• Asking your customers what they want works but only when you CHOOSE the right market.

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  • We break down HOW you can choose the right market and real data to back it up.

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  • I share with you a secret to pre-order the book for free + bonuses

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Can Customers REALLY Tell You What They Want?

By now, we’ve all heard the story about Henry Ford and how if he had listened to his customers they would have told him they wanted a faster horse…

But what were they really telling him upon further review?

Faster transportation…

And then if you dig a layer deeper, what if he had asked more meta-specific questions regarding cargo, capacity, refueling, etc.?

When framed that way and in the appropriate manner, your responses will accordingly be far more specific, as well.

So when I first met Ryan Levesque and he joined me on the show to talk about his #1 Best Seller, ASK, this reasoning and deducing of information made total sense to me.

I later stated that, of all the people I’ve interviewed, Ryan is one that truly stands out as not just a brilliant marketer but also someone that has sincerely mastered his genius.

As mentioned, ASK went on to become a best seller and the results spoke for themselves.

People went from making $17/hour to building companies grossing $500,000 in a very short period of time.

All by taking this ASK methodology and using it to literally get inside the minds of their customers.

Now, the entire framework on HOW to do this is much more complex than the brevity of an explanation I’m giving it so you’ll definitely want to bounce back to Episode 111 to learn more from Ryan himself on this system…

But here’s the thing.

Despite the fact that many people had OVERWHELMING success using the principles in ASK, Ryan started receiving a few letters from customers stating those results weren’t what they experienced.

They had applied ASK to a T but didn’t see the monumental growth that many of his customers saw.

I experience this quite a lot so it’s not entirely uncommon when it comes to communicating your genius.

Let me quickly explain.

When you have a superpower, and we all have them, the method to your madness comes as second nature.

So to articulate that to someone else and do so in some form of a concise format is really tough.

I can’t speak for Ryan but I tend to really make a lot of assumptions.

Things I THINK my audience already knows because I just assume it to be true.

And you likely have some kind of genius you’ve mastered where you’d assume I would know what you’re talking about and I have NO bloody clue!

This happens every week with the engineers I work with and coach.

Their brains just work differently than mine and that’s a beautiful thing.

So, when Ryan received these letters, it was a matter of going back to the drawing board, retracing his steps and figuring out WHY they were missing the mark when he had already proven it in over 20 different industries and at a very high level.

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PLUS LOADS of bonuses...just pay shipping!

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You Have to CHOOSE Before You Can ASK

Let me explain this concept, although I think it will be super obvious to you…

But for the sake of not making assumptions, like I just referenced, this is how Ryan explained it to me.

Let’s say you went out and bought the most expensive kayak on the market.

And this kayak had guaranteed you the experience of a lifetime.

In your excitement, you read everything there is to know about how this kayak functions, why it’s different, where every little component goes and how it’s stored, etc.

Is that a guarantee of your experience?

NO way!


Because if you don’t CHOOSE the right river to put it in, what is the kayak really worth?

**Unless you do this


Let’s say your river is too narrow with not enough water for you to float downstream…

Think you’re going to have a rip-roaring time?

Or let’s say you put your kayak facing the wrong direction and you’re fighting against the current the entire time.

Again, less than desired results.

The symbiotic relationship between ASK and CHOOSE is the exact same thing!

If you’re too busy asking customers what they want but you haven’t chosen the right market to play in, you’re likely not going to get the results, no matter how great your Ask funnel is.

And so Ryan went back to work to teach us how to create the magic alignment from right market, to right offer to right positioning.

Consider CHOOSE the prequel to ASK…

Star Wars style!

Only this prequel is better than that really awkward and cringe-worthy series that tried to ruin the originals in many ways.

Sorry, Jar Jar

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Okay, Chris, But HOW Do We Choose?

This is where the magic happens so wake back up again…

Ryan went back and analyzed every single market he’s had success in…

And then every single market he hasn’t had success in.

And he found some overwhelmingly obvious answers to his data dive.

For one, it was a matter of testing the river…is there enough water flowing downstream.

Ryan calls these the Rosetta Stone Industries.

They are industries that have been around pretty much since the dawn of man and can provide you with several really powerful insights.

  • Orchid Care
  • Beekeeping
  • Memory Improvement
  • Learning Skills

And by taking these keywords and then applying them to a tool like Google Trends, you can run some comparative analysis on you own industry.

You want your industry search to fall somewhere in the middle of these.

But not just in terms of search for that duration of time.

You want this to track for years, if possible.


Because you don’t want to end up in a fad market.

Remember fidget spinners?

