Content Repurposing Strategies with Shaina Weisinger

Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


Be strategic with repurposing your content. 

Shaina Weisinger, the founder and CEO of Repurpose House shares her thoughts and great advice about repurposing your content and how to use it as an effective content marketing strategy.

Be very strategic in why you’re repurposing content. Know what your best case scenario end game is, and know what steps should your audience take after reading your blog or watching your video. 

The opportunity that you have when it comes to repurposing content is creating your base content to be very strategic.

So, if you are just getting started, the rule of thought is to pick two platforms that you know very well and where most of your audience are. Then analyze when is the best times and how often you post content on social media. 

You also have to be aware that the lifespan of your content vary per platform. So, you also have to put that into consideration.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

01:48 – Guest Introduction

04:59 – Real value of creating and repurposing content

07:04 – Balance between lifestyle centric and business centric in content creation

09:12 – Opportunity in repurposing content

15:06 – Strategies for better CTRs

17:58 – Specific repurposed content for specific email lists

20:57 – How much is too much when it comes to testing out content?

25:26 – Research what is trending vs. following your knowledge based on your industry

26:28 – Repeating my message on repurposed content: Is it okay?

31:38 – How much is too much when it comes to producing content?

35:00 – How do we not get obsessed with the metrics?

37:57 – Evaluating engagements you get from your content.

39:42 – Why you don’t need to have a lot of followers to start building an email list

42:00 – When to use a CTA

44:42 – Nurturing your email list

48:26 – Don’t ask to ask for the SALE

There are a ton of things to digest and learn with repurposing your content effectively. Go ahead and hit play!

Remember, likes are great, but a potential client taking action on your lead magnets is much better. And you need to know what your best case scenario end game is.

Also keep in mind not to bombard your social media with content every second. Overwhelming your audience with loads of content will drive them away.

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See you guys in the next episode!



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