Your Best Decisions Come From Your Intuition

Trust your gut, they say. Many people find themselves in quite an internal conundrum when they focused on just logic or pros and cons to make big decisions in their life. Meanwhile, burying their internal intuition screaming a contradictory message.

What I’ve found is we tend to diminish the value of these internal messages, trying to find ways to silence our minds and reduce the anxiety. While I can appreciate wanting to feel like you’re in control of your own fate and destiny, how many times have some of the greatest things have happened out of situations that were either completely unforeseen, scoffed at or even presented themselves as major problems in our lives?

The body and soul knows what it wants, sometimes we just have to let God or whatever it is you believe in take the wheel and show the way.

In my discussion with Martin and my interactions with him over the last few months, one thing I’ve come to observe about him is the clear direction he has for his life.

I rarely sense confusion, a scattered mind or even a second’s doubt about what he’s working on or who he is in the world.

Not often is that the case for entrepreneurs. Many of us live day-by-day trying to convince ourselves of who we think we should be, trying to be like that one guy we saw on instagram that appeared to be successful and questioning every move we make in our businesses.

That degree of uncertainty not only keeps us small but allow for chaos and confusion in our actions.


Are You a Lucid Dreamer?

Technically, by definition, a lucid dreamer is anyone whom recognizes they are dreaming. So, lying in your bed and finding yourself fascinated by the dream you’re having and being consciously aware of it would mean you, yes YOU, are a lucid dreamer!

Pretty nifty, right?

From the research I did after my discussion with Martin, there are obviously varying degrees of lucid dreams and dreamers. Usually, beginners aim to try and control or manipulate their surroundings in the dream state but again, that is not the distinction of a lucid dreamer. That caught me by surprise, to be candid.

I assumed I would need to have some dream within a dream experience like I watched in my favorite movie, Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Directed by the amazing Christopher Nolan.

But, why does it matter?

What’s the big deal about recognizing you’re dreaming versus just knowing it’s something that happens when you sleep?

Well, my investigation unearthed quite a few amazing benefits that may serve you, the entrepreneur, very well in your journeys.

Lucid Dreaming has shown that people are more aware of their surroundings, their feelings and are able to be more present in the moment.

I can’t tell you how often I hear entrepreneurs tell me about their poor relationships with their significant other or family members, citing inability to just be present in the moment.

Our lives roll at a tremendous pace, occupying much of our mental faculties and bandwidth.

But Lucid Dreaming forces us to not only be still but focus on the specifics within the dream state. In so doing, you are subconsciously training your mind…all while you sleep!


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But Chris, How Am I Supposed to Get Adequate Rest If I’m Aware of My Dreams?

This was actually a question I had as I listened to Martin describe his experiences. My concern was we are already, in many cases, experiencing cognitive overload. Being vigilant about awareness in the dream state would seemingly not allow for the necessary Circadian Sleep Cycles to occur.

But, evidently this isn’t the case. Lucid Dreamers have reported an increase in energy from their nighttime sleep activity, experiencing fantasies of living out their dreams (no pun intended), experiencing some new paradigm of life, venturing off into a far away galaxy and a general feeling of being limitless, so to speak.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up and feel like you are ready to take on the world because you just saw yourself doing so in your sleep?

Lucid Dreaming also helps you reconcile your problems. Let’s say you’ve had a tough breakup with a long-time significant other, as Martin suggested in our discussion.

Reconciling that issue, giving the mind and body permission to process those emotions, often leaves us feeling lifted in a way that many of us have experienced after a long and effective therapy session or a lengthy discussion about out problems with a dear friend.

That feeling of having a weight lifted from our shoulders.

Truth be told, we harbor these negative experiences and they manifest themselves in ways that aren’t conducive to our success and happiness.

Talk about maximizing your day by working through your problems while you sleep! Pretty wild stuff, right?


Okay, How Does This Help Me In Business?

Dr. Beverly D’Urso talks about an experience she had while in school and working on her dissertation.

Writer’s block had set in and she was failing to find the words to put pen to paper and make sense of anything meaningful to add to her work.

Per a suggestion from a friend, she began to be intentional about approaching her writer’s block in her dreams!

Soon thereafter, she found herself in the dream state and looking at her desk in an attempt to begin writing the dissertation.

She first noticed she became paralyzed. Despite her efforts to talk herself into beginning the writing process, she simply couldn’t move and could literally feel the resistance.

Slowly, she was able to move towards her chair, where she found a hole leading straight to hell.

Scary as it may have been to her, she sat down and fell in the hole.

Immediately thereafter, she woke up and has since never had any issues with writer’s block!

Amazed as I was to read this story, I began to see the application for each and every one of us in our businesses.

You see, we KNOW what needs to be done more often than we even give ourselves credit for.

We’ve done our homework, we’ve seen what works, we have mentors that have guided us along the path but we still find ourselves in a state of inactivity.

In my research and constant tweaking of my own systems, processes and rituals, I’ve found that most (nearly all) of these instances derive from something inherently inside of us and not an external factor.

Now, that’s not to say that external factors don’t exacerbate the situation but it certainly doesn’t give resolved that way.


Peace of Mind and Clarity Come From Within

I struggled for many years with the ability to have a coherent, peaceful and clear mind.

A diagnosed ADD’er, my brain always seemingly went 10,000 mph and on a 24 hour/day basis.

This has served me well in many instances.

I’m the solution guy!

I can solve any problem. I see business ideas before they’re even a mere speck of a thought in my brain.

It’s a beautiful gift I wouldn’t trade for the world…Truthfully.

But with every amazing gift comes a responsibility to learn control.

My greatest strength, under the wrong circumstances, could quickly become my most arch-nemesis.

And so a journey began of entrepreneurship and the external factors began mount, one on top of the other.

Stress stemming from a cash flow situation, pressure to complete 6-figure contracts and satisfy our customer, gaps in insurance coverage we were unaware of that needed to be rectified, etc, etc, etc.

My mind. My best friend. My #1 ally. Stabbed me directly in the back and left me hanging to dry.

I couldn’t stop it from the perpetual cycle of going and doing, missing out on precious moments with people I hold nearest my heart.

I had been labeled as scattered, distracted, intense, among a plethora of other less than flattering descriptors by my now hundreds of employees, whom were all relying on me to be at my best.

A piece of my humanity was lost in the process.

I became truly cynical, viewing everyone as merely someone out to get me or ride my coattails.


Don't forget to grab your freebie resource from this episode, Lucid Dreaming: 101


How I Slowed it Down and You Can Too

In this latest run of podcast episodes, we’ve talked at length about the purpose of health and wellness. Probably so much so that you feel as though I’m now becoming preachy.

But here’s the thing.

There’s method to my madness.

I hear your problems, every single day. Most of them are reminiscent of my own early days as an entrepreneur.

What I desperately want for you is long-term, sustainable success, happiness and vitality.

For what is the point to be a mere flash in the pan, here and gone tomorrow?

What’s the sense in achieving success beyond your wildest dreams but not having anyone to share it with?

How much fun would it be to have to give up on your dreams because you ran your health into the ground as I once did; realizing you’d have to put your ambitions on hold and learn a new, healthier way of living?

And herein lies what my ultimate point is…If you want to be extreme, you have to do other extremes to counteract your efforts.

In other words, you want to burn at both ends and work 18 hour days?

I hope you plan to Tony Robbins-it-up and start researching ways to prepare your body accordingly. The guy is a machine and constantly preps his body and mind for battle.

Much like you if you’re reading this post for as long as you now have, I aspire to milk every last ounce of life I can out of this existence I’ve been given.

If that means I need to explore the depths of lucid dreaming and the benefits, thereof, you best believe I’m going to pull out whatever book I can get my hands on and get as close to mastery as possible.

Your answers don’t lie in your XBOX and they don’t resolve themselves by hopes and dreams.

Engage in what the people you admire recommend and do, implement that into your life and make it your own, and get out of your own way for long enough to have an open-mind to consider avenues that may seem a bit odd to you at first glance.

To learn I can maximize my sleep efforts is an amazing proposition and one I’ve since been aiming to engage in.

The answers you seek are out there, here’s to wishing you the best in your own unique and amazing journeys…


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Martin Martinez, Founder of A-Player Media and Managing Director at Founder Institute, joins Entrepreneur Hour to discuss the basic premise of lucid dreaming and how he’s utilized it to make major decisions in both his professional and personal lives.

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Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming: By Dr. Stephen LaBerge


Martin’s Journey as a Dreamer to Discovering His Path

Martin Martinez is the Managing Director for the Founder Institute Texas, a global idea-stage accelerator program in over 175 cities in 60 countries. He is the Founder & President of A-Player Media, Inc., a creative brand and events company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

After graduating from the University of Texas Austin in 2010, Martin began his career as one of the first Inside Sales employees at Facebook, before going onto Google to launch products for local businesses.

A serial entrepreneur, he’s founded companies and produced high-impact event programs across the state in several industries. He intensely passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs, working with musicians and performing artists, and all things SXSW.


What in the World is Lucid Dreaming and Can You Learn Anything From It?

In this episode, Martin narrates his entire story from childhood and learning he had an incredible ability to do what he only later learned as lucid dreaming all the way up to his work in early adult life in helping small businesses get noticed that eventually landed him a role with Facebook.

Martin has now also launched several companies with some incredible stories ranging from epic parties and experiences to startup blues and then back on his feet again with A-Player Media and Managing Director of Founder Institute.

We talk about how Martin was inches away from moving out of Austin, applying for jobs all over the country, only to keep stumbling upon Founder Institute and learning they were opening a chapter in the Austin Area.

We talk about what Founder Institute is, why they’ve had such tremendous success as an idea stage accelerator program and their plans going forward as they continue to expand across the country.

Martin and I wrap up the last portion of our lengthy discussion by talking about how he’s now utilized lucid dreaming to help him make life and career decisions, how he’s able to better understand his inherent wants and needs by honing in on his skill and how you can get started to take advantage of this incredible exercise.



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Is Lucid Dreaming an Entrepreneur Hack? | Dream Manipulation and Subliminal Truths About Life

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