This online community not only holds you accountable┬ábut meets you where you’re at in your business and provides you with real actionable steps to add to your business efforts so it’s not just some book that collects dust on your shelves and took up a boatload of your time and energy to read.

As an Early Bird, you will also get my Sales Email Followup Formula FOR FREE when you join The VIP Room (when cart is OPEN)…

Did you know Mark Cuban spends 4 hours/day READING!?

The VIP Room helps you consume the information you need to live your best life and grow a business you love and deserve. Each book is strategically picked out for every month of the year and then I personally recap what you need to know and implement. Have your ADHD moments? No WORRIES! That’s why you’re joining a community that can help you bridge the gap. What’s more is by holding you accountable to just around ~11 pages per day, we can make swift and impactful changes in your life.

The Why Behind the What…

I’m an avid reader…but it wasn’t always that way. And for years I struggled to figure things out on my own. Truth be told, I semi-celebrated the fact I was a “pioneer” and ventured off to discover things on my own. And while hard work and ingenuity paid off for me, what I found was I made life SO much harder than it had to be. I had tried reading before but pages and pages would go by before I realized I was retaining little-to-no information. It was like my brain checked out and my eyes were just looking at little markings on the page. When I finally built a structure that worked for me and discovered a way to actually implement real change from the materials I read, it was like my life was set on fire. Truth be told, I now feel like I radically transform my life every single day…learning from the best and brightest minds + people that have been where I want to go. They’ve left a trail of clues on how to get there and improve your own human experience. Now I feel like I’m playing catch up and I just can’t get enough…I wondered to myself…what if I could help people learn what I’ve discovered and support them in the process!? We have gym buddies, right? Someone that supports you and makes sure you show up everyday. What if we had Book Buddies? People that held you accountable to your ~11 pages per day and made sure you took away the valuable insights you need to make real change…Well, here we are.

I can’t wait to see you in the community! Truth be told, nothing makes me happier than results. Putting real money in the bank, growing an online platform or watching your business erupt into what you always dreamed about. This community is for achievers and for people that want to make a real difference in the world and not just watch life pass them by…now let’s go roll up our sleeves and GET TO WORK!

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