How To Lose Your Stress In Under 3 Minutes

Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


We live in a world that constantly requires more—more of our time, more of our effort, more of our commitment. And we somehow always find a way to do it all because that’s what life requires. That’s what success requires. That’s what friendship and relationships require. And that’s what family requires.

But, just for a minute…

What if we stopped?

Stopped to remember why we do it. Stopped to be grateful for what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t. Stopped to love the people in our lives instead of living in frustration. And stopped to get back in tune with our purpose.

Remember the people we serve and the lives we touch through the work we do.

Stress is real. It’s not about pretending your problems aren’t there. It’s about recognizing that you’re going to figure this out, like you always do. Things are going to fall into place.

The world is going to continue. We’re going to see brighter days again. You don’t do what you do because you HAVE to.

You do it because you love it. You do it because you want to build a legacy you can be proud of. You do it because your world, your people, are trusting you to be everything you can be.

They believe in you, even when you slip. And suddenly, just like that, you’ve awakened inside, full of purpose, full of passion, ready to take on the world.

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