How to Rewire Your Brain for Business and Personal Growth | How Rapid Transformation Therapy Works

How to Rewire Your Brain for Business and Personal Growth | How Rapid Transformation Therapy Works

How To Rewire Your Brain for Business Growth

Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


Behaving differently and making positive changes first requires a fundamental shift in the way your brain itself functions…

One of the notions that truly drives me crazy is this idea that mental health has this symbiotic relationship with ‘weakness’…

As a man, this rings even more true.

When I tell people I practice NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or partake in any form of “therapy,” it’s usually followed with a “everything okay, bro?” comment.

That’s like someone telling me they’re going to go to the gym and me asking the same questions…”you okay bro?”

We perceive physical improvement and augmenting our physique as such a desireable pursuit and yet our poor little brain is just left to be as it is.

And for an entrepreneur, it IS your #1 asset.

We’re constantly pursuing hacks and tricks to grow our businesses.

Seriously, go plug in “how to get more followers” on Google Trends and date it back from 2004 to Present…

There was a MASSIVE spike in 2013 and it’s still 25 times higher than it was when social media really burst onto the scenes.

Now, I’m not disputing the importance of building an audience, in fact, I talk about it often.

But if you want a TRUE hack…

If you’re seeking a REAL advantage over your perceived competition…

Fasten your seatbelt because I’m about to BLOW your mind (so that you can then rewire it).

Imagine how much of a difference we could make if the search focus was on things that truly moved the needle?

Screengrab taken from Google Trends, 2004-Present.

I met Michele Molitor back in the Fall of 2018 during my inaugural Female Entrepreneur Series.

Prior to our meeting, I had already invested much time and effort into EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

EFT is another form of NLP (lot of acronyms, I know)…

In short, it involved what’s called acupressure.

You tap (literally) on various pressure points, usually on your face, while conversing with a trained specialist to re-address some undesireable experiences that may have led to some unfortunate set of beliefs.

These beliefs can often times dictate the way we think and feel, but at such a deep, subconscious level that we don’t even know they’re there.

What’s more is there are varying levels of trauma…

What I’ve been taught to call Big T and Little T trauma.

So while you may not have been in an active war and seen people shredded by a landmine, things like bad breakups, dysfunctional homes during childhood or even something as seemingly insignificant as being rejected for the school dance…

All of these can leave your brain with belief patterns that are intended to protect you.

That was important for us to briefly cover, now let’s get back to my introduction to Michele.

She was pitched as a guest for my show and I was told she was utilizing a methodology called RTT (another acronym, I know), which stands for Rapid Transformation Therapy (now you see why they use the acronyms).

Upon further research and my previous discussion with Michele on the pod (you can listen to that here), I was fascinated that this form of therapy involved borrowing elements from hypnotherapy…

And here’s why that intrigued me at such a deep level.

Conventional therapy helped me rationalize things that had happened in my life.

Like all people, I’ve had my fair share of life experiences that left unwanted thought patterns…

Most I was COMPLETELY unware of until I used NLP, by the way.

But conventional therapy left me longing for more.

I felt as though I had come to some semblance of peace with these circumstances but it still felt like I was carrying that baggage around…SOME baggage.

And, to a degree, it seemed like it stripped parts of me away.

“like all people, I’ve had my fair share of life experiences that left unwanted thought patterns…

Whether it was my playful nature…

The way I dealt with stress…

The way I thought and behaved in social situations.

And even the way I thought about and approached work.

EFT, on the other hand, cracked the egg, for lack of a better term.

My first EFT session I cried like a baby…

True story.

There was all this STUFF I didn’t even realize was there.

And I felt MASSIVE relief just being able to identify it.

It’s like when you know you’re sick but you’ve been putting it off.

Even if the diagnosis isn’t positive, it’s still a relief to KNOW what’s truly going on.

And these things truly go from mole hills to mountains when they manifest and linger in the mind.

Literally, same concept.

And the longer you go, the more these belief patterns shape who you are…

Or at least who you THINK you are.

But even with EFT, as impactful as that was, left me feeling like there was still some muck to clear out.

It was an improvement…

And for short periods I felt FREE of the shackles of those belief patterns.

But within about 48-72 hours, the dust settled and it felt like a FULL shift hadn’t been made.

EFT is a WONDERFUL place to start as an intro to NLP.

Photograph from Bulletproof Blog

Now, enter Michele and our previous conversation about RTT.

I’m sure when I said the word “Hypnotherapy” I might have lost some of you.

Totally normal…

It almost lost me too.

But what’s important to note is the science behind it.

And what’s even cooler is we can now track these things.

I use a neurofeedback device, called a MUSE.

It effectively teaches you how to enter into a Theta or even Alpha Brain Wave state (don’t worry, I’ll explain what that means).

We usually operate in Beta or even Gamma Brain Wave states when we’re awake and productive.

These are on the high end of the spectrum…

It represents an active mind, one that’s busy with critical thinking, problem solving, task planning, etc.

But the sweet spot, at least for creativity purposes and entering into what most know as a “FLOW” state, is in the lower frequencies.

In fact, children usually spend far more time in Theta than their adult counterparts and it’s why they have such amazing imaginations and creativity.

Drop one step lower and you enter into Alpha, which is synonomous with a deep meditative state.

When dropped into Alpha, what we’ve found that’s truly profound is how suggestible we now are.

And I’m not talking doing the chicken dance on the stage of a cruise ship under “hypnosis”…

I’m talking about just being open to new ideas and tapping into a deeper part of your subconsious.

