Just One Breakthrough Can Change Everything…

That’s literally my motto and what I include at the end of every single one of my emails to my audience.


Because I believe it is the sole difference between success and failure in a startup.

Sure, having the right resources, funding, advisors, etc. around you and for you are all vitally important.

I’m not here to diminish the significance of any of them.

In fact, it’s often times they involve the breakthroughs I’m talking about.

Your advisor might challenge a way you’re thinking or approaching a challenge that leads to a breakthrough.

Making the decision to take on funding and hire the team you need to build your platform might be the breakthrough you need to get over your bootstrapping blues.

But the advisor doesn’t deliver the breakthrough, nor does the funding…

The breakthrough, in and of itself, is the game changer.

Without the breakthrough, the advice, knowledge, funding is all just futile.

And that’s why it’s so utterly important to get that RIGHT.

And we’ve all been there.

The moment of bliss when it finally hits us.

That idea we’ve been waiting for or the shift in our thinking.

We wonder why it took so long to arrive at this conclusion.

But we know our lives and businesses will never be the same.

I’ve spent countless hours examining the science behind this.

And not just the phenomenon that is a breakthrough but how we can reach these breakthroughs far more frequently.


What if you could have these earth shattering breakthroughs on a weekly or even daily basis?

Imagine how far you’d go!?


I Set Out to Speak With The Thought Leaders

Jon Acuff had been on my list of people to watch for some time.

In fact, my team (when it was just me) reached out to Jon a few years back.

I discovered his work and realized he could not only lend me the expertise I was seeking but also provide tremendous value to my audience.

Now, admittedly, this was within the first 15 or so episodes of my show so we were very much in our infancy.

Timing just didn’t align and Jon never did come on the show.

But when I had the chance to circle back around with him this time I was even more excited.

Because now I had some baseline knowledge to fall back on and have a REAL, deep dive conversation with him.



And Here’s What I Discovered…

We often try to find our “voice” in the shadows of someone else.

I’ll give you an example.

Let’s look at a Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk).

Gary has a very unorthodox way of communicating.

He can get up on stage and drop more F-Bombs than a Drill Sargent during INDOC (Boot Camp).

That works for him…but it probably won’t work for you.

Maybe that is part of your ethos and you yourself can also replicate, not steal, his approach.

But blindly just following down the path to becoming a mere Gary Vee minion probably won’t serve you or your brand well.

And this extends beyond influencer or personal brands.

In the New Media age, corporations are increasingly distrusted and people are looking to PEOPLE to do business with.

It’s why the Musk and Bezos types are putting their faces parallel with their brands.

It’s why THEY themselves are the ones to roll out a new product launch.

They can no longer hide behind the massive logo that is their corporate brand.

And you most certainly can’t as a startup founder.

So you’re going to need to put yourself, your story and your mission out there.

Why is what you do important to you?

Why should people care enough to buy it from you when they have more options than we’ve ever had in recorded human history?

YOU are the differentiator but it’s not YOU if it’s a Gary Vee rip-off…

Make sense?


Here’s Why That Matters…

Being your true and authentic self extends beyond your public or online persona.

It sinks much deeper into your psyche.

Here’s what I mean by that.

If you’re the Gary Vee rip-off, you’re most likely going to adopt a WWGD mentality…

A What Would Gary Do mentality.

Not a what would YOU do mentality.

Inward and introspective thinking is where we change the game.

Asking yourself questions like “Why am I doing this?”

“Does this align with who I am and what my goals are in life?”

You’d be amazed how many people don’t have answers to these seemingly and what should be obvious answers.

And it’s my opinion that we’ve gotten lost in the shuffle of what we’re expected to be or what we’re trying to be versus who we actually are and/or can become.

I recently saw a close friend and fellow influencer of mine post something along the lines of finding something to apply yourself to and then just doing it so much you become passionate about it.

As much as I love him, I absolutely HATE that advice.

Because the reason he himself is following that advice is because he wants what so-and-so has…

Not what he actually wants.

He’s chasing the successes of someone else.

He’s chasing the lifestyle of what he sees on Instagram.

And that’s never going to be enough.


I’ll take someone that thinks who they are isn’t enough or has an idea that is stupid and help them turn it into a wild success.


Because it’s deeply rooted into the core of who they are and what they’ve been uniquely designed to do.


So Chris, How is This a Post About Breakthrough?

Hang with me, I’m getting there.

When you go see a counselor, how do they help you?

