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Why the Human Interface is the Next Big Breakthrough

Which came first?

The chicken or the egg…?

Do successful startups build great and high performing people or do great and high performing people build successful startups?

To me, the answer is BLATANTLY obvious…

But that’s not how I was living my life.

You see, I was thinking a successful startup would then free up my time to go focus on my health and fitness goals.

With all the time and money in the world now that I had successfully exited with a big old wad of cash at my disposal, the world would be MINE!

Or so I thought.

You can track how that worked out for me by listening to Episode 133 with Dr. Eric Bakker and then Episode 164 with Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin.

Spoiler alert, it didn’t go as planned.

And yet I see entrepreneurs every single day making this same mistake.

It actually recently set the world of social media on fire…

#StrugglePorn they called it.

And with a big fat Red X on Gary Vee’s face.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

It actually appeared first as an article in Medium…(Check it here when you’re done)

It’s basically this idea that we have to kill ourselves, be broke/poor and living under a bride to be successful entrepreneurs.

And to embrace that struggle…almost celebrate it.

The problem is most REAL entrepreneurs are a committed bunch.

I know very few people that will take the extreme measures I take.

And you can probably relate with that statement.

So, imagine if you do fully embrace this notion that success requires laying your literal life on the line.

And I hear your rebukes to that…instantly!

That’s what my brain told me too.

So hear me out…

I’m not telling you DON’T work hard and DON’T be prepared to make sacrifices.

Because that’s what this journey indeed requires.

What I’m telling you is to prepare YOUR #1 ASSET for the battle.


Because great and high performing people don’t just build exceptional companies, they change the world.

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How I Discovered Dave Asprey

As my own health started to slip during my first startup and I was looking to reclaim an edge, I noticed this Bulletproof guy started popping up everywhere.

At the time, it was circa 2012 and Bulletproof Coffee was pretty much their core offering.

But what impacted me more was the crazy stuff Dave was getting into.

I saw him wearing these funky orange lens glasses, hooking himself up to all of these weird devices and saying things that truthfully went against much of the seemingly conventional wisdom.

High fat diets?

How does that make any sense?

Skipping breakfast?

That’s the most important meal of the day!

And so I rejected most of his claims and just thought he was some nut.

And the only thing that drew me back in was I heard him on the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes talking about mitochondria.

For the first time, I heard his full story…

And it sounded dangerously like mine.

A former Silicon Valley entrepreneur turned ill and then recovered through the means of biohacking.

Now, that part is different from my story but what wasn’t different was health challenges he talked about experiencing.

Pumping the gas but not getting that same fire he used to…even at 25 years old.

Which was coincidentally about the same age I was at the time.

What he was talking about at a deep and physiological level just made too much sense to ignore.

The research he had done and more importantly who he had done it with was undeniable.

The guy isn’t just strapping himself up and doing crazy stuff in his garage.

He finds THE thought leaders and THE leading experts in their respective fields.

In fact, in his recent book, Game Changers, some of the leading neuroscientists on the planet back and validate his discoveries.

THAT, is indisputable…even for the most staunch critic.

So I started trying out multi-collagen protein powder…

Shifting my diet in accordance with more of a high performance methodology.

And ~3-5 years later I’m healthier, more driven and focused than I’ve ever been.

Many of the health challenges I experienced have been completely reversed.

I was diagnosed as ADD (or ADHD) at a very early age…

I know read every single morning with no issues and I even host a digital book club! (which you can check out here).

So, here’s my point…

Imagine, just for a second, how much more productive you think I am without walking around with these health burdens.

Let’s assume I’m just 10% more effective than the average entrepreneur now because of that commitment.

So, over the course of the year I’m picking up about a 36.5 day advantage.

But watch this…

Let’s compound that over the next 30 years.

That’s a 1,095 day leg up on the average entrepreneur!

Which, duh, is three entire years.

Mind you, that’s only a 10% increase AND it assumes that the average entrepreneur is able to maintain their current pace.

Due to the law of diminishing returns, I’m assuming both parties, me and the average entrepreneur, will depreciate it performance at around the same rate.

That’s probably a false narrative but we’ll go with it.

But if, and this is a huge if, the average entrepreneur flames out at 50 while I’m still flying at a 10% rate higher than what they once were, even at their best, that figure gets completely blown out of the water.

And imagine what you could do with all of that extra concerted time and effort?

That’s what leads us to one of the two biggest lies we tell ourselves…

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It’s Just Going to Take Way Too Much of My Time…

Man, this lie is so dangerous. We just did the math…You can see it’s THREE entire years of a difference even at a 10% uptick. Imagine if we could boost that figure to 30%?

But here’s the problem…

We focus on the one to two hours/day we’re losing to tend to our health.

Because swinging by Taco Bell for lunch or ordering a Dominoes pizza is just way easier and more convenient…plus, you don’t even have to take a break!

That’s the look other entrepreneurs give me when I tell them just how much I tend to my health.

And you’re going to download the list of everything I do…

It’s quite intense.

But my theory here is I’ll spot you the 45 minutes you’re saving per day and I’m guaranteeing I’ll still greatly outperform you.


Because while most are winding down from the caffeine crash in the afternoon and just mind-numbingly scrolling around on the computer pretending to do busy work, I’m just getting started.