The volume of the rational brain is turned WAY down so that you can speak, literally, to the emotional brain.

And that’s why I’ve found it to be SO much more effective than conventional therapy.

A part of your brain, the Amygdala, which Michele has appropriately taught me to call “Amy,” is responsible for keeping things in order.

She’s there to protect you from the world…

And she does this job well!

So when previous experiences TEACH you that “X” causes pain, anything that may then resemble “X” again will trigger Amy to take control.

Don’t get mad at her, she’s just doing her job.

We just need to retrain her to have a new job, as Michele would tell me.

But what I found much more effective about RTT over EFT was the time spent to get you in an Alpha state.

EFT felt like we were knocking on the door but not FULLY there.

My rational brain was still in control and I could sense this internal struggle of my emotional brain wanting to come out but Amy having a tight grip on things.

RTT, as it were, and utilizing aspects of hypnotherapy, forced me into Alpha where real change could happen.

Here’s how it works, as I’m sure you’re now trying to envision all of this craziness in your head.

A trained specialist like Michele will have you do some eye exercises…

ie. looking up as high as you can and holding it.

This triggers the same sensation your brain has when you are asleep and thus, forces the brain into an Alpha state.

Michele would then tell me to close my eyes and relax.

From there, she’s modulating her voice in a way that further brings about a deep Alpha state.

And eventually, she snaps her fingers a few times and you are “under.”

But let me qualify that…

Under does not mean she could perform surgery on you without you knowing.

I was still aware of what was going on.

It just felt like I had let go and things were on autopilot.

Michele then says something to the effect of your eyes are sealed shut, locked tight…

And being the diehard rebel that I am I tried to open my eyes a few times.

I can tell you, despite my efforts, I did not succeed.

She then does another exercise to ensure you are truly in a hypnotic state.

In this particular instance, she had me imagine my left arm was attached to a bag of bricks.

My arm started to feel a tremendous weight and slowly dropped to me side.

Conversely, she said to imagine my right arm being attached to a bunch of helium balloons.

And sure enough, that arm slowly felt light as a feather and raised above my head.

At this point, I’m telling myself (in my head, of course) HOLY SHIT!

This is the real deal!

The fun part began when we started going back to experiences that have shaped my beliefs.

I don’t have the time, nor do you, for me to go into ALL of the details but I can tell you this.

It was like I was THERE, in those moments, all over again.

I saw what I saw as though I had teleported back in time.

I felt the same feelings I felt.

I could even sense the same smells, objects and people around me…

It’s just truly amazing what the brain can store and even more amazing how much we can tap right back into that with the proper environment, techniques and guidance.

We shifted something so profound in that session that I’ve never been the same since…

No bull shit.

The way I’ve approached my life, my business, my relationships, from just ONE session, was life changing.

And when it shifted, I FELT it.

What’s even more bizarre us Michele could SEE exactly when it happened as well.

It was like a Big Bang in my head.

I felt a whirlwind of emotions.

I cried, I smiled, I felt excitement and joy…

Kind of all wrapped up in one bowl.

And the work we did together over the subsequent three months was just as impactful.

Is this the end of the road for me and I’ve now checked it off my bucket list?

Certainly not…

It’s a lifetime pursuit…

Just like going to the gym.

You don’t “get abs” and then assume you’ll have them for the rest of your life…

Although it’d be nice, right?

But here’s the thing I’ll leave you with today.

Because I’m a total nerd.

I wear several biometric devices.

Some are for recording sleep (or the quality thereof) and others take measurements througout my day.

One of the most notable measurements is called HRV (Heart Rate Variability).

I’ll let you do the deep dive research on it if you want but, in short, it’s an extremely accurate way of measure stress on the body.

All types of stress, not just the type many of us think about as entrepreneurs.

And here’s why that matters.

If you’re carrying around toxic, subconscious beliefs, the body experiences that as STRESS.

Meaning, you’re using your stress bandwidth on shit that doesn’t matter or move the needle forward.

So, check this out.

My HRV score improved dramatically over the three months in working with Michele.

In fact, my baseline HRV went from a ~58 to the mid-70’s!

My lower HRV scores, on “bad” health days, are now what was previously my HIGH scores in just three months.

Pretty astounding to see.

Simulataneously, my sleep score also improved by about 20 percentage points…

Plus, we had lab work done before and after, called an Adrenal Stress Profile.

Well, we saw my DHEAS (long explanation but it’s a measure of your hormones) DOUBLE in that short period of time!


I had been chronically low in those areas for nearly three years.

And in just three months that sort of a shift is indisputable.

I now have had my most productive work days I’ve ever had.

My happiness and fulfullment levels are at all time highs…

And I have the peace of mind and clear head space to work on what truly matters.

Talk about a business hack, right?





Why Blogging is Still the Best Way to Organically Grow Your Business | Owning Your Traffic

Why Blogging is Still the Best Way to Organically Grow Your Business | Owning Your Traffic

Why Blogging is

still the best way to organically grow your business

Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


Avoiding shiny object syndrome is one of the hardest things to do in today’s business world but blogging, as unsexy as it sounds, is STILL your best chance to stand out and drive real traffic to grow your list and business.

But I get it…

I LOVE thinking there might be some NEW hack or “Ninja Strategy” that just unlocks the growth.

Let me be clear, those are largely just as real as Big Foot or the Virgin Mary burnt toast people claim to see.

And that’s not me being a hater.

