Our Healthcare System is Imploding…

One of the things that frustrates me most about this ongoing health crisis we have in the US is our misconception that Health Insurance = Health Care.

Now, is it important to have coverage in the event of a crisis?

You bet your butt it is.

My brother had a compound leg fracture a few years back while enjoying the slopes with his friends.

The total bill from the hospital was well into the six figure range.

So, yes, he was very glad to have a great insurance plan through his employer.

But what about us self-employed folks?

As you may have found, Major Medical plans through ACA can cost $500/mo or MORE!

What’s more is most of these entry-level plans require you to get hit by a freight train for your policy to even kick in.

My wife and I both opted to go with a supplemental plan through eHealthInsurance.com.

It lowers the cost (~$150/month) and we have a catastrophic plan in place for ~$24/mo.

That said, we’ve got a $7500 deductible and the policy term is usually six months.

In other words, you better go to the Doctor every single day to even reap the benefits of that policy.

That, or the aforementioned freight train.

So when my major health crisis took us by surprise in 2016, we were at quite the crossroads.

The prognosis was bleak and the lab results showed a condition that would potentially turn cancerous.

Me not being here by the age of 40 wasn’t something I aspired to do, for obvious reasons…

And Western Medicine proved (through the labs) to have only further exacerbated the condition.

I had lost hope in the system…

Lost hope in the remedies…

And found myself in a very lonely place, feeling terrible and clueless as to where to turn.



A New Way of Thinking.

Around this time as I laid in bed and literally had to use laxatives just to have a bowel movement at all (sorry, I know it’s gross), my wife and I discovered some guy named Dr. Josh Axe.

What he was saying was a far removal from everything I heard about health and wellness…but not really.

Things like dietary changes, essential oils and lifestyle choices.


All of those things we learned as a kid but opted for the box of sugary cereals and pre-packaged Lunchables because that’s what our friends did.

He began dropping statistics about how effective these treatments were in relation to that of pharmaceutical remedies.

He also explained why the pharmaceutical remedies were destroying the body rather than doing the very thing is was created to accomplish.

And soon, what I realized is my condition had been lurking around in silence for the better part of several decades.

Heavy antibiotic use as a kid and into my teenage years had depleted my healthy gut bacteria.

Heavy drinking in college only further fueled that fire.

And then the stress of a startup business was the final cherry on top.

In so doing, leading to total system shut down which had a ripple effect across my entire body.

And that’s not just describing how I felt about it, that’s precisely what the lab work showed.

Low vitamins and minerals, low testosterone, an entire endocrine system that was at gridlock and an intestinal lining that was so low in mucus production even the slightest inflammatory food could cause constipation for days or even weeks.

And as I researched these lab results and aligned it with what both Western Medicine told me as well as what I heard from Dr. Axe, the proof was very clear.

Western Medicine was putting a band-aid on my condition, not solving the real problem.

And that’s largely how I’d been treated my entire life.

Feeling sad or depressed?

Here’s two anti-depressants and some ADHD medication.

No labs were run…

It was a quick 15 minute appointment and an educated guess as to what the problem could comprise of.

But never once did we take the time to analyze lab results, or even take them for that matter, to get to the root of the issue.

All of my years of struggles and all Western Medicine could provide me with was plugging my mouth full of more drugs, all of which had side effects a mile long.


The Turning Point

Fortunately, this story has a positive ending.

I did have to put my entrepreneurial aspirations slightly on hold for a few years…

But investing in my future was totally worth it.

Being truly healthy for the first time since grade school was also totally worth it.

Soon after I discovered Dr. Axe, I was also introduced to the work of his now business partner, Jordan Rubin.

You see, both Josh and Jordan had gone down a similar path to that of my own.

Dr. Axe nearly lost his mother to cancer, resorting to his studies and natural remedies to completely reverse her condition.

She’s now in her 70’s and running half-marathons, citing she’s healthier now than she was in her 40’s.

Jordan Rubin was on his death bed…literally.

A sufferer of Crohn’s Disease…the same disease that has afflicted my father for 30+ years.

And the same disease I was potentially staring at in the near future.

Jordan entered into college with big hopes and dreams but soon found himself not being able to retain anything he ate.

Spending most of his days passing bowel movements, he shrunk considerably in size to barely above skin and bone.

Having traveled the globe trying to find a solution to his problem and having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process, he finally discovered a program on the West Coast that went back to the basics of eating from the earth and shifting lifestyles.

Within months, Jordan went from the picture you see on the left to the one on the right…

Jordan prayed for death in his darkest hours…

And at times, he almost received his wish.

He highlights this in his best selling novel, The Maker’s Diet…which I highly recommend.

My spirits had been lifted.

No longer did I feel alone.

I had Health Heroes…

I had new found hope and a chance to not just stop the problem from getting worse but to completely reverse it altogether.

We soon found a practitioner named Dr. Eric Bakker that preached along the same lines as both Dr Axe and Jordan.

He has actually been on my show before in a previous installment…

And get this…after YEARS of struggling…

DECADES of pumping myself full of drugs just to get through the day.

Within months of working with Dr. Bakker and applying everything I’ve learned from both Dr. Axe and Jordan Rubin, I was pharmaceutical drug free and quickly recovering like I had never seen before.

I was also going to the bathroom with ease and without laxatives.

Within a year and I’m now the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life.

