An Eerily Similar Story

Kendra was referred to me as an early stage entrepreneur and a potential good fit for my show. I agreed because we’ve been on a health kick of late and I noticed she was in the health and wellness space. Good fit!

What I didn’t know what Kendra’s health journey was eerily similar to that of my own.

The multiple year long struggle of not knowing what’s wrong with you. Getting a diagnosis that seems to only treat the symptoms but low and behold you start experiencing side effects of that drug and then the Doctor prescribes you to yet another drug to treat that.

The slippery slope continues and you begin to feel there is something inherently wrong with you…

That maybe you don’t deserve to experience life like everyone else does.

You wonder if God or whatever you believe in is mad at you for something you did while pondering over what life must be like for someone that doesn’t have to carry this particular burden.

Not to sound morbid or depressing but those were very much my thoughts, among thousands of others, as I ventured through my health crisis even before I realized it was a full blown crisis.


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The Body Knows Best

What’s ironic is from time-to-time we would strike brilliance, stumble upon some piece of information or even have a hunch that maybe it might be ____. Truth be told, it was almost like the body knew itself and what was wrong.

Now that I’m well on my way to discovery, we reflect back at those moments and find ourselves awestruck at some of those revelations.

For example: I was taking large amounts of 5-HTP and L-Tyrosine, both now prevalent in my high potency supplement I’ve been instructed to take. A small piece of the puzzle but a piece, nonetheless.

My point is this…sometimes we know what we know.

Our bodies have a phenomenal way of telling us what they need if we just take a moment to listen and react.

For years, I took ADHD medication because it was prescribed. My focus, concentration and fatigue issues stemmed from digestive problems but, again, at that time we were treating symptoms.

I KNEW my body was not responding well to those medications. Every single night I would crash like I was coming down from a high.

If I didn’t have that medication, I literally could not function.

So, after years of usage and going against what my gut (both literally and figuratively) had been telling me, I finally came to my senses enough to have the courage and admit this was not health and wellness. This was perpetuating the problem and kicking the can of a much bigger problem down the road.


Facing Your Fears and Challenges, Head On

What I love and respect so much about Kendra, and for many others that have ventured down a similar path, is their willingness to go against the status quo and/or conventional wisdom and take a stroll into the unknown knowing there has to be a better answer.

As I recorded this interview with her, it felt like I had known her for years. A bond that had been formed through trial and tribulation.

And it also gave me a sense of accomplishment and enlightenment.

To find a kindred spirit was like sitting down with a long-lost friend.

I think part of why we choose to stay on our current paths, even when we know it’s probably not fruitful, is because of our innate desire to want to blend in and be like everyone else. To not be the weirdo that has some sort of health ailment that prohibits you from just doing what everyone else is able to do.

Maybe it’s a also a hint of denying our own mortality.

Either way, what I challenge you to do is be brave and courageous.

Find someone, anyone, that has a similar challenge. Join a Facebook group or go start one of your own that can be a resource to you and others.

Don’t fight your journey alone and in the dark.

Find an army of people waging the same war and through your strength in numbers go change your circumstances and, in some cases, change the world.

People always tell me they want to do something meaningful and empowering in the world.

What better place to start then defeating your own personal demons so you have a unique experience to share with others?

What better way to become an expert than to stare a challenge in the face and kick it back just as hard as it’s kicking you?

You want to be great and do great things?

I’ve never met a hero that didn’t overcome a tremendous obstacle…have you?


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Kendra Helman, Founder of Wellfull Health, joins the show to talk about her recovery from a chronic digestive issue and how that experience led to her new business which focuses on helping people on how to reclaim your health naturally.

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The Gut

The Mind Body Connection


Meet Kendra, Health Coach!

Kendra is a holistic health and wellness coach. She also uses Reiki and meditation as supplemental therapies in her practice. Her passion is helping people bring more balance to all aspects of their lives and tune into their bodies in order to feel their best.

She believes the key to feeling your best is listening and connecting to your body. However, tuning can be difficult with so many outside influences directing us to eat, feel, move, and look a certain way. Her role as a health coach is to create a safe and supportive space as client’s define their path to a more fulfilled life.

Nutrition is a major part of her work with clients. But, she also explores relationships, career, self-care, physical activity, and spirituality to understand how all these impact client’s overall well-being.

Kendra’s Health Battle That Led to Her Passion

In this episode, we dive into the specifics surrounding Kendra’s chronic health issues, how she felt desperate to find a long-term solution and how she finally came to discover health and wellness through natural remedies and holistic living.

We talk about the specifics of gut function, how it plays such a vital role in not just the digestive process but also how your entire body functions as a whole. We break down some of the symptoms you might be experiencing that you had no idea were gut related.

Kendra and I chat about the pharmaceutical industry and how as a society we have become so heavily reliant upon the “pill for every ill,” approach. We also uncover when it’s probably appropriate for you to consider natural remedies versus when Western Medicine should be the route you explore.



To Learn More about Kendra, visit



How to Reclaim Your Health Naturally | Why Pharmaceutical Drugs Aren’t Always the Answer

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