I have the Analytics to back it up.

Typically, less than 1% of my site traffic comes from Instagram.

But Instagram is where EVERYBODY has to be to build a brand now, right?

It helps…but no.

And even the people that “make it” in that space or reach influencer status aren’t pulling nearly as much revenue as they could.

I recently heard of a Fitness Expert that has a following of 250,000 on Instagram.

She’s making about $10,000/month.

For most, that would go a long way.

But damn, for 250,000 followers?

I’ve made 7 Figures multiple times over with a fraction of that audience.

And that’s not a humble brag, I’m just trying to disrupt the programming you’ve been force fed.

I’m not here to boo boo on Social.

I actually think it’s really powerful to build and NURTURE an audience (notice the key word there: Nurture)

There’s also some really cool stuff we’re doing with Facebook Ads by training our Pixel to optimize in ways that were previously not thought possible…

More on that in an upcoming installment (Pssst…so make sure to subscribe to my list for updates on that. You can do that by grabbing my free resource below)

We’ve 5X’d our revenues in the last 8 months at the time I’m writing using this Facebook Ad Strategy.

So to say it’s highly effective would obviously be an understatement.

But even that was as the after result of ONE thing and one thing only.

We were optimized for SEARCH (aka your best friend).


OWN your own traffic with search instead of borrowing it…

Photograph by PromoMix LTD. from Pexels

Because when you OWN your own traffic, you call the shots.

They reason our ads were so qualified was because every person that hit our site was qualifying our avatar.

When we plug in a lookalike audience to customers & traffic it’s literally like cheating.

It goes out and finds people to sell for you…

Like a roaming sales person that travels the globe and appears on people’s screens like a sales magician.

And a highly optimized ad can convert sales at less than $10/conversion.

Pretty dope, right?

You can also retarget folks that hit your site to warm them up if they didn’t become a customer.

That’s like having the Walmart Rep come to your house because you walked out of the store without making a purchase.


So that’s how and when it gets fun.

It’s also what happens when you’re driving tens of thousands of people to your site every month.

And the most tried and true way to do that is what you’re reading here right now.

MY BLOGGGGG (such a gross word, right?).

Totally unsexy, seemingly SO 2005 and what mom’s do to talk about their skin care stuff, right?


How many “articles” do you read in a day?

Either via Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

My guess is quite a lot, as it is for me.

That article, even if it was published by a major news outlet is a…guess what?


It is, by the definition of what a blog actually is.

But, in my opinion, the word blog has this “blah” reputation because of what we perceive a blog to be.

So, in the rest of this article (notice I didn’t say blog), I’m going to teach you how to use your blog to start driving measurable results in your business and what those results should look like.



First, I recommend you have a basic idea of what your audience wants to learn about.

Most people just write to sell, I want you to write to TEACH…

Big difference.

So, what does your audience need to learn that you are uniquely qualified to teach?

For example: I just told you about our Facebook Ad Strategy (HIGH level) and why it ties into our blog.

I know you are here right now because you’re trying to figure out how to grow your business.

And if that’s not you, my site just qualified that without wasting either of our time…plus you learned a little something.

But when you lead with value (key word) and educate people on something, you are building a relationship.

If you do a really good job, as I hope I’m doing right now, you’re going to want to hear more of what I have to say.

So, you may subscribe to my list when you get to the end of this PLUS you’ll also likely listen to today’s podcast episode with my friend, Jessica Camerata.

She’s built an incredible business around a blog in the fashion industry and it’s furthering the value you’re reading here.

Let’s say you listen to my show a little bit and, next thing you know, you’re a SUPERFAN of my work.

You go follow me on Social, you subscribe to my show and it’s likely you’re going to see SOMETHING that interests you enough to join my email list (assuming you don’t already do it today).

This whole online charade is like dating.

So notice the steps people usually go through.

People discover you, they like the first date (your post), so you want to give them a chance to go on a second date.

If you show NO value to them and you’re just trying to sell your stuff…

It’s like showing up and just listening to someone talk about how great they are the entire time.

Probably not interested in a follow up date, right?

But if you provide enough intrigue to them and provide an ask (a Freebie resource or email opt-in) for the second date, you’re more likely to get it.

The second “date” is like them following your content, listening to your podcast, reading your emails, etc.

And people may “date” you for a while before they’re ready to get committed.

Eventually, a good bulk of these people will want to buy your product or services!

Hooray, you’re now married (metaphorically speaking).

Interacting with customers online is like dating, you can’t jump right into the saddle.

Photograph by Pixabay from Pexels

But do you see how this relationship evolves over time?

And do you see how you OWNED the progression of that process?

Because here’s the problem when we skip this step.

It’s like being on Tinder.

There’s 5 million options to choose from.

Your goal is to get off that platform and on their cell phone so you don’t get lost in translation.

And that’s what’s happening when you focus all your efforts on Social.

You’re working SO hard to get yourself noticed.

Sure, they can follow you but you still have to keep re-competing for their attention.

And if that platform changes, guess what?

***Heard of MySpace, anyone?

You’ve got to go find that person again somewhere else (unlikely).

Getting people to your posts (blog) is like going to a networking event where highly qualified people can just come up to you on the spot.

They are hyper-qualified because they were SEARCHING for exactly what you offer and at the exact right time.

You know how hard it is to nail both of those simultaneously on Social and to do it organically?

Really damn difficult.

So they’re not highly qualified leads.