Where I was at one point down to only five foods I could eat that wouldn’t cause me issues, I can now sit down and eat anything without a second glance.

We healed my body…

From the inside out.

And, more importantly, we did what I’ve found to be the most important aspect of health and wellness.

We gave my body a chance to do what it was unbelievably and miraculously designed to do…

HEAL itself by giving it the right platform to do so.

Things like not staying up until 3:00 AM and getting necessary rest.

Not consuming ridiculous amounts of alcohol…for me, no alcohol or caffeine at ALL!

Giving my body super-foods that were going to fuel my body, not overly processed garbage that comes in a wrapper.

And certainly not driving by Taco Bell because it’s way more convenient than taking 10 minutes to cook a healthy meal.

Now, I’d be lying if I said that’s all we did.

It’s a large portion of it but certainly not the full picture.

I did take incredibly high dosages of one of the most potent Probiotics on the planet.

At one point, I was actually consuming nearly 3 TRILLION CFU’s of Probiotics, daily.

In fact, we were spending about $110 every ten days to do this form of treatment because my insurance provider claimed this was a pre-existing condition.

Simultaneously, I was also taking a designer grade supplement that costs right around $200/month.

But it worked…

And when people ask me about how much money we’ve spent, my response is and will continue to always be the same…

What can you invest in that’s more important than yourself?

As an entrepreneur, how far do you think you’ll go if you can’t go to the bathroom and become bedridden?

You think you’ll still care about those new initiatives and revenue opportunities?

And if you think you’ll have the energy and mental discipline to just push through it, you’re right!

I did…

For years.

And I prided myself on being so mentally tough.

But the body eventually wins.

And what’s more is you’ll look back and realize just how much MORE recovery lies ahead as a direct result of all that toughness you thought you were demonstrating.



What YOU Can Do About It

Look, the reality of the situation is you may not be as bad off as myself, Jordan Rubin or Dr. Axe’s mom were.

And for that, I pray you never will be.

But why risk it?

Why flirt with even the slightest possibility of that becoming a reality?

I thought it couldn’t and wouldn’t happen to me…

And that was fool’s gold.

My dad, as mentioned, is a Crohn’s sufferer.

That’s a completely debilitating autoimmune disease.

So, how on earth would I think it couldn’t happen to me?

And it’s likely you’ve got some lineage of some severe illness in your family.

Don’t play games with genetics, my friend…


So, here’s where to start:

  • Find your own health heroes. I have Dr. Axe, Jordan Rubin, Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Lam, Dr. Eric Bakker, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on and I’m constantly learning new things from each of them to add to what I already do. This is an ongoing process, not a one-off investment.


  • Focus on SMALL changes. When you listen to a Dr. Axe or a Jordan Rubin, you’re going to initially feel overwhelmed. They unload years of study and knowledge into their content. It’s a LOT to take in…so just start with baby steps that work for you.


  • Hire a professional. We tried to self-medicate for a year. Truth be told, we wasted thousands of dollars. You might convince yourself it’s just a $5 supplement here and there but it all adds up. What’s more is the time you lose, which is invaluable. There are affordable options out there. You need lab results that show you the real picture…not guess work. Trust me, this is my biggest regret. I first recommend setting up a consultation with someone like my Doctor, Dr. Eric Bakker, and then he can tell you which lab results you’ll need among the thousands of options to get on the right track.


  • Pushing through it is not courageous, it’s stupid. I know you’re tough, I am too. It’s not a badge of honor. Give yourself permission to be sick. When I made that shift, it changed everything. I started listening to my body. When everything aligns…mind, body and spirit, you’re an unstoppable force. Don’t try to race with a flat tire.


  • Lifestyle change is everything. We’ve been trained to believe you just take a pill and you’re good in 20 minutes or less. But actually healing your body takes time and commitment. If you think you’re not stressed, I encourage you to re-examine. I meditate, I exercise, I’m in bed by no later than 10:30 PM and I give myself permission to sleep as much as I need. All of these things are what put me over the top, not just dietary changes and supplementation.


The World is Changing…

I can’t tell you how happy I am to see responsibly sourced foods, non-GMO and organic options and a culture that’s moving away from the fast food society we’ve been for so long.

It’s the age of information and people are getting smart.

But here’s the deal…

I get it.

If you’ve read this through and found yourself rolling your eyes, you are just like I was.

I thought this was all hocus pocus.


How can a ginger root help me with my depression?

What do probiotics have to do with anything?

Can’t I just buy those things at Wal-Mart for 10 bucks?

That can’t be legit, right?

Yes…and no.

If this is the beginning of your holistic health journey, you’re going to find good and bad remedies just like anything else.

You’re going to find some thing work while others not so much.

But here’s what I hate about our mindset.

In order for us to even consider a more natural treatment route, it normally requires us to be at a point of desperation.


That was me.

The only reason I tried it was because I had explored every other possible path first.

I would try a couple Dr. Axe suggestions and then immediately dismiss it when I didn’t instantly see the effects.

So, again, I get it.

You’re going to have ups-and-downs and you may not even be ready just yet to even try this crazy stuff.

But if you’re absolutely sick and tired of being sick and tired…

If you’re tired of your MD giving you the same old spiel but not moving any closer to health and wellness…

Then maybe…

Just maybe…

You’re open-minded enough and willing to try something that’s been used for thousands of years to help people around the globe.


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