(Viome Review 2021)

Chris Michael Harris, Entrepreneur


In this episode, let’s talk about poop 💩

Fair warning: If you don’t like dad jokes about poop, you’re probably not gonna want to watch this video, I’m just gonna go in and be transparent with you right now. So expect some poop jokes along the way.

I’ve watched a lot of videos about Viome, and I think what’s missing is a little context, just a bit of history lesson here, about four years ago, I was on the tail end of building my first startup venture, we had reached heights that I never thought we would reach, we had passed her past the seven, seven-figure mark. And I started really feeling horrible, and I just had no energy, and I started putting on undesirable weight in certain areas.

You may think, why are we talking about poop for productivity? Well, all the things I just mentioned, if you don’t have energy, if you don’t have vitality, if you don’t have if you have brain fog, if you have gut-brain access dysfunction, you’re not going to have productivity. So I want to get to the root of the issues that you may be experiencing. Now, let’s talk about Viome

1.Modern Solutions

One of the things I love about Viome is they’ve really modernized a lot of the processes when it comes to GI testing. I love their packaging, I love it sleek, I love that they have modern solutions. I love how the mechanism by which you collect your sample is a lot more enjoyable experience.


2. Comprehensive reporting

In traditional labs, all you get is a little bit more in-depth data. But there’s no advice, there’s no you should do this, you should eat this, you should stop doing this, there’s nothing. So the problem is that you have to take it to somebody else to get an interpretation as far as what that means. What I love about what Viome does, it does give you a lot of those various things that they test in terms of the various bacteria, which again, doesn’t matter to you.


3. It helps you break out a meal plan

 I found Viome very convenient because it will gonna tell you your potential foods and it literally going to help you break out a meal plan that is specific to your nutritional profile needs


4. Provide details on what supplement you can take

Now I will say this, though, since we’ve taken this test, one thing that’s cool that Viome has done is there’s actually supplementation that they provide, it’s based on your results. So you actually can follow up with them, it’s something I would look into specifically if you want to kind of keep continuity and not have to go elsewhere to find various sources of things that you’re looking for, in addition to this. 




Wrap Up

 I hope it works out for you, make sure you check the link. We did include the link for Viome so you can get started today to get your very first Viome

 I look forward to seeing you guys in the next one, love and appreciate!



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