The other big problem with Social is you can use hashtags but there’s very little you can do to really stand out to people that are looking for you.

And truth be told, that’s probably not what people are there for to begin with.

You need to psychoanalyze these things.

When people are searching for something on Google, they’re not there to see what their friend Sally Sue is up to or post a picture of their hamburger…

They are searching to FIND something they want.

So it’s just an entirely different mindset.

I think you get my point…

Just trying to be clear why this works at a deeper level before we transition and talk a little bit about how to do this.

Now, here’s where the magic happens and (again) why taking advantage of Search is a MUST, MUST, MUST.

I use a lot of tools & plugins to enhance my blog.

There are relevant images so it’s highly engaging.

There’s a podcast player so you can listen to nearly a full hour of more free content.

I have share buttons so you can post this or send it to a friend.

There are multiple opt-ins so you can choose to further engage with me.

And that’s just the gadgets you can see on your end.

On the backend, I’m using tools like Yoast, an SEO Optimizer.

This thing literally tells you what to do and how to do it so more people can find your post.

I also have HotJar installed.

HotJar records EVERY activity on my site…

It’s pretty wild.

It’s completely anonymous but I can see how every single person interacts on my website.

And yes, even this page RIGHT NOW. (MWAHAHAHA)

HotJar will also give me Heat Maps to show where most people are drawn to.

This gives me the ability to see what people are interested in.

It’s like having a clothing store and noticing what rack people keep going to.

You wouldn’t want to bury that rack in the back.

You’d want to move it front and center, right?

And all of these are just a fraction of what I do and what you can do on your posts.

So, not only do you OWN the traffic on the front end…

But you can optimize it to do even better PLUS make it highly engaging while they’re there AND track how they interact!

It almost sounds like cheating, right?

But you don’t have the ability to do any of these things on OTHER PEOPLE’S PLATFORMS.

It’s the difference between renting and buying a home.

You can hang up your pictures but you better not go blasting down a wall or adding anything new.

You are completely subjected to their rules.

And the bad part about this in the online space is the rules change a lot.

Like, a lot a lot.

I’ve seen businesses completely die because they were relying on one lead source they didn’t own.

So, when you have highly relative content on YOUR OWN platform and you can optimize it to capture emails…

It’s a huge step in the right direction.

And let me be clear, you NEED to be capturing emails.

It’s the number one regret I hear from people is they didn’t take that seriously enough or do it early enough.

Because now you REALLY own that traffic and it’s saved away in your private vault.

The next time you run a promotion or have something new to offer, you’ve now got a growing list of potential customers right at the click of your mouse.

But on someone else’s platforms, you have to RE-WORK for those people all over again.

In other words, you’re making life harder than it has be…substantially.

And that’s really what all of this comes down to.

Your life as an Entrepreneur is really tough.

Most people have true and meaningful value they can deliver.

But, as I always say, it’s sometimes like having the best Lemonade Stand in a closet.

I’m sure it’s amazing…but nobody knows you exist.

We see these crazy engagement numbers on Social and it fires the dopamine in our brains.

That engagement on Social is great, please keep doing it!

But just know that’s more of a nurture tactic than it is discoverability.

And time over time, regardless of industry, I see people growing their businesses with high-ranking, searchable content.

If it were me, I’d start doing at least one a week.

Pro Tip: It’s probably going to suck and look terrible the first 50 tries.

That’s okay!

If you’re being relateable and providing value, you’d be surprised what can happen.

Plus, we can always retarget that traffic down the road with paid advertising to get them re-engaged.

Make sure you’re optimized (meaning, give them something in exchange for their email), use the right tools to rank and see what people are doing on the site.

Use a tool like Google Trends to see what people are actually searching for in the world.

Install Google Analytics so you can watch your traffic take off.

And stay at it!

This is definitely a longer term strategy.

There’s no denying that.

But here’s the thing…

And I’ll leave you with this today.

I’ve had the priviledge of interviewing some of the best, most notable entrepreneurs on the planet.

And you know what they tell me, time over time?

How many people throw money and opportunities at them just because they’ve built an audience.

Because putting your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of people on a monthly basis is invaluable.

Having those people as loyal readers of your emails is invaluable.

And here’s the best part of it all…

These posts (blogs), don’t dwindle away into nothingness after 30 seconds (aka the lifespan of a tweet in the feed).

In fact, if done properly, they perform better over time as more and more people visit the page and Search Engines recognize it as reliable content!

That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you haven’t started your blog yet it’s time to get moving on your Wordress Site.

And if you’ve been caught up chasing shiny objects, it’s time to look at your Analytics and see what’s really moving the needle.

Coming up, we’re going to talk about the other two HIGHLY effective tools for Search…

YouTube & Pinterest.






What Will the World Look Like for Future Entrepreneurs? | A Peak Into The Mind of a Silicon Valley Thought Leader

What Will the World Look Like for Future Entrepreneurs? | A Peak Into The Mind of a Silicon Valley Thought Leader

what will the world look like for future entrepreurs?

Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


Maybe the future isn’t about the next great toys we can build. Maybe it’s about enhancing the human interface to achieve more, do more, and be more in the world.

I love exploring the future.

And I love to think about what’s in store for the generations to come.

As a child, I was one of those kids that watched the Jetson’s and imagined a world that we lived in that would be just like that.


Dropping your kids off in your flying car…

Having a robot around the house that does work for you like taking out the dog and the trash.

A city in the sky…

Bound by no limitations.

Where innovation and technology were at the epicenter of our being.

