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Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer

Are you working hard, but you still feel stuck?

I’ve been there. That was me. I substantially drove myself into burnout by doing these things. It takes a special kind of person that’s really committed to being where you’re at—trying to find a solution and realizing that you’re stuck.

Keep this in mind: It is not your fault.

Let me tell you three reasons why and the things that you can do about it.

1) Using the wrong mechanism

Think about your time at school. Think about what you were taught, your homework, projects, etc.

You have an agenda, and there’s a curriculum outlined for you. You know the things that you have to learn and made aware of the prerequisite and corequisite needed to progress.

Entrepreneurship is the exact opposite. There’s no agenda, and you might be doing all the things that don’t move your business forward. You’re distracted by things, and you’re all over the place. 

And what it comes down to is you need to figure out as an entrepreneur to analyze what’s important to work on and what’s not.

You have to divorce your taskmaster. What worked in a school or what will get you a promotion in work is not what’s going to move your business forward. 

You need to focus on impact. 

If you have grown your business like I did—building with a taskmaster, what you’ll find is it will require more and more effort as the company grows.

Your list will also get longer until you run out of bandwidth. And this is because you have the wrong mechanism. 

What is the simple mechanism you could use?

I call it my PADE Process.

P – Prioritize

The first thing to do in your business is to prioritize. Prioritize the one thing that is going to make the most impact and move the business forward more than anything else. 

It doesn’t mean you’re saying no to other things. It just means you’re saying not right now to those things, and that’s totally okay.

Prioritize the one thing that is going to make the most impact and move the business forward more than anything else. 

A – Automate

Automation is the fundamental and essential step that most people miss. A machine is way better and always will be better than any human process because it is designed to do those tasks and do it way better than we could ever do them.

So you want to take your list after you prioritize and figure out what you can automate.

D- Delegate

There are outsourcing solutions, and there are different places like Upwork. We can get things done on a project-by-project basis. 

There are alternatives out there besides you just doing all the work yourself like delegating to an employee, a virtual assistant, or an outsourced partner.

Basically, somebody that you pay. It’s someone not part of your company as an outside partner that helps you do things like payroll, bookkeeping, and things of that nature.

E- Eliminate

It’s the “not right now.” It is the stuff that maybe down the road we’ll circle back around to. But it’s not the one you should be trying to juggle right now.

It’s not making a huge impact, or at least you can’t measure that impact. So that’s going to go in your eliminate section. 

Make sure to take the time to do it. It’s a highly effective principle.

Photo by Ante Hamersmit from Unsplash

2) Goals are paradoxical

And so what does that mean? Let’s assume that your goal is to climb Mt. Everest, and you set out for it, and you’re doing the climb. While climbing, you’re focused on reaching the peak. 

The problem is the longer it takes you, the bigger the objective feels. When you’re in the middle of it, you’ll be thinking you’ll never make it, and in your mind, it starts becoming greater than what it probably actually is.

Now, climbing Mt. Everest is a big thing. I’m not trying to say it’s an easy thing to do, but the more you’re only focused on that one measurable, the further away you feel from accomplishing the bigger goal.

People start feeling very overwhelmed with their business and their goals because they’re not using any kind of measurable way to celebrate their wins. 

It is because of this it becomes a paradox. It was because it felt like this big thing; you turned a mountain literally out of a molehill.

Michael Hyatt talks about smarter goals. What you should be doing are the following:

  1. Take your big goal
  2. Break your goal into smaller chunks

By following these steps, you’ll get the reward for every small win that will motivate you more to get closer to your one big goal.

Remember, determine what is your number one priority or what should be your number one priority. 

If you’re not measuring your time and the impact of what you’re doing and how it measures your goals, you are going to feel overwhelmed. And this will fuel your pervasive thought of feeling stuck in your business.

“determine what is your number one priority or what should be your number one priority.”

3) You might be burned out

If you have continued to live in a state where you have not divorced your taskmaster, you’re trying to juggle a million things at once, and you have not made your goals actionable and measurable, you might have actual burnout. 

As of May of 2019, the World Health Organization has officially recognized burnout as a legitimate medical condition. It’s not a millennial snowflake thing.

If you’ve experienced the depths of burnout, you may be waking up in the morning, you’re dragging yourself out of bed or you’re pounding that snooze button all the time, and it’s just impossible to get going. But then, all of a sudden at night you have all this energy that just came out of nowhere. 

You might start having different cravings. A lot of people begin craving salt because your adrenals and your endocrine system become weakened and your sodium/potassium levels become imbalanced. 

There’s also a lot of various pigmentation issues you might start to experience. I have these random white dots if I bend over and blood rushes to my head.

A lot of people experience extreme fatigue in the afternoon when they’re yawning and they just want to take a nap. 

Another cardinal sign of potential burnout is when you lay down for a while and get up quickly. If you get really lightheaded, that’s a huge sign of potential adrenal issues as it relates to burnout. 

That’s not normal and it is a sign that something is going on physiologically. And more often than not, it could be burnout. 

I created an entire video on burnout. You might want to check it out.

You need to look at these as a spectrum—stuck and burnout. If you stay stuck for a long period of time, and you keep pushing until you land on the opposite end of the severe spectrum in burnout.

Be careful and take this seriously.

If you’re not in burnout yet and none of those registered with you that I just mentioned, I don’t want you to say you’re off the hook. I’m not trying to scare you, but I also want to make sure that you’re addressing the real root of the issue because it can get worse.

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

The Unstuck Quiz

I created what we call the Unstuck Quiz. It’s going to tell you where you are stuck in your business and answer the question of how stuck are you really? It will only take about two minutes to finish this quiz.

Take the quiz here. 

Once you’ve finished the quiz, there’s a comprehensive guide that is going to give you a report and assessment.

I’m going to give you the bandaid for it and I’m also going to provide a solution as to what you can do. 

I know I talked about some concepts at a high level but what you can narrow it down to is this—You’re going to have to find that right mechanism. 

Take that quiz, and we’ll begin the process to uncover it for you.

Make sure that you get that ball rolling on the right path. I don’t want you to see you stuck for an extended time, so take that quiz now. It’s 100% free to do so.

I hope this was helpful.




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