The Truth About Success

Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


I had a great chat with Mike Zupursky in an interview, so let me share his thoughts with you.

Mike believes that society has conditioned most of us to think that more is better. We spend more time on different things, but we fail to realize that working harder is what wins. But if you look at the history of success, it comes not by doing more actually comes from doing less.

Focus is the keyword.

These days, we have more options than we’ve ever had before. But the reality is that when you try and do a lot of different things at once, you do all of them half-heartedly and get poor results.

“When you try and do a lot of different things at once, you do all of them half-heartedly and get poor results.”

The impact is significant, but Mike thinks the implications for each person will be different. What is the goal that you want to have? There’s no one way to achieve anything in life. There are so many options that we can all take. It’s about finding the right path for us, given our situation.

So what to do?

Start with the end in mind.

What does success look like to you?
What do you want to create?
What is meaningful?

Don’t look at things from revenue or a business perspective, but from a total lifestyle perspective. That includes the business and your personal life.

When you’re clear on what that end result looks like, you can then figure out and start asking yourself the question: “What do I need to do to get from where I am to where I want to go in the most direct way possible?”

Imperfect action is the key.

How do we know what we need to do?

Well, the only way to know is to have more data points. Mike is not suggesting a recommendation that everyone take blind action without thoughtful action. He recommends taking action because that’s where you then create data points where you can make better decisions.

Mike does not look at it as time equals money. He believes value equals money, meaning that it’s not even about how much time people spend.

The default belief that many people have is to work more hours when instead, you should work harder and smarter.

When you look again at people who are creating a lot of results, they’re usually still working a lot, but they’re doing it on the right things.

Every single day Mike looks at his list and thinks what does he specifically needs to do that is going to move the needle the most – the one that is going to have the most significant impact. And it’s not about time.

He doesn’t need to spend the full day working through everything on his list if he can knock two or three things out that moves the needle or even one thing that day, that could be significantly more powerful than trying to a whole bunch of different things.

It is counterintuitive to a degree, but getting very focused, reduces the number of options or variations or different points that pull your mind and your focus away and get you more concentrated, so you’re able to produce better results.

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