And I’m not saying that’s NOT our world now.

In fact, for many, it has already arrived.

For men like Adeo Ressi, longtime Silicon Valley Founder (of multiple ventures) and Founder/CEO of Founder Institute, an Idea Stage Accelerator Program, that world is very much already at his front door.

But what fascinated me most about this intriguing conversation was not the business chatter, of which could have gone on for hours, but rather the deep dialogue about mankind.

As many of you know by now with my own story, my entrepreneurial dreams came to a crashing halt with my health crisis.

What if the future of the startup world first starts with us…?

Photograph by from Pexels

I had built a multi-million startup with no funding, no fancy incubator or accelerator programs, no mentors, nada…

And within months of my diagnosis, it was all gone.


It was work that even Thanos from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) would have been proud of.

Steve Jobs died at the age of just 56.

Can you imagine what two or three more decades of Steve Jobs would have meant for the world.

One could argue he was just getting started.

And there’s a very real part of me that sees the same happening to Elon Musk, literally as we speak.

News of heavy drinking and sleep pills don’t quiet that speculation.

We are living in an old model.

We are operating in the past while trying to build tomorrow.

Because in order to DO more, we must first BE more.

But what the hell does that even mean?

I’m sure you’re all expecting a work smarter, not harder, manifesto…

But I assure you that’s not my battle cry.

Because there’s a world in which we get an OS upgrade to remove the bugs.

One where we’re not trying to save AI on a floppy disk.

But how?

“Because in order to do more, we must first be more”

When was the last time you were just fully in tune and aware of who you are & what you wanted in the world?

No uncertainty, no questioning, no fear, no stress…

You just had a calming peace, drowned out all the noise and could just BE in that moment?

Because that kind of stillness brings clarity.

And, as my amazing wife always says, clarity unfolds, it doesn’t strike.

Meaning, most of us are running around trying to will our way to clarity.

Instead of being calculated to allow clarity to manifest itself.

And this is critical.

Because too many young people are just throwing themselves at every thing or opportunity that comes their way.

That’s what I did.

I felt I had to leap at everything that was going to move my company forward.

Red eye here…

No problem.

Issue to fix there?

I’ll hop on the phone or in my car to be there.

“No” is a four letter word to a young entrepreneur…

And it should be your default response.

To further accentuate that problem, we’ve become so Digitally Dependant that it’s almost impossible to see anyone NOT on their phones.

Recent research has shown the average adult now looks at their phone every 6.5 minutes!

That is bloody madness.

What’s even more terrifying is the studies they’ve done on how that sort of behavior is literally rewiring our brains so that we lack the ability to connect with the real world around us.

When it’s what’s around us that holds nearly all the answers to our next great achievements.


Our Digital Advancements are kiling what it means to be human

Photograph by from Pexels

Warren Buffett has a net worth of $89.6 Billion.

Do you know how he spends his mornings?

Thinking & reading.

And not the frantic News Feed reading.

The in-depth, what is my next move, thinking.

Because too many of us are swinging the axe when we should be spending most of our time sharpening the blade.

That’s not working smarter, that’s called being calculated.

But social media has told us we have to be everywhere and do everything!

Look at all the Influencers, they are everywhere!

And what about every successful founder that has said there’s no such thing as work/life balance?

Were they wrong?

I would argue no…and yes.

Building a startup takes a shit ton of time and effort.

But MOST of it is wasted time and effort.

I work with students & clients every single day.

And the #1 breakthrough I make with them is to KEEP THE MAIN THING THE MAIN THING.

Because we are killing ourselves with noise.

Many of them are either playing keep up or they’re 10 steps ahead of where they need to be thinking.

What is the ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do today to move closer to your goals?

And if you haven’t established that, you’re truly making life as an entrepreneur harder than it should be.

We are wasting far more time than we are spending it fruitfully.

I’m doing LESS while simultaneously doing MORE than I ever have.

I know that was a really confusing statement.

But here’s the deal…

The average American spends 17,600 hours in their car every single year.

That’s 293 hours annually or just under six hours per week.

So, in order to NOT commit that kind of time atrocity, I WILL NOT meet outside of my Wednesday afternoon window.

And that’s assuming I’ll even meet to begin with.

I say this all the time but my brain is sore from being picked and I don’t like coffee.

So, getting a sit down with me is like penetrating a steel vault.

And that’s not because I think I’m special.

It’s because I’m trying to BE special.

And in order to achieve that, I need my efforts focused on where that can happen.

Not in a coffee shop giving free advice or giving myself the false illusion I’m doing something productive by merely talking about it with someone else.

Because we often trick our very complex brains into mis-identifying actual achievement with talking about achievement.

So indeed we are our own worst enemy in that case.

Further, my phone is on Do Not Disturb throughout my work day.

If you don’t have a scheduled call with me you shouldn’t be calling me anyways.

Plus, it takes the brain 15 minutes just to refocus after a distraction and even then you can only reclaim ~80% of your previous efficacy.

That’s a proposition that puts me behind schedule.

And guess what, despite belief to the contrary, I’ve yet to miss a SINGLE important thing by doing this. 

My family is on my Favorites in my phone so their calls will still come through in the event of a fire…

And any truly important business matter is not coming in via random call anyways.

Next, and this is going to be REALLY tough for many of you.

I use technology to combat my technology.

All of my screens are set to not display blue light after certain hours.

And MOST of my apps are inaccesible before and after hours.

Meaning, I don’t have to FORCE myself to stop.

