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Jack Davis, Founder of Crypt TV, joins the show to chat about how his company is creating the next generation of monster icons while totally disrupting an entire industry through new media platforms.

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Jack Davis if the CEO and Founder of Crypt TV. The core of the company is taking the scary genre and developing content for digital, social and hand held device distribution. The company has quickly established themselves as the key player in the space where partners/investors include Jason Blum and Eli Roth.   

The company features 18-employees ranging in age from 26-39. Their goal is to create the next generation of iconic monsters. The content and development process combines grooming young filmmakers working on inspired creative and adding the immense amount of data and feedback they have because of getting millions of views everyday while also gaining tremendous understanding of their audience. Once they release content, their decision to serialize it is entirely driven by audience response and data. Upon traction, they will then decide the proper monetization models based on what is best for further IP growth.

Interview Synopsis

In this episode, Jack and I have a quick deep dive into the Lebron/MJ debate and talk about the similarities between what Lebron has done for the NBA and what the folks at Crypt TV are doing in the media/content space in terms of flipping the industry on it’s head.

We talk about how he positioned himself to link up with key strategic partners and investors to take his concept from idea stage to scale in a very short period of time and how he was able to successfully go from college student to bootstrapped business owner to raising $3.5mm on their Seed 2 Round.

We wrap up talking about the key things to remember when it comes to building a content driven business as it relates to your core principles and mission statement as well as some awesome personal advice Jack gives on being an effective and fulfilled entrepreneur.

Hope you all enjoy…

To Learn More about Jack and Crypt TV, visit him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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