It’s Going to Cost Too Much Money…

This one I understand way more than the first one.

Right now, I’m spending about $1,000/month on my health.

As an early startup founder, that’s a budget you just don’t have and I get that.

That’s why we’re here today…to get you started in the right direction.

And what if I told you I could actually help you do this AND keep your budget in check?

My guess is you’d be slightly more interested.

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Where to Start in Your Biohacking Journey

If it were me, I’m starting with diet.

And this works on multiple levels.

For one, getting you to stop eating junk is going to free up so much budget.

Let’s do the math…

Let’s say you eat out once per day for lunch.

And let’s say that meal costs you an average of $6.

That puts us at $180/mo!

That’s madness…

If I get you shopping in the right places, I can almost guarantee to do your entire grocery budget on that figure.

Look into stores like Aldi to buy your CORE items.

Aldi has a ton of organic options and responsibly sourced meats.

Many people think eating healthier means ditching their current grocer and ONLY shopping at Whole Foods or Sprouts.

Dude, ain’t nobody got the budget for that.

It’s CRAZY expensive.

But I NEED you cleaning up you diet or the rest of what we’re doing is totally meaningless.

And speaking of buying organic, you don’t HAVE to buy EVERYTHING organic.

You want to stay away from the Dirty Dozen but rest easy with the Clean 15.

*Don’t worry, I included both of these lists on your free download for this episode.

Just that shift alone in shifting to a discount grocer like Aldi and only buying select items organic is going to make a HUGE difference and be light on your wallet.

The nearest Aldi is 30 minutes away from where I live so I go about once per month to stock up.

Costco is also an AMAZING option and for items that have a longer shelf life, that’s your best bet.

But Costco is either a slam dunk or really expensive, depending on the item.

If you don’t believe me go look at the cost of butter at Costco and then go check almond butter.

The almond butter is one of the best prices I’ve seen for the quantity whereas the butter is literally robbery it’s so expensive.

Once you go a few times and find the value items you’ll just know where the best place to buy certain items is.

For VERY specific purchases I then go to a Whole Foods or Sprouts.

I may also go to a Farmer’s Market on the weekends to buy from local suppliers.

Honey is a great one to buy locally sourced because it will actually help you with regional allergies (pretty cool, huh?).

I want you eating meats with ZERO nonsense.

No added hormones, no antibiotics and as free range, cage free and as grass fed as possible.

You may also look for no nitrates or nitrites with your turkey bacon.

Just look at the labels, you’ll quickly realize which ones are the healthier options.

Fortunately, both Costco and Aldi do a tremendous job of providing those really clean options.

You may not know it but this is really the dangerous part about eating food.

It’s the silent killer, so to speak.

Many people think they are eating clean when in fact they really aren’t doing themselves any favors.

All of this added nonsense like hormones and antibiotics really disrupt your body’s ecosystem.

The antibiotics do quite a number on your microbiome in the gut, leading to an unhealthy balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria.

This imbalance (also known as intestinal dysbiosis) is what I had a severe case of and led to many of my internal, chronic issues.

Plus, we have an epidemic on the rise (in my view) of people having antibiotic resistance due to how much we consume in our foods.

What’s more is the vast majority of the top 26 fast food restaurants completely FAILED the Antibiotics Policies and Practices Test in 2018.

*Hope your favorite restaurant didn’t make the list.

And this doesn’t even account for preservatives and just overall poor food quality that does little-to-nothing beneficially for your body.

So, we’re eating at HOME, keeping our food budget in check by using discount grocers, keeping it clean and avoiding the Dirty Dozen while only eating responsibly sourced meats.

Believe it or not, that’s like half the battle to get you thriving!

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Meditation and SLEEP

Another core piece of what’s going to give you a solid foundation…

Many of us are staying up wayyy too late and getting up far too early.

And I said this before but there are many influencers out there (one in particular that is a former Navy Seal), that are advocating for this form of craziness.

Look, I love self-discipline, just not at the cost of my health.

So, if you want to be up at 4:30 AM and at the gym by 4:45, be my guest.

But you better be in bed for 7:30 the night before.

I personally disconnect from ANY and ALL forms of electronics by 7:00 PM.

My alarm goes off and it’s time to disengage.

That may not always be the case and you might have deadlines.

Try and plan for those as much as you can to prevent last minute cramming but it’s OKAY to sprint for periods of time.

Just be prepared to take time and make up for it by giving the body the rest it needs.

And this is where Float Therapy (sensory deprivation tanks) come in handy and/or forms of meditation.

I don’t expect you to run out and get a membership for float so let’s just focus on the meditation part.

I would recommend a MUSE.

I bought one and it really teaches you HOW to meditate.

You may not know it but meditation is more than just some woo-woo thing people do.

It has MANY health benefits and really lowers the stress levels on your body.

The device is just under $200 but you can also download the Headspace app for a very small monthly fee.

This will give you mental clarity AND give your body the rest it needs to recharge in the middle of a tough stretch .

As far as sleep, many entrepreneurs (like me) are also very wound up.

I recently started taking CBD Oil with great results (20-25% increase in my HRV Score).

If it