I can exert my willpower and energy elsewhere.

Arianna Huffington talks about this at large in her book, Thrive.

She says something to the affect of imagine a world where we paid as close attention to our own energy as we do the level of power on our silly smart phones.

Because we just expect ourselves to go, go, go, go, go all the freaking time.

Meanwhile, we have charging stations scattered throughout our lives to replenish our phones and devices.

But why does this all matter, you ask?

Is this just a blog about staying off your phone and being more selective about your time?

It’s not, by the way.

And it’s so much bigger than that.

Because I believe in order to transcend our current time and place as creatures.

We have to create room for it.

You don’t just uplevel your business by chance.

So how are you going to uplevel yourself by running into the ground and just hoping that caffeine hit keeps you going?

That’s a flawed model.

In any business we would call it unsustainable or not scalable.

And yet we somehow we’re the exception?

I don’t understand that logic.

And it took a fall flat-on-my-ass scenario for me to realize it and create the framework I have now.

Recently, I finished an intensive, three month long, program called RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy).

It’s a form of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) designed to rewire your brain and eliminate negative thought patterns.

We all have them, it’s just a matter of degree of severity which makes it difficult sometimes to identify.

I am truly a different person than I was 90 days ago…

By every measurable standard.

Because I created the room for enhancement in my life.

And that investment is going to have the biggest ROI of my life…

Just watch…

I’ve had close associates reach out and say “dude, you are on fire lately.”

Yea, I am…

Because I’m working on me.

And eliminating all that NOISE in my life gave me the space to do it.

Simultaneously, I have ZERO nonsense in my diet.

I challenge you to come watch me eat (only on a Wednesday, though).

There’s no silly business going on in my kitchen.


Because I believe the next big frontier is optimizing the human experience.

What if I pop out of bed and am ready to rock & roll every morning versus dragging myself painfully to my desk?

Or what if I blast right through my 2-4 lull in the afternoon where my blood sugar dips and my energy feels depleted?

That’s two more hours of productivity every single day.

Add that to the time I’m saving not doing shit that just doesn’t matter and you’d have to get up at 3:00 AM to outdo me on a daily basis.

All of this stuff is a non-negotiable.

My 15 minutes of mediation is a non-negotiable.

I’m at my best when my monkey mind beckons to my will.

And this beautiful, highly ADD, brain in my head is capable of finding a solution to any problem thrown my way…

Just not when I’m deathly tired, overworked, sitting in hours of traffic, over-caffeinated, spiritually depleted, & poorly nourished.

The revolution is coming.

For me, it’s already here.

Healthy entrepreneurs solving REAL problems in the world.

Because we have people still living in the streets.

Children dying because there’s no clean water to drink.

We’re polluting our own skies & water supplies.

We’ve yet to see the depths of our ocean.

And we’re still burying our trash in dirt like a dog trying to hide a silly bone.

But, Chris!

We make these cool tools and apps!

You’re right…

That’s what we do.

But maybe with some clarity in our lives.

Maybe with some perspective.

Maybe watching Mother Nature be a total beast at what she does.

We can take note of how to harness this science that’s all around us to create a sustainable world for the generations to come.

And it’s never been more pivotal or important than it is right now.

I’m a firm believer that people solve problems…

Not the person you elect to sit in a fancy house in Washington.

But entrepreneurs like you and me.

Someone with an idea to revolutionize the way we do things.

And it starts with healing ourselves so that we can dream again.

Getting our mind right.

Not putting junk in our bodies and expecting to run a mental marathon.

Getting spiritually connected on a level that provides the clarity we need to see our purpose in this crazy world.

And protecting the only asset that matters in any of this…you.

So, what does the world look like for future entrepreneurs?

Well, I think that’s entirely up to the decisions we make today.



Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Through Community | You Don’t Have to “Fit Into a Man’s World”

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Through Community | You Don’t Have to “Fit Into a Man’s World”

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Amy Nelson, Founder & CEO of The Riveter, drops by to chat about women entrepreneurs and how we can create an environment that further supports them in business. 

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Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Through Community | You Don’t Have to Fit Into a “Man’s World”

Make Sales Online with Better Copy | Why New Opportunities Likely Isn’t Your Problem

Make Sales Online with Better Copy | Why New Opportunities Likely Isn’t Your Problem

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  • Upping your conversions is often times better than just throwing more traffic or ad spend into the equation.

[spacer height=”20px”]

  • Customers want to see you’ve done this thing you’re selling, you’ve helped others do it and you can help them.

[spacer height=”20px”]

  • You need to create a framework with your Sales Copy that assumes the risk but also prepares for their rational objections.

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Making sales online is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

In fact, I really sucked at it for a long time.

And what’s more is I consider myself decent at sales.

I’ve closed multiple six figure contracts for my startups.

Along the way, I’ve sat in rooms with Fortune 50 Companies…

The type of companies that will still be around when the world stops spinning.

And never did I find it harder to close those deals than selling a $9 product on the internet.

I remember at one point I was so frustrated I created this BS offer and promoted it to my list for $1.

I truthfully believed my emails weren’t sending properly because that’s how many crickets there were.

My website traffic was crap.

My podcast was trending and getting LOADS of downloads.

And still no sales.

If you’ve been in the online space or you’re just starting out right now, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

Because Leads, Downloads, Likes, Comments, etc. DON’T PAY THE BILLS!

I even had an Instagram post go viral with almost 100,000 views and I LOST 50 Followers.

