How To Edit A Podcast FAST In Under Five Minutes

Chris Michael Harris, Entrepreneur


The number one objection I hear to starting a podcast is, “Editing is going to take forever.” To some extent, it is true, but that doesn’t have to be the case all the time. 

Today, I’m going to show you how you can set it up to edit your podcast in under five minutes.

Let’s jump into it.

Intro Plugins

I’m using Movie Studio Platinum, but any editing tools will be good. Whether it’s Filmora, Premiere Pro, it will work. 

So upload all the files and make sure you put a specific label to have a particular order.

I already know what that’s going to be every single time. I begin with Intro Bumper 1 and then Intro Soundbyte. I have a template file that I use every single time, so I plug it in and rock and roll.

I will then plug the Intro Bumper 2, where I’m saying who will be the guest and what we’re going to talk about today. 

Now I’m going to grab my mid-roll, welcoming listeners to today’s show.

So, all done introducing.

The Episode

Let’s go to the episode, the interview for a particular episode. 

So drag the files. Add your file in the track bar and your guest’s file in another track bar. Ensure that they are stacked one on top of the other, and be sure there’s no overlap and are aligned perfectly.

You could also do this as once one joint file. You don’t have to put two different files for an interview. I split them just in case the audio levels are off. 

Let’s say the intro bumper’s volume is higher. You can adjust the interview volume and make it even. So that’s helpful. And then we’re ready to roll. 

I don’t cut out uhms and ahs because I like it organic. So other than just checking it and making sure we’re good to roll. The full interview is complete.

Outro Wave

Lastly, let’s go to the outro soundbyte. Again, I also have a template I use for every single episode. So we’ll put that down because that’s going to be off the beaten path. 

And then I’ll have my specific outro, saying thanks for listening, see you in the next one, make sure to subscribe, leave me a review, and all that good jazz.

And then that’s it, guys. You can go back and check to make sure there’s no fluff that you missed out there. 

Finally, make a movie, put it in mp3 audio, choose the highest quality, name the file, hit render, and you’re all done! 

I hope this helps. I hope you now feel confident editing your show. Please drop me a comment below. See you in the next one!


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