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How to Leave Your Job Successfully and Start Your Own Business Without Breaking the Bank…

Even if you’re starting from scratch…

in this class, here’s what you’ll discover


How to transition from a steady & secure paycheck to generating enough revenue to run your new business full-time without risking it all


The 3 Biggest Mistakes people are making that costs them time and money and prevents them from getting customers


The very repeatable process of how we have built several multi-million companies both online and offline, helping hundreds of others do the same

chris michael harris

Hey! I’m the founder of StartupU where I teach people how to leave their 9-5 and run their own successful companies. This class is the single best resource we have on this site. In fact, my own team thinks I’m crazy to even offer it for free. But, here’s the deal, I’m so confident you will get results from this class that I wanted to make it available for everyone.

Let’s finally ditch that 9-5 and starting doing your own thing on your own time.


don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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