Go figure…

And maybe many of you have tried Webinars only to pitch your heart out to all two people that showed up (likely your supportive mom and spouse).

The struggle is real, yo, I’m with you.

So what can we do?

Well, when I discovered my friend Ray Edwards, and more specifically, the work he highlights in “How to Write Copy that Sells,” I knew exactly what was missing.

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Just like those big Fortune 50 Corporations I was talking about…

Copywriting is going to be around forever & ever & ever.

And it does, has and always will make you money.

But there’s a science to it.

And one that doesn’t involve you just slapping “Buy Now” labels all over your site.

Now, don’t get me wrong, because some of us don’t even have a whiff of anything on our sites that suggests we sell ANYTHING at all.

It’d be like walking into Walmart and they hid all the merchandise and you’re just trying to figure out why the hell you’re even there.

Our websites are our stores.

And stores that don’t sell stuff don’t wind up being in business long.

Can we on that?

So, let’s get down to business.

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Many people think we’ve moved beyond the age of direct response marketing.

I don’t buy it, at all.

Especially with all of the tools we have now to drive traffic.

Because if you can get someone over to a highly optimized Sales Page with great copy and a literal Blueprint that touches all of the important emotional triggers and objections…


What’s more is this can work outside of direct response, too!

I ALWAYS link my core offer as a tab on my website.

Because you never know when someone is looking for exactly what you offer.

Maybe they HAVE listened to your podcast or watched your YouTube Channel.

Maybe they do LOVE your blog.

And so I like to make it easy & include that link direct to my sales page.

You’d truly be amazed just how many people hit that sucker every single day.

And I’m even going to show you how you can track their every move once you get them there…Mwahahahaha *Evil Laugh*

So, while it might feel uncomfortable to make a page on your site so bloody long, just know there’s science behind it and we’re going to cover a few of those elements here today.

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Can you answer the following three questions when someone hits your site.

    1. Have you done this “thing” yourself?
    2. Have you done it for someone else?
    3. Can you do it for them?

So, as we talked about previously, you need to not blast people with buy now buttons everywhere but they do need to know you sell something.

That starts with being super clear about WHAT you do, WHO you serve and HOW you do it.

They should know almost IMMEDIATELY what you do.

So, as much as I love all of these Ninja Experts online, unless you sell Karate Lessons I don’t want to see no Ninja nonsense on the top quarter of your website or sales letter.

And THEN we get to the three questions I outlined for you.

Can you demonstrate on your long form sales page that you’ve done this thing successfully for yourself, it’s helped other people and it can help them?

Because if you can, you are on the right track, my friend.

Being clear and specific is the most important aspect before we even more forward.

But PLEASE note, because I got this totally wrong, people want a Guide & not a Hero.

This is the customer’s journey, not yours.

So why the hell would they watch a movie where YOU win and not them?

When have you been in a convo with someone and all they do is talk about themselves?

How many times did you leave feeling AMAZING about that engagement?

You probably stay away from that person as much as humanly possible.

So why would you buy from someone like that?

When you look at Yelp Reviews, they don’t go on about how they started their business, who has dined there, how wonderful their owners are, etc.

It likely says here’s what we serve, here’s what it costs and here’s what other people say about it.

Now, they may throw in some accolades like how they’ve been rated or where they’ve been featured (you can and should do that!).

But the customer is the hero, not you.

I made a big boo boo by thinking I had to boost myself up to seem credible.

Like why would any buy from me?

Well, because I’ve done X, Y and Z.

And I’ve had blah, blah and blah guests on my show.

They don’t care…

Make them the hero.

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Your Header for you Sales Page is the ad for your ad.

Think about it…

When have you seen an ad that didn’t pop at you and yet you still decided to learn more just for the hell of it?

More than likely, you tuned out as soon as it didn’t grab you.

In fact, you may have not even noticed that you totally zoned out.

And that’s the problem with the world we live in today.

The average person is now estimated to see somewhere between 3,000 to 5,000 ads per day.

Isn’t that crazy?

So when I couldn’t sell my measly $1 offer to more than like two people, it’s likely because I wasn’t speaking a language that jived with them.

Because capturing them on your email list isn’t a guarantee for sales.

Quite the contrary.

If you can get a 2% to 3% click rate on your emails and a 20% to 30% Open Rate, you’re doing pretty well, my friend.

I’ll let you take a breather to figure out those numbers based on your list size.

It’s probably a really puny number.

And so that maybe provides explanation about why only your mom and spouse showed up to that webinar you poured your heart & soul into.

In other words, don’t feel bad.

But to maximize these numbers, it’s BEYOND critical you hit people where it counts.

And that’s right in the feels.

Because people make decisions on emotions.

They always have and they always will.

They want to know they can WIN…

And they can live that life they’ve always dreamed about.

But this thing, this stupid villain or this stupid limitation, has prevented that from happening.

  • Maybe it’s a job or that wicked boss.
  • Or maybe it’s overwhelm and stress.
  • Maybe it’s just not knowing where to start.

Whatever it is, we can address that in your Header Copy.

Because the Header is the Ad for your Ad.

It’s going to stand out in their inbox…

And it’s going to grab them to follow along this journey you, as the guide, are leading them on.

We’re going to tell them the problem they face, the enemy that’s prevented them from doing this thing and why it was never their fault, a solution (YOUR solution) on how you did it, other people did and and now THEY TOO can do it.

But if you don’t get the Header right, no one is going to watch that movie.

