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Romacio Fulcher, #16 earner of ALL Network Marketers, joins the show to talk about whether network marketing is right for you and how you can objectively assess viable opportunities.

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After years of success in real estate and having earned millions of dollars, Romacio woke up at 39 years old with the unfortunate realization that his wealth had vanished and he was broke.

Fast forward 13 months and Romacio is now the #16 highest earning network marketer in the world.

Romacio’s company has built a wearable device, not unlike a Fitbit or Apple Watch, that can actually analyze and assess your vitals at any given time and do so as a non-invasive procedure.

Currently, Romacio is now seeking 75 new individuals to personally mentor and train to make $10,000/week over the next 2-3 years.

Interview Synopsis

In this interview, Romacio and I outline the most important elements of identifying a network marketing opportunity as well as how you should set realistic expectations.

We address some of the red flags you may find with network marketing opportunities and the strategic approach you should take to ensure a viable path to success.

We conclude the discussion talking about Romacio’s goal to help 75 new people achieve their financial goals after having already personally impacted 500 people around the globe through his efforts.

Hope you all enjoy…

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Is Network Marketing Right For You? | Assessing Opportunities with the Right Perspective

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