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Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


I believe most people don’t appreciate, understand, and respect their market.

I think I was gifted in one respect. I had great empathic appreciation and intrigue for the mind and the passion and drive of an entrepreneur.

So I was very focused on understanding, examining, appreciating, exploring what drove them, their hopes, their dreams, their values, their definitions, and it gave me a much higher empathic connection.

I believe that you have two paths you can take: superficial and genuinely engaged. When you say engagement, the normal reference definition is your audience engaging with you.

I think the opposite is what you need. You got to be willing to engage authentically with them, and you can’t do that just throwing crap out.

If you take the time to immerse yourself in a profound connected exploration and examination of the market, you serve hopes, dreams, values, drives, goals, references.

Two things happen:

ONE. You’ll be able to relate to them in such an authentic way. 

TWO. That authenticity will bring three or four advantages. It will bring much more response. Whether it’s leads or initial purchases, it’ll shorten the timeline. It’ll build rapid and more immediate trust and make people gain more out of what they bought from.

You have to have a genuine and authentic desire to be deeply and permanently connected to your market. 

What we defined in the strategy of preeminence is that you want to be their most trusted advisor in whatever category you suit for life.

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