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[spacer height=”40px”]


You know when you’re at the store and the sales person tries to start pushing the sale on you?

What’s usually your reaction?

  • Price?
  • Time commitment?
  • Your spouse will kill you?

Whatever it is, and it may vary, the thing to remember is your customers have the exact same reaction when they hit your offer.

You can’t assume they’re not going to have that happen, it’s human nature.

Unless they are hyper, HYPER-Qualified and looking to buy from you.

But that’s a very small percentage of people.

Everyone else you need to counter those objections.

So, there’s some easy ones to work out.

Like offering a Guarantee.

And not a half-ass Guarantee but a REAL Guarantee.

One that takes the risk completely off their hands.

Because they can easily say “Oh great, I can always return it.”


IKEA does a wonderful job at this.

They offer a FULL year to return stuff.

And you can even return it without the receipt!

Many people wonder how in the hell this works for them but think of it this way.

IKEA is going to turn around and throw that in the AS-IS Section.

**BTW, you should totally go shop in the AS-IS, great finds.

My guess is they are still selling AS-IS stuff slightly above at cost.

So, not losing money.

Then, they have you BACK in the store.

You’re so happy that IKEA just handed you $400 that you do what…?

Someone that’s happy with money they weren’t expecting…


So they’ve made money even though they gave yours back.

And you’re probably going to view that money as BONUS money so you’re probably going to go buy that ____ you’ve been wanting for so long.

Done & done.

So by assuming the risk, it creates a happier customer that ends up spending more money.

But many of you sell Digital Products.

And we can’t just extract that information out of your brain.

You can’t even return it!

So maybe you offer store credit if they are unhappy.

That way you’re not feeling cheated and they know they’re not getting ripped off.

You also want to include Product Shots (hero images), Testimonials, a brief synopsis of why this solution has helped you and how it’s helping others and can help them.

And to top it off, something that I do regularly is add an FAQ section as well as a “Who is this for” and “Who this is not for”.

Because when you’re transparent and not just trying to sell people stuff, they develop a level of trust in you.

Last but not least when it comes to objections, you want to ensure the visuals of your page are on point.

How excited were you about buying that BRAND new car that was filthy dirty?

You know it just needed a good cleaning but it still changed your experience.

Design isn’t EVERYTHING when it comes to conversions but I’ll tell you this, it speaks wayyyy more volumes than you telling people how great and legit you are.

If your page LOOKS legit, many people are going to THINK you are.

That takes real work and an investment but we’ve seen double digit improvements in conversion metrics just by “cleaning up” the design on some of our pages.

[spacer height=”40px”]


Nobody likes to read a bunch of wordy stuff all over a page.

And I know this blog is long but I’m trying to be mindful of brevity as much as possible.


  • When a movie drags we get bored.
  • When a book gives 10,000 examples to highlight the same point…*YAWN*And so you need to be super aware of that.

Your first run at sales copy is probably going to be way too long.

You’re going to talk about every little detail, feature and benefit.

That’s fine, but it’s also why they edit both movies and books.

The final cut eliminates scenes.

You’re going to do the same.

And then you can fill by being more concise.

Bullet Points are literally the best way to do this.

Because it burns less mental calories when you see Bullet Points.

Your mind just knows to go there & it tells you it’s important.

So, instead of that long paragraph, take the top 5 highlights from that paragraph and turn them into bullet points.

You’ll notice people are actually engaging with your content way more than before.

[spacer height=”40px”]


This is my secret weapon.

I love Google Analytics & you should definitely have it on your site.

But man this one is such a powerful tool.

I spend at least an hour per week watching recordings on my site.

Because that’s exactly what HotJar does…

It records people’s interactions on your website!

Isn’t that crazy?

It’s literally like you owning a retail store and watching what customers do from behind the counter.

If you see them gravitating towards a certain section of the store, that may tell you what product people are most interested in.

I am able to glean so much useful info from watching people on my site.

And you never know, I may just be watching you on this blog right now…MWAHAHAHAH *EVIL LAUGH…AGAIN*

Now, no worries…

It’s all anonymous.

So it’s actually more private than an in-person situation.

But for some reason when it’s on the web we all freak out.

We literally hand people our actual credit cards where they could take a picture and steal our info and yet we are afraid to pass it through a secure portal online where only the last four digits appear.

But I get it, perception is reality.

This is a tremendous tool and one I highly recommend.

[spacer height=”40px”]


Look, this one will be short & sweet.

What better way to get ideas and inspo than to peruse around and check out other folks.

Don’t steal from them but there’s nothing wrong with getting ideas.

I do it all the time.

Just make sure you go into it with an investigative eye.

And you’re more than welcome to peruse over to mine now that you’re done here!

And make sure you go buy “How To Write Copy That Sells” by my friend and copywriting legend, Ray Edwards.

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Don’t forget to also listen to the pod!

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Ray Edwards, Copywriting Guru & Best Selling Author, drops by to chat with me about how to make sales online on your website with a scientific approach to your copy.

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Finding Alignment & Purpose as an Entrepreneur | Never Do Things Just for the Money

Finding Alignment & Purpose as an Entrepreneur | Never Do Things Just for the Money

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Lilian Garcia, Former WWE In-Ring Commentator + Award Winning Recording Artist & Host of Chasing Glory Podcast, joins me on the show to talk about alignment & purpose as an entrepreneur and how much more important that is over money.

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Finding Alignment & Purpose as an Entrepreneur | Never Do Things Just for the Money

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