Audio-Technica ATR2100X USB Microphone Review

Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


In today’s video, we’re going to review the ATR 2100 X.

I’ve done a recent episode about the equipment that I recommend for podcasting. And today, let’s talk about the ATR 2100x and how it has really blown me away.

If you’re just starting out with your podcast, this is one of the better microphones you could choose.

So there’s a lot of people that are concerned about the investment upfront. I’ve done a review on the Shure SM7B, it is a $400 microphone, and it requires a lot of other accessories and other components for it to work the way it’s designed to.

ATR2100x is awesome specifically for podcasting. You can put it on the mic arm and it would look tremendous. You can also get like a pop filter. I’d probably grab that.

It’s a real clean looking microphone, it’s very light. And it also comes with a little tripod is a really awesome benefit.

The benefit of podcasting in relation to having a YouTube channel is that you can do it remote. You could literally throw it in your backpack and grab a laptop and you can record any episode anywhere and have tremendous quality. 

I would keep this for travel, that’s what I would do, and the fact that it comes with a mic stand for free for $100 is awesome value because most of them you just get the microphone. 

With the Shure SM7B, you don’t get the cables. You literally just get a microphone that’s it no stand no cables, nothing so you can’t even do anything with it.

If you want a really good mic arm upgrade, you can get it for around $100. So you also get the component to the mic stand to actually hold it in place. 

Now a couple other things that you can grab from the box that are are the cables. These can be expensive—Mogami gold cables

With the Shure SM7B, I spent 60-70 bucks for Mogami gold cables, I’m not kidding you. So the fact that you get one in with this the ART2100x box and the microphone, and still only cost $100 is such great value.

The Audio Technical ATR200X Microphone

Next, we’ve got a micro USB, you’ve got all various inputs underneath the microphone. So you’ve got the XLR input, your regular USB, and an auxiliary. 

You’ve got multiple options on the bottom of this thing as far as what you want to use it. This is going to benefit you because you may not want to go XLR from the get-go because XLR requires additional components. You need some recording device like a Rode caster or like a Zoom H4/H6.

Some cameras will have you plug directly in your camera, but some podcasts are not doing a video podcast, so it doesn’t matter. So the fact that you get the micro and a regular USB port will be great again for travel. 

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

I have talked about the BLUE products pretty negatively. I had the Yeti and the Snowball myself. Those are the first two microphones. 

If I could go back, I would have gone Audio Technica because it is pound for pound for podcasting. It is just a far superior product.

I explained in other videos why I think Yeti is a little bit overpriced. And the reason being primarily is because you’re paying for features that you don’t need. And honestly, I think they’ve just done a better job of marketing than what Audio Technica has done.

If you are just going straight to the computer through a micro USB cord, you’re going to hear a downgrade in sound quality because now we are no longer going through the advanced equipment. 

If you don’t have a micro USB port on your computer, that’s something you’re going to need to have as far as an adapter is concerned. It took me 30 seconds to literally just swap out cables and start recording.

So it’s very seamless as far as that transition going from XLR to USB. That will be great, but you will probably notice that it is a little bit downgraded sound quality. 

Overall, I think this mic is tremendous.  Please watch the video to listen to the audio differences  to see if you can get a true sound comparison.

So make sure you play around. Listen to the different samples that we provided here today. 

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I’ll see you guys in the next one. 



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