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Damion Lupo, CEO of Total Control Financial, joins Entrepreneur Hour to discuss how it’s never too early to start taking control of your financial future and start planning for retirement.

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Damion Lupo, founder of Total Control Financial, is a lifelong entrepreneur! He started his first business at age 11. Now he is the owner of an 8 figure real estate empire, has earned multiple black belts, and is a well-sought financial consultant for high profile clients. Damion built a 5 million dollar net worth in his 20’s, lost it, and almost completely rebuilt his wealth within the last 12 months! He particularly enjoys sharing the lessons he learned- and the things he wishes someone had told him before he got started!

Among Damion’s passions and areas of expertise are real estate, venture capitalism, alternative investment strategies, as well as Yokido – a martial art founded by Damion! He is an expert on money psychology. Damion also can talk about an investment vehicle called the eQRP, which gives the small business owner the ability to invest in real estate, buy and hold physical gold, be your own custodian and protect your assets from creditors.

Interview Synopsis

In this episode, Damion and I talk about the incredible success he achieved in his early 20’s to then lose it all and build it back in less than 12 months time!

Damion and I talk about his parents experience with retirement and how they thought they had much more than they actually did in terms of savings. We also break down why people view retirement itself in such a negative light.

We wrap up talking about some of the things you need to be doing right now to take control of your financial well being and start planning out your prosperity.

Hope you all enjoy…


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Taking Control of Your Financial Future | It’s Never Too Early To Start Planning For Retirement

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