Check out the search for those and how much it’s gone down over time.

Peaked in 2017 and then a drastic nosedive.

Ouch, right?

But it doesn’t end there either…

How many times do you need someone to come out to your house to help you with mold?

Hopefully only once and then the problem is resolved.

So you really don’t have that residual income that allows you to build an evergreen business model.

That’s not to say it isn’t lucrative and I’m certainly not taking a stab at all of you mold experts.

But you’re likely not going to see many Facebook communities around a mold coalition.

Dogs, however, completely different story.

Think about how much money and how frequently we spend it on our little furry friends.

And it’s likely you’re going to buy different products at different phases of your dog’s life.

Most of us will end up getting another dog when our current dog moves on to doggy heaven.

So, great market.

Golf is another great market and for yet another reason.

That industry is filled with people that have what Ryan calls PWM…



Think about how much people spend on their golf hobby…

Thousands upon thousands of dollars.

We recently met two gentlemen that actually took their business from swing coach to info product and are making $10MM in ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)!

TEACHING people how to swing…on the internet!

Not even in a one-on-one setting.

Because the BEST thing you can do to scale is to go from DOING something to TEACHING others how to do what you’ve mastered.

Like Ryan is now TEACHING YOU how to apply his genius.

You can also do the same…

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PLUS LOADS of bonuses...just pay shipping!

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Where To Get Started

I’m sure your mind is roaring with ideas and maybe you’re questioning your entire business model.

Here’s the thing…


I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, nor do I want you to close up shop.

I’ve been in businesses where it was a BRILLIANT concept but we were just positioning it wrong.

Truth be told, I did that exact same thing with this current business model.

You see, my podcast started as a passion project.

I had a thriving and growing 7+ figure business.

But I REALLY enjoyed, as I always have, connecting with people and having high level conversations.

And so this thing just kind of fell in my lap.

The show started trending Top 5 in the world on iTunes under Business, Health and Education within the first 2 weeks of launching.

And for a LONG time I was just the podcast guy but there really wasn’t a business around it.

And then I started to take this thing I bit more seriously.

How can I monetize?

What’s going to really appeal to people on a deep and meaningful level?

What provides a $10,000 problem, as Ryan talks about?

And truth be told, what I found is that people REALLY need help growing a business.

They need a coach.

But not just a coach to help with X’s and O’s…

One that could also help them navigate LIFE as an entrepreneur.

Because it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done outside of beating my chronic health condition.

So when I labeled myself a Business & Performance Coach for Startup Entrepreneurs, I was casting a way larger net but I was also very clear and specific about what I was offering.

Furthermore, there were only so many people that could afford my rates (~$10,000/month) so I had to find a MODEL that was both affordable for my customers but made sense for me financially.

And thus, my information products were born.

Now, we are slowly sending our clients off to hopefully greener pastures and focusing on serving at scale in a different capacity.


I say all this because it’s not the end of the world if you do this exercise and you’re not in the right bucket.

We can tweak and pivot your model so that it does check all the boxes.

Or maybe you’ve been really working harder than you actually needed to and that small tweak is finally going to make your efforts pay off.

Either way, what I CAN tell you is that you’ve come to the right place.

And no, this isn’t some lame infomercial brought to you by a used car dealer.

Ryan Levesque is the real deal…

I’ve had time to now study his methodology and see, first hand, how he approaches business.

And part of my job with not only my show but with my courses & my book club is to push you in front of the right people and resources that can make a profound impact on your life and business.

Ryan is certifiably in that category.

We recently caught up to chat and he was gracious enough to give my audience a magic link to take advantage of.

This link gives you the book for free plus direct access to Ryan’s insights and expertise that you can’t get otherwise.

And look, I literally have nothing to gain for sharing this with you.

Go figure out what a commission on FREE looks like…

I’ll wait.

But by opening you up to this methodology and providing a resource to get you real results I know you’re going to use it to do powerful things in the world.

I believe in that sort of good karma so giving you access to my magic link really fills me up and makes me excited to share.

But again, you ONLY get access to this offer for free + the bonuses when you use my link AND just pay for shipping of the book.

But don’t just take it from me…

You can click either the embedded player at the top of bottom of this page to listen to my full discussion with my friend, Ryan, or you can click here to listen on any of the major podcast players.

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Don’t forget to also listen to the pod!

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Ryan Levesque, #1 International Best Selling Author and Founder of The Ask Method Company, returns to the show to talk about how to choose a business idea but to do it with data from your customers.

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How to Choose a Business Idea Using Data | Getting Customers to Tell You What They Want

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