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Chris Michael Harris, Executive Producer


In today’s episode, I’m going to show you how to use Calendly and some of the advanced features. 

Primarily speaking, I have coaching clients, and I also host a podcast. So I have guests every single week and using Calendly has been a game changer for a variety of reasons of which we’re going to talk about today.

One of the things that I dig about is that you can seamlessly integrate it with many different tools. You can embed it on your website where you have a Calendly link or an actual calendar where people can schedule right there.

If you’re a service provider, Calendly is a great option for you. Let’s go ahead and jump into it. I’m going to show you the cool features of Calendly. 

The first thing you’ll notice, when you log in to your Calendly account is you’ll see that you have event types. When you have a free account, you can only create a one event type. Once you exceed one or two, you’re going to pay for a basic plan of around $5 to $15 a month.

You can set the event to group or a one-on-one basis. You can have more than one respondent who’ll attend the event,. whereas some of these are the one-on-one basis. 

Calendly Dashboard

Viewing Scheduled Events

You can view all of your scheduled events by clicking the Scheduled Events tab on top of the page. Also, you can filter the events that you want to be shown on your dashboard. You can filter it by event types. But obviously, your primarily focused is your Upcoming.

Scheduled Events


Workflows is new. You can use survey for events like coaching calls or for things where you’re seeking out potential client feedback, This is a great thing to do as a follow up. 

Workflow Feature

Editing Events

Go to the Events Type tab and select the events you want to edit. Let’s edit the Entrepreneur Host Podcast – (inbound), for example. Just click on the gear button on top of the event, and it’ll show you all of its components.

Now, something that is cool s there’s an integration with Zoom. So when the guests book this event or if you have a meeting or something, it’ll synchronize and allow you to create a Zoom meeting automatically. 

So what they’ll receive at the end is they’ll get a calendar invite like a Gmail, Calendar invite, and it’ll include the zoom link in there.

You can also include notes, and you can create a custom event link where you can send this wherever you’d like it to. And you can just pick random colors. I don’t think any of these designate anything other than just knowing that they’re different.

Calendly with Zoom Integration

Changing Event Duration

So next what you’ll find out is, you can change the duration, so you can add custom, or you can just put 15 to 60 minutes. The Date Range will tell you how far out in advance you are booked.

Updating Scheduled Availability

Click the event from your calendar and select I’m unavailable, or you can apply to whatever day day and time. And you can make it recurring. So that makes it really easy. 


Left: Features under When can people schedule this event | Right: Editing of Availability

You can also go to your advanced settings. And you can show availability in 15-minute increments, or you can do event max. So if you only want to have one interview per day, you can set it to one.

You can set your event buffer before and after the event. So, just specify the duration you want as a buffer between your events. The last thing too is you can change last-minute schedules. 

So you can also copy availability from other events that you’ve created. You can hide an event if it’s an internal thing you’d want everybody to know about it. You can make it a secret event, which is a cool feature too. 


Advanced Settings of Availability

Invitee Questions

This is a big one for me because I need to know who the guest is coming on my show. A paid feature is where your guest can enter their phone number. And the reason being is because it sends text confirmations. 


So we’ll have text reminders here, where my show rate for my show is extraordinarily high. It’s very rare that we have a no show. I think it is primarily because we send both email confirmations, email reminders, and text reminders. 

You can personalize each one of these, you can put additional notes, and things that I nature. And you can add custom things where it’ll show event time and date. And it’ll do that automatically for you, you’re just going to add in your own text around this. It’s packaged up nicely and looks super professional. 


Notification and Cancellation Policy


One of the things that I’ve done (podcast-related), I mention to my guests that they’re going to get an email from me after the guesting. And the email that they will receive is going to ask them for a review. The link will be included. 

You could change the time that it sends. And you can use a no-reply email address if it’s something that’s a little bit generic which I think is another cool feature. 

Text Reminders

This is pretty simple, you can just set the designation as far as when you want to text them, but it will text them automatically. And again, it is an additional cost. It’s around $5 a month.

Confirmation Page 

I just used their generic confirmation page. You could use a landing page if you had something you want them to be doing before your actual meeting to prepare for it.

If it’s something that you want them to schedule thereafter, you can schedule another event, so you have that option as well. 

Notification and Cancellation Policy

So hope you guys like this episode. Don’t forget about checking out StartupU if you’re interested in entrepreneurship or you have an idea that you want to pursue to start a business venture startup. 

I will see you guys in the next one.


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