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Former baseball player, Mike Robbins, now an author and sought-after leadership expert, shares his notes on how team sports help individuals develop good emotional intelligence and effective leadership skills.

In this episode, our primary discussion will be focused on leadership and how to balance trust, building relationship and respect in the organization. 

You will be learning the following:

00:35 –  Introducing Mike Robbins

03:41 – Anecdotal Experience with engaging in sports

11:48 – Balancing trust, building relationship and respect in leadership

17:20 – Honesty vs. Authenticity

22:16 – Creating a healthy competitive collaborative working environment

26:37 – Recognition vs. Appreciation

31:30 – Hiring Process

37:27 – Examples of good leaders and company 

46:26 – Reinventing the workplace

50:26 – Human to human interaction and group thinking

56:41 – What can leaders do so organization won’t spiral out of control

To learn more about the integrating an effective leadership skills for your team and organization, hit play.

Major Takeaway

A good, strong, authentic leader communicates proactively authentically transparently about what is going to happen and what are the kinds that needed to be done in approaching it.

And as we’re learning now, a lot of the work can be done  independently and we can collaborate with each other using different tools and platforms. And that seems to be the future of work.

And the biggest opportunity is going to come out of this is we’re going to reinvent what the workplace looks like.

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 I’ll see you guys in the next episode!



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