Finally a ‘Proven Solution’ to turn Knowledge into Profits

…even for the busiest of business owners

Finally a ‘Proven Solution’ to turn Knowledge into Profits

…even for the busiest of business owners

coached and curated by Chris Michael Harris, here’s some featured chats from my show:

daymond john

barbara corcoran

grant cardone

marie forleo

guy kawasaki

dave asprey


do you want to be left behind?

The VIP Book Club does the work for you to curate only the hard-hitting books that are going to get you results in just 7-10 minutes per day. Our solution is designed for the busiest of entrepreneurs in the world that know they should be reading, but barely have enough time as it is.


We help you get immediate results by showing you exactly how to execute on what you learn from the book with our Weekly Insights, an hour-long LIVE Lecture at the end of every month + Book Summaries and Implementation Kits.

get instant access to…


What makes VIP so unique is all of our members are ALL entrepreneurs.

This creates rich dialogue, engagement and synergy unlike any other community of it’s kind…

In fact, in that regard, there isn’t any other community even remotely similar to the VIP experience.


There’s no shortage of books to read, especially in the growing, digital age.

We do the work for you in identifying books that are going to get you results in your business.

More importantly, we vet authors and their work to ensure it has been validated and proven to work specifically for entrepreneurs.

Plus, it’s not uncommon for one of our authors to personally show up in the community from time-to-time with valuable nuggets that are exclusive to our community members.


We don’t want to create a guilt-trip community. In fact, we understand you’re going to fall behind on your reading when life happens.

That’s why I drop in the community every single week to provide major takeaways, Actionable Insights + Progress Reports.


Most people would stop at the Weekly Insights & Progress Reports.

Others would go a step further and also do the Live Lectures.

But we’ve truly outdone ourselves by ALSO throwing in in-depth Book Summaries + Implementation Kits for every single month.

Even if you fail to read on that particular month, you’ll know just as much as the author that wrote it with our abundance of resources available to you at any time.


If you didn’t read the book of the month you would certainly feel like you did after a Live Lecture.

I spend about 1.5-2 hours every single month reviewing/recapping the book and giving you actionable coaching advice.

This advice is not unlike the coaching I provide to one-on-one clients that pay thousands of dollars/month.


You’ll never lose access to thousands of hours of content in our Vault.

It doesn’t matter if you join today or three years ago, you’ll have access to everything we’ve done.

More importantly, our content library grows every single month…

But you still lock in the same monthly rate and keep it for as long as you’re a member.

what our members say

Chris is a master at coming up with incredibly efficient systems so I don’t feel constantly pressed for time.

Paula Meninato


I’m on page 28 and I’m so amazed I am already seeing the stuff I can cut out and transform.

Charmaine Fuller

Founder of The Charmed Life

The Book Club has helped me feel like I have a solid plan for implementing what I need to in my business.

Laura Shaw


have you given up on reading but you know you shouldn’t…?

A study was done of 1,200 highly successful people.

Do you know what their ONE common pastime was?

If you guessed reading, you’d be right.

But they don’t just read anything.

In fact, the MAJOR difference between the wealthy (over $160,000 in Annual Income or a Liquid Net Worth of $3.2 Million)…

Versus the not-so-wealthy (annual income of less than $35,000)…

was not JUST reading.

But rather WHAT they read.


successful people obsess over highly selected reads…


Self-improvement, education and success top the list of selected reads.

Autobiographies and biographies of other successful people also round out their selection.

They don’t read for entertainment, they read for a life handbook.

Because the answers you’re seeking, in ANY area of life…

Have largely already been discovered and overcome.

And yet so many of us choose to not tap into that generational wisdom and put it into action.

In so doing, creating the life and business you actually want.

Without the struggle that many of us face on a daily basis.

Reading isn’t just some cutesy thing successful people do to pass the time.

It’s at the core of why they are where they are.

It’s not that they don’t “have the time to read”…

But rather, they don’t have time NOT to.





take a tour of the community

Anyone can read on their own. But it’s the power of collaboration, taking actionable and meaningful steps in your business plus the curation of information that makes all the difference.

As a member of the community, it’s not just the resources from the greatest minds in the history of entrepreneurship…

It’s the people inside that take a learning experience and raise all ships around them with their efforts.

As host + curator of the community, my job is to be your digital business & performance coach.

We hold you accountable but also understand life is busy and crazy…

Give yourself a break, life is tough, business is even harder.

Our resources and supportive community ensure you’re always taking meaningful steps forward. 