Do they sit you down and give you an order of what you should do to resolve your issue(s)?

Not if they’re doing what they’ve been trained to do.

Their job is not to advise on your steps but merely to help you gather a better understanding of yourself and then you decide what those steps should be.

Personalized, meaningful and life-changing.

It can’t be someone else’s idea…it has to be yours.

Like my favorite movie, Inception, in which they use highly advanced technology to enter into a shared dream state and plant (or steal) ideas from others.

It’s like Corporate Espionage but in a Sci-Fi world.

But as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character explains in the movie, “if I told you to think about elephants, what would you think about?”

Elephants…of course.

But the subject knows where the elephants idea originated from.

Breakthroughs are somewhat the same.

You’ve probably heard the advice, read it in a book or even thought of the idea yourself at one point in time or another.

But in some way, in this very season of your life, it just happened to re-enter your brain in a way that resonated and triggered breakthrough.

This drove me crazy…

In fact, I’ve spent countless hours struggling and agonizing over a business or initiative and how to arrive at a conclusion only to realize the answer was there all along.

And so I go back go what I mentioned before…

What are you doing right not to be totally and uniquely true to who you are and what your purpose entails?

Where have you had success before that you’re not aligning with your current efforts.

Maybe you are great at losing weight and whenever that beach trip comes around you’re ready to spring into action for that perfect beach body.

What was it or what is it specifically that makes you so uniquely gifted at achieving those results?

Because losing the weight isn’t the breakthrough.

It’s your unique system and approach.

Maybe you have an amazing diet plan ritual that works for you…

Or maybe you just really thrive when you have deadlines, support, knowledge and resources.

Whatever it is for you, that same methodology needs to be applied to all other aspects of your life and business.

I’ll give you another example…

One of my own.

I know I operate in extremes.

When I can hyper-focus on something with little-to-know distractions I can absolutely move mountains.

But when I’m trying to do too much or I don’t create an environment that’s conducive to results for me, I dost my own fire and slow my results.

I take that hyper-focus ability and apply it to all areas of my life.

My marriage, my business, my health, etc.

And be being hyper-focused and giving myself the environment for my ideas to be nourished, the breakthroughs come piling in.

I usually read on the thing I’m trying to achieve breakthrough in.

So, I’m not just aimlessly reading business books but working specifically on an area I’ve indicated needs some improvement.

Now, please note…

When I say an area that needs improvement, I don’t mean there are times when I’m just being complacent.

I’m ALWAYS working on something.

That’s part of my goal.

I see time as the enemy.

It’s the only thing I can’t make MORE of.

And thus, it is the one resource I can’t replenish or replace.

Therefore, time (as I see it) is truly of the essence.

But I’m constantly working through each lever, if you will, of my life and working on ways to promote breakthrough and improvement.

But again, using the same (or at least similar) methodologies that I know work particularly well for who I am as a person.



Applying This Method to YOU

Look, at the end of the day, none of what I’ve said today or what Jon said on the podcast with me matters if you don’t take action and get results.

I don’t want this to be some article you occasionally reference only to realize your life has made no meaningful improvements.

So, here’s what I would do…

Make a list of all the major categorical areas of your life.

Underneath each one of those areas, highlight desired results…

Things you’d like to experience.

So maybe it’s happiness in your marriage.

Identify the reasons WHY you want happiness in your marriage.

Always dig a layer deeper than what meets the eye on this.

For each one of these deeper rooted WHY statements, you’re going to draw up some form of an action plan for how to achieve this goal.

In other words, how are you going to make this real, not theoretical.


Saying you want to have more intimacy and actually working on ways to be more intimate are inherently different.

Maybe it’s an online program…

Or maybe it’s a book on relationships and intimacy.

Be clear and specific on what you think that’s going to entail.

This could involve your aforementioned advisors, mentors, books, etc.

Once you’ve established the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW plus you’ve added in your own unique framework, breakthrough is inevitable.

That last part is a little bit harder to derive and I can’t entirely give you specifics on how to glean what works for you.

I’m not you…HA!

I recommend going back to other areas of your life where you HAVE experienced success and then determine why.

Do a post-mortem on all of your successes and look for patterns.

This is a great exercise to do with a trusted loved one, a friend or mentor.

Remember this…and this is my parting shot here today.

You are all that stands in the way of your breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs equal progress and results.

And just one breakthrough can change everything…


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How to Achieve Mental Breakthrough in Your Startup | Applying What’s Worked to Other Aspects of Your Life

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