Why Now Is The Time To Be Location Independent

Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


I had an excellent conversation with Johannes (Founder of Nomad Cruise), and he shares a lot about being a digital nomad.

Working remotely has changed over the years. You can have a great internet connection everywhere that is good enough for Skype or do phone calls and to keep your business running.

However, some areas are challenges to be expected, such as being in a hotel or guesthouse where you are sharing the internet connection with 20 different people.

According to him, there are different stages in the nomad life, and this is based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s normal for people to need a kind of belonging, safety.

What are some of the biggest challenges with being in other countries?

The nomadic lifestyle is not just about the need to travel all the time. Johannes believes that with traveling, you can immerse yourself with the different cultures and activities while combining these with work. That’s where the challenge lies.

How to keep work-life consistent.

If you are running a business and traveling at the same time, it is always recommended to stay at a specific location for at least a month because changing destinations frequently will not allow you to focus.

Traveling is a part-time job that urges you to make many decisions. Knowing this, if you hop from one place to another, you are compromising the quality decision that you can make for your business.

Photo by Nils Nedel on Unsplash

Who is a good fit/not a good fit to live nomadically?

People working from home are growing like never before because of the current situation that we are facing right now. And this is the first step towards being location independent and able to work from anywhere you want.

If you’ve proven to your employer that you can work remotely in your city, they won’t mind if you go to different places as long, and you keep your discipline and perform with quality. So you don’t necessarily need to start your own business anymore.

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