’ll let you take a breather to figure out those numbers based on your list size.

It’s probably a really puny number.

And so that maybe provides explanation about why only your mom and spouse showed up to that webinar you poured your heart & soul into.

In other words, don’t feel bad.

But to maximize these numbers, it’s BEYOND critical you hit people where it counts.

And that’s right in the feels.

Because people make decisions on emotions.

They always have and they always will.

They want to know they can WIN…

And they can live that life they’ve always dreamed about.

But this thing, this stupid villain or this stupid limitation, has prevented that from happening.

  • Maybe it’s a job or that wicked boss.
  • Or maybe it’s overwhelm and stress.
  • Maybe it’s just not knowing where to start.

Whatever it is, we can address that in your Header Copy.

Because the Header is the Ad for your Ad.

It’s going to stand out in their inbox…

And it’s going to grab them to follow along this journey you, as the guide, are leading them on.

We’re going to tell them the problem they face, the enemy that’s prevented them from doing this thing and why it was never their fault, a solution (YOUR solution) on how you did it, other people did and and now THEY TOO can do it.

But if you don’t get the Header right, no one is going to watch that movie.

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You know when you’re at the store and the sales person tries to start pushing the sale on you?

What’s usually your reaction?

  • Price?
  • Time commitment?
  • Your spouse will kill you?

Whatever it is, and it may vary, the thing to remember is your customers have the exact same reaction when they hit your offer.

You can’t assume they’re not going to have that happen, it’s human nature.

Unless they are hyper, HYPER-Qualified and looking to buy from you.

But that’s a very small percentage of people.

Everyone else you need to counter those objections.

So, there’s some easy ones to work out.

Like offering a Guarantee.

And not a half-ass Guarantee but a REAL Guarantee.

One that takes the risk completely off their hands.

Because they can easily say “Oh great, I can always return it.”


IKEA does a wonderful job at this.

They offer a FULL year to return stuff.

And you can even return it without the receipt!

Many people wonder how in the hell this works for them but think of it this way.

IKEA is going to turn around and throw that in the AS-IS Section.

**BTW, you should totally go shop in the AS-IS, great finds.

My guess is they are still selling AS-IS stuff slightly above at cost.

So, not losing money.

Then, they have you BACK in the store.

You’re so happy that IKEA just handed you $400 that you do what…?

Someone that’s happy with money they weren’t expecting…


So they’ve made money even though they gave yours back.

And you’re probably going to view that money as BONUS money so you’re probably going to go buy that ____ you’ve been wanting for so long.

Done & done.

So by assuming the risk, it creates a happier customer that ends up spending more money.

But many of you sell Digital Products.

And we can’t just extract that information out of your brain.

You can’t even return it!

So maybe you offer store credit if they are unhappy.

That way you’re not feeling cheated and they know they’re not getting ripped off.

You also want to include Product Shots (hero images), Testimonials, a brief synopsis of why this solution has helped you and how it’s helping others and can help them.

And to top it off, something that I do regularly is add an FAQ section as well as a “Who is this for” and “Who this is not for”.

Because when you’re transparent and not just trying to sell people stuff, they develop a level of trust in you.

Last but not least when it comes to objections, you want to ensure the visuals of your page are on point.

How excited were you about buying that BRAND new car that was filthy dirty?

You know it just needed a good cleaning but it still changed your experience.

Design isn’t EVERYTHING when it comes to conversions but I’ll tell you this, it speaks wayyyy more volumes than you telling people how great and legit you are.

If your page LOOKS legit, many people are going to THINK you are.

That takes real work and an investment but we’ve seen double digit improvements in conversion metrics just by “cleaning up” the design on some of our pages.

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Nobody likes to read a bunch of wordy stuff all over a page.

And I know this blog is long but I’m trying to be mindful of brevity as much as possible.


  • When a movie drags we get bored.
  • When a book gives 10,000 examples to highlight the same point…*YAWN*And so you need to be super aware of that.

Your first run at sales copy is probably going to be way too long.

You’re going to talk about every little detail, feature and benefit.

That’s fine, but it’s also why they edit both movies and books.

The final cut eliminates scenes.

You’re going to do the same.

And then you can fill by being more concise.

Bullet Points are literally the best way to do this.

Because it burns less mental calories when you see Bullet Points.

Your mind just knows to go there & it tells you it’s important.

So, instead of that long paragraph, take the top 5 highlights from that paragraph and turn them into bullet points.

You’ll notice people are actually engaging with your content way more than before.

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This is my secret weapon.

I love Google Analytics & you should definitely have it on your site.

But man this one is such a powerful tool.

I spend at least an hour per week watching recordings on my site.

Because that’s exactly what HotJar does…

It records people’s interactions on your website!

Isn’t that crazy?

It’s literally like you owning a retail store and watching what customers do from behind the counter.

If you see them gravitating towards a certain section of the store, that may tell you what product people are most interested in.

I am able to glean so much useful info from watching people on my site.

And you never know, I may just be watching you on this blog right now…MWAHAHAHAH *EVIL LAUGH…AGAIN*

Now, no worries…

It’s all anonymous.

So it’s actually more private than an in-person situation.

But for some reason when it’s on the web we all freak out.

We literally hand people our actual credit cards where they could take a picture and steal our info and yet we are afraid to pass it through a secure portal online where only the last four digits appear.

But I get it, perception is reality.

This is a tremendous tool and one I highly recommend.

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Look, this one will be short & sweet.

What better way to get ideas and inspo than to peruse around and check out other folks.

Don’t steal from them but there’s nothing wrong with getting ideas.

I do it all the time.

Just make sure you go into it with an investigative eye.

And you’re more than welcome to peruse over to mine now that you’re done here!

And make sure you go buy “How To Write Copy That Sells” by my friend and copywriting legend, Ray Edwards.

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Don’t forget to also listen to the pod!

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