Real Results in just 7-10 minutes per day, GUARANTEED


curated monthly reading challenge so that you are never learning valuable lessons the hard way (value $29)


specific reading plan for every month so that you only read 7-10 mins per day and don’t find yourself constantly falling behind (value $47)


implementation kits for every read so that you can take action and get immediate results (value $37)


book notes for every single read so you can quickly refer back when you forget a valuable point (value $37)


privately managed coaching group so you no longer feel alone and guessing in the isolated journey of owning a business (value $69)


weekly insights + progress reports so you know what’s important from the read and how it applies to you (value $229)


monthly LIVE lectures with private coaching + actionable takeaways so you take your new knowledge and turn it into profits (value $497)


private content vault including hundreds of hours of training so you never miss a beat on anything (value $979)

TOTAL = $1924

(for a limited time)

ONLY $19/mo

your coach & curator

Chris Michael Harris

Having bootstrapped his first business from his college apartment to multiple 7-figures, Chris has made it a mission to share his love for entrepreneurship with as many people that will listen. He’s a mentor for Silicon Valley Accelerator Programs, Host of the Acclaimed and (at one point) top trending podcast, Entrepreneur Hour, as well as a business & performance coach.

this is right for you if…

I am willing to carve out just 10 minutes per day to read & learn

I don't have a business yet or even a fully fleshed out idea but I want to start out the right way!

I don't have time to read but I'm open to trying a new method

I know my business is capable of more than where we are

I have an insatiable desire to win & grow my business

I am coachable & willing to learn new things

I'm tired of trying things that just don't work

I'm ready to own my day and my future with my business

this is wrong for you if…

I have a know-it-all attitude & don't play well with others

Cutting out an extra 10 minutes for me to read is not important & I don't see the value

I know completely what I'm doing in my business

Reading is a waste of time when I should be working

I've joined book clubs before and they don't work

I'm bad with technology and I have no interest in learning

will I lose my money?

You’re backed by a two week (14-Day) money-back guarantee. This is REALLY important to me. There are too many scam tactics on the internet. People just out to get your money and provide no value in your life.

And so we’ve gone above and beyond to protect you. Plus we assume the entire risk for you.

You’re getting access to thousands of dollars of my best stuff. Literally, work I’ve spent hundreds of hours on.

And you can get a full refund within 14 days. I can’t re-absorb knowledge from your brain.


You can’t give me back a digital file in your head. And so you have my knowledge with you forever. Leaving me with nothing and one less customer.

Sounds like a fair deal for you, right?

Well, that’s how confident we are in this offer. We want to build the next great entrepreneurs…

Not rip a few bucks off of people.



You can cancel your subscription at any time and for whatever reason

reading single-handedly makes better entrepreneurs.


Reading was always really tough for me.

I’m about as ADD as they come.

And so I just did what most people do…

I studied for the test the night before and crammed.

Once the test was over, I forgot about what I learned.

And that experience is how many of us form our bad habit today.

because reading has to make an impact to spend time on it


Otherwise, you’re just wasting time and not getting results.

So I read these facts about how the most successful people win by reading.

And decided to try a new methodology.

One where I read a little…

Implemented what I learned…

Tested it to see it if worked…

And than Repeated that process.

reading is my #1 growth tool


I started to get crazy results.

Things I spent countless weeks on were taking hours.

I knew exactly what I needed to focus on.

And I knew where to go to get what I needed to learn.

My learn, implement, test, repeat formula set my world on FIRE.

So I decided I needed to teach this to others.

The VIP Book Club was born.

And very soon after people started to have the same results.

People that had been trying for years at something….

Changing their lives and businesses in weeks.

And honestly way faster than I thought they would.

So here’s what I learned.

It’s about sharpening the axe before you swing.

When a Warren Buffet makes a move…

He already knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

we lose SOOO much time fixing our mistakes


And so the time I spend now getting it RIGHT the first time…

Is saving me HOURS UPON HOURS not having to fix stuff.

Or even worse sitting around feeling overwhelmed about what to work on next.

My goal is to share this with the world.

To teach people this magic formula I’ve been perfecting.

And it all starts with just a 10-minute daily commitment to reading…

With creating a structure to actually implement the new things you learn…

Creating new habits and equipping you with insider knowledge that your entrepreneur friends just won’t have.

And then having a coach + an entire community of people to meet you where you’re at and bounce ideas off of.

Leaders are readers, but you already know that. So let’s get started!


if success is important to you,
what are you waiting for?


The VIP Book Club holds you accountable to read just 7-10 pages per day


We have one 1.5 hour long LIVE Lecture per month


Weekly LIVE Insights + Progress Reports in the community


An entire Vault of hundreds of hours of actionable content from our reads


Book Summaries & Implementation Kits


One-on-one coaching on how to implement what we read


Private access to take secured notes to refer back to at any time


14-day Money Back Guarantee


Cancel anytime


No join fee!

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