Dr. Obed Jimenez, President of Antillean Adventist University, joins Entrepreneur Hour to discuss the importance of Passion, Balance and Faith in life.


Dr. Obed Jimenez is the President of Antillean Adventist University in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  In 2010, Dr Jimenez received his PhD in Religious Education from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI.  Upon receiving his PhD, Dr. Jimenez was elected president of the university after previously serving as VP of Religious affairs as well as several other roles within the Seventh Day Adventist organization, which include: Professor, Pastor and Higher Education Administrator.

Interview Synopsis

In this episode, Dr. Jimenez talks about what service to others has meant to him and ways in which Antillean Adventist University is reaching out to help others in the community and around the globe.

I have always greatly admired the well-rounded and balanced life Dr. Jimenez lives.  We discuss his 8-8-8 philosophy on living a life of balance as well as the benefits in taking time for reflection and personal growth.

While understanding most listeners wrestle with the idea of their faith or even aspects of faith and beliefs, Dr. Jimenez gives us his perspectives on the concept of a higher being and how you can develop a personal relationship with God.

We discuss Dr. Jimenez’s journey from his days in launching his own business endeavors to the night he felt called to lead a different path and how that has impacted the entire course of his life.

This episode concludes with some incredibly insightful advice that our listeners truly do not want to miss.  I thank Dr. Jimenez for taking time to be on the show and I sincerely hope his message has the sort of impact on other’s lives that he has made on that of my own.


To Learn More about Dr. Obed Jimenez, he can be contacted at ojv1@hotmail.com


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