How to Hire a Virtual Assistant (And Take Back Your Life)

Chris Michael Harris, Entrepreneur


If you are wearing yourself out, from creating your blog to managing your admin task and needing some help, hiring a virtual assistant is the best option. 


We have been hiring people in the Philippines for years now. The reason we chose the Philippines is that there’s just a lot of cultural overlap and their English proficiency is tremendous. Now, let’s dive in.

Where to find your applicants?

If you’re looking for a website where you can create a job post for hiring a virtual assistant, I suggest It is no different than an indeed or a monster, any hiring board that you’d find here to hire somebody in the States, but it’s just specific for the Philippines. They provided guides, blogs, and other free resources when outsourcing in the Philippines.

In the dashboard, what you’ll do is you go to add a job post, you gonna add the job title, you’re gonna mark whether it’s full-time, part-time, or freelance and put in your wage.

Next, what you’ll put in is your contact name, if you’re going to be the direct point of contact, and then the skills that you’re looking for, for that specific role.

My suggestion would be to try the free version. It tells you the pros and cons of having a free account versus a paid account. Use it until you hire somebody and then just cancel the account, so you pay $69.


What’s the hiring process?

What I’d recommend you do is this, when you see a resume come through, you got 50 people, I’ll create a Google form. I made this to check their cultural values, it’s just like you’re treating them like a normal hire in the States. You want them to incorporate into your team and to be involved.

Next, whittle it down to about five to 10, based on company culture values. 

After that, you can select 3-5 applicants and add personality tests like 16personality, Enneagram, and Positive Intelligence.

Also, I would recommend that you have some dialogue at least once a week, some communication with your virtual assistant, bring them into the fold, bring them into the mix, and make sure you have a structure.


What’s the payment process?

Another reason why we choose is that, beyond the hire, you can use something like Transferwise where you can pay them directly versus some platforms that make you pay through the platform itself. Transferwise is a great platform. It’s pretty quick, in some cases, almost immediate, but at least within one to two business days, that payment will go through.


Wrap Up

The last piece of advice I would give you is to make sure you treat them like an actual employee. You make sure you treat them like they’re a part of your team because that’s what they are.

We’re going to continue our productivity series In the next blog because I’m going to teach you how to build an actual outsourcing guide. You basically build a system that you have that back and forth communication. 

That’s it! hope to see you on the next one.



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