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Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


Setting boundaries are the greatest gift that you can give yourself as an entrepreneur. Boundaries are freedom.

So we often think if we’ll create the business and then we’ll be free. What usually happens is that we work a lot harder for a lot less return initially upfront. 

When we get to the point where you’re scaling in your business, that’s a different story. But Theresa thinks we use the drive and excuses of, “if I don’t do it, who else is going to do it, “or “nobody’s going to do it the way I will” because that perfectionism gets in the way and we think everything has to be just right. 

We don’t set any boundaries. Therefore every opportunity looks like an excellent opportunity. We don’t say no to anything. So, we take action all over the place, but there’s often not a target we’re trying to hit. 

What does success look like?

“I’ll be successful when.” , “I’ll be happy when.” And it’s never, “I’ll be happy now” and “enjoy what I have now” because that was the most significant part of the struggles that

Theresa was having in her own business. And that what she finds with her clients and with other entrepreneurs that she speaks with is that they’re so focused on the next thing that they don’t enjoy what they’re going through right now. 

When you’re always looking ahead, you never appreciate how much you’ve actually grown.

So if you take a minute and just stop and take a breath when you’re feeling frustrated, or you know, if you just worked a little harder, maybe you could get over that hump that you’ve been trying to get. You could just hit that, that revenue goal, that dollar amount.

We don’t look back when we’ve missed the target. We don’t look back and say, “look how far I’ve come.” And we don’t take time to celebrate those things. And that’s critical to helping you a boost to move forward when you’re in challenging times, also giving yourself permission to like fall flat on your face and look and say, “what lessons can I learn from this? What can I do differently?” It goes deeper than that. That feeling that you always need to prove yourself internalizes too.

“I’m not good enough.”

Therefore, how can you prove you’re good enough? Money is one of those ways. There are quite a few people whose motivators are money. It’s great that you’ve been able to make it work.

Several entrepreneurs can’t quite get there because they’re so focused on the money. They can’t see anything else. And therefore they’re missing the mark constantly. So there’s that dynamic as well.

When you’re stuck in the “I’m not good enough.” You’re holding yourself back even if you made it to seven figures.

If you got rid of that and you just did the work on its own merit because you enjoyed what you were doing and were happy in your life, how much more success could you have?

Of course, success looks different for other people. Sometimes you can see a new path because the right mentors come into your life, or there’s somebody that you admire that it seems like they’re happier than you are.

With super high achievers, it comes down to like control and then accepting that not everything you control is a myth.

We’re actually in control of very little.

It’s really about being honest with yourself, the most critical thing that we can do for ourselves as entrepreneurs is give ourselves time to think, create space. That’s a big part of productivity. That’s where it starts creating open space to just think, “am I where I want to be? Is this what I want life to look like?”

It takes the amount of a certain amount of courage to spend time thinking and looking inward because e always look for the answers outside of ourselves, and the answers start inside, and it starts with you, and what you want to create for yourself. And then all the other circumstances will begin to change around you, but it doesn’t come overnight. 

Theresa’s journey took years. It didn’t start in a snap because that never works.

When we try to change too many things at a time, we fall flat on our faces. It begins with one small change at a time. And it’s just like the 1% that you can change and tweak and do better, but it starts on the inside.

The more you look for external answers, the longer it’ll take you to find the right ones for yourself.


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