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Oliver Durrer, Entrepreneur/Advisor/Mentor/Director and Lean Startup Enthusiast, joins Entrepreneur to chat with me about scaling startups but also maintaining efficiency in your organization.

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Oliver Durrer is a Swiss corporate entrepreneur, innovation coach and business mentor, passionately enabling large companies to be more entrepreneurial and innovative as well as empowering startups to sustainably scale their ventures, creating shared-value.

Oliver enjoyed a corporate career in marketing, commercial and business leadership positions, acting as an intrapreneur within Nestlé in Switzerland and Asia, building and leading multicultural teams to award-winning performance. He also gained valuable experience in the small business field as a non executive director of the high-tech company founded by his father, Carlo Durrer.

A lean startup enthusiast and life-long learner, Oliver is currently scaling Online Academy, after launching this corporate startup for blended online learning at Switzerland’s biggest further education institution Migros Club School in 2016. As a mentor for the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship, he is supporting large companies to rediscover their innovation mojo, and mentors startups at the Swiss Startup Factory. An epicurious explorer, Oliver is a member of the board of directors and an active investor in DigiMeals.

Interview Synopsis

In this episode, Oliver and I talk about the biggest challenges he faces in working with larger corporations on their entrepreneurial efforts and how he works to help them deliver the results they desire.

Oliver and I talk at length about how to take your company from a mere few to a large and thriving organization.

In talking about growth, we talk about strategies and basic principles to follow so that you don’t find yourself sacrificing efficiency in the name of growth for the sake of growth.

Hope you all enjoy…


To Learn More about Oliver, follow him @OliverDurrer 


Maintaining Growth Without Losing Efficiency | Scaling Doesn’t Mean Compromises Must Be Made

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