Dr. Bakker Changed My Life

I told Dr. Bakker in our interview that after years and decades of suffering with chronic ailments, paying exorbitant amounts of money to specialists and physicians, running lab after lab and taking drug after different drug, I didn’t think living a normal and healthy life was in the cards for me.

I remember thinking that what I was doing and taking, even though I was succeeding in my career, wasn’t going to be a long-term and sustainable way to live and thrive. When I found Dr. Bakker on YouTube, I thought there’s no way natural remedies, changing my diet and lifestyle were going to make a monumental difference. I was too far gone and the most cutting edge pharmaceutical drugs couldn’t help so how could this?

Finally, out of sheer desperation and having watched hundreds of his videos, I decided it was worth a shot to try it out. Some of the things he was saying started to make sense from a scientific standpoint and I was hearing about the crazy successes his patients were having.


The First Call That Changed It All

Dr. Bakker and I had our first appointment in June of 2017.

I had just gotten back from a conference and birthday celebration in Chicago.

Scary and embarrassing to admit this but I hadn’t had a bowel movement the entire time I was gone. Something like five whole days.

Further, I looked at the calendar and realized I hadn’t had any activity in those regions for HALF of the entire month of May!

I was a broken person, I felt like I was bursting at the seams and barely had enough energy to muster any kind of strength to even do daily chores like taking the trash out.

Our Skype call started with Dr. Bakker basically taking one look at me, asking me about a few of my symptoms and then immediately saying Entrepreneur Burnout (Adrenal Fatigue) was what I suffered from.

He showed me pages from a book in which I literally fit the description to a T!


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So Where Do We Begin?

Dr. Bakker did something NO other physcian had ever done up to this point…He wanted to run lab work to see what was really going on inside of me.

What we found was what he described as one of the most severe cases of Intestinal Dysbiosis he’s ever seen for someone my age in his 34 years of practive.

Basically, what that means is there was such an imbalance between good and bad bacteria in my gut that the bad essentially ran the good completely out of town and my system was literally shutting down as a result.

The endocrine system had kicked into overdrive to try and compensate for the issues, leading to further exhaustion and irritability, among a plethora of other issues.

Dr. Bakker immediately prescribed me to a holistic regimen that involved supplementation as well as dietary and lifestyle changes.

Within two months my bowel function was nearly back to normal!

Six months in and I rarely had to be concerned with what I ate!

An absolutely miracle, to say the least.

Now, my eating habits had changed dramatically as I understood and came to appreciate the value of healthy eating.

Not that I hadn’t before as someone whom would pledge to eating relatively “healthy” throughout life.

What’s more is my energy levels started to fire back…

Some days more than others but when it kicked in I could feel pure, healthy, non-stimulated energy for the first time in YEARS!

I was doing things that just months prior I wouldn’t dare to even attempt.

My follow ups with Doc ended with him talking about how “on fire” I was and that I was doing everything right!

The joy in just living came back. Not living in a state of stress, chaos and confusion but one of peace and tranquility.

I didn’t have the brain fog that constantly hindered my ability to focus on any one particular thing for any substantial period of time. Truth be told, I’m now an avid reader! Something I always knew was beneficial but could never hold my attention long enough to do it habitually.

I’m still in the midst of this battle but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I dream again about what I can do with my life and future.

I can feel the burden of health issues being lifted from my shoulders and am beginning to feel like I can tackle the world.

You see, that’s why I wanted to do this series of podcast episodes on health and wellness.

I know there’s people out there suffering as I was but with all the potential in the world.

People with dreams, ambitions and brilliant minds being suppressed from an internal enemy and one they probably don’t even know exists.

If you’re reading this and have been thinking about Entrepreneur Burnout for a while or have even had the thought cross your mind, I’d like to invite you to download my guide that includes my Top 10 Secrets to Recover from Entrepreneur Burnout (See Above or Below!)

As someone reflecting back on those challenging and difficult times, my goal is to help you break through in both your personal life and your businesses.

To feel amazing and wake up ready to kick butt and take names, not roll out in agony and just hope to get through the day.

I say this all the time but you have but one life to live!

Wouldn’t you hate to look back and think how much more you could have done?

How much happier and fulfilled you could have lived. Maybe you wish you could have actually enjoyed the moment more and felt at peace with exactly where you are in your journey.

All of those things and more can be accomplished but wow did I underestimate what a major role health plays in the equation!

Let’s make this the time you take a pledge to yourself, your family and your future that you’re going to take back control and start living the way YOU want, not the way life has dictated.

I’m so excited for you, if just one life is changed because of my story I’d do it all over again 500 times.

Here’s to hoping that person is you…


My Before and After Pictures!

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Dr. Eric Bakker, Naturopath and Formulator of the Canxida Supplements, joins Entrepreneur Hour to talk about how to identify and recover from Entrepreneur Burnout.

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Dr. Bakker’s Areas of Expertise and History in Medicine

Eric’s philosophy is to embrace the best of natural medicine for his patients through his many and varied practitioner associations including practitioners of modalities such as naturopathy, Western herbal and Ayurvedic medicine, chiropractic and osteopathic medicine. Some know him as a ‘natural medicine specialist’.

Eric has utilized in his practice as well as trained many practitioners in the use of many functional medicine tests (CDSA, hair, urine, blood, saliva) as well conventional blood based pathology testing.

Eric has professionally represented many top-level nutritional companies including Martin and Pleasance, Thorne Research, Ayush Herbals, Douglas Laboratories, Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations, Allergy Research, Sanesco, Bio-Pharma, etc.

Eric has personally designed his own professional product range called Naturopaths Own.

For thirty four years his clinic has embraced the integration of natural therapies and and science based conventional medicine. Eric has practiced in conjunction with many different doctors for many years throughout New Zealand, Australia, and USA and has gained extensive knowledge of both natural and orthodox medicine.

Eric has been treating and specializing in treating many different types of chronic conditions for over 30 years and has developed highly successful natural medicine treatment programs regarding conditions such as candida, psoriasis, herpes, acne, tinnitus, etc. The programs are published by Bak To Health, his E-book publishing company.

Eric follows the cutting edge in natural and integrative medicine to keep abreast with the latest science and trends. He attends the latest integrative health conferences and expos, as well as lectures both nationally and internationally in this field.

What is Entrepreneur Burnout, How Do You Get It and Can You Bounce Back?

In this episode, Dr. Bakker and I open up by talking about his introduction to health and wellness at a very young age with his grandparents owning their own farm and living off the land. Based on these experiences, Dr. Bakker was introduced to the idea the body, with proper nutrition and lifestyle, had everything needed to live a happy and healthy life.

We break down some of the key differences between the pharmaceutical route of treating ailments versus natural remedies.

Dr. Bakker gives us his analysis of the American lifestyle, how we’ve been conditioned to believe there’s only one way to achieve long and meaningful success and that requires working 18+ hours/day and living off caffeine to continue performing at a high level. Eric also explores the depths of our reliance on technology and digital devices, how this impacts the autonomic nervous system and disrupts our normal biological patterns throughout the day, specifically the stress hormones.

We dive into the physical signs of true burnout, what you need to be watching for and how to know if you already have it! Fortunately, Dr. Bakker also gives us some of his top tips on how to go about starting the recovery process and living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Dr. Bakker and I also talk about the paradigm of success and how you can actually achieve more when you have accomplished overall strong health.

To wrap up, Dr. Bakker and I talk about how important lifestyle changes are in addition to dietary changes. Dr. Bakker calculates 80% of the recovery process from Entrepreneur Burnout revolves around critical lifestyle changes. For me, this one was really challenging as I had conditioned my body to live and operate in a particular manner and had come to only know one way to live life. You don’t want to miss this segment



To Learn More about Dr Bakker, visit EricBakker.com



Recover From Entrepreneur Burnout | The Man Who Helped Me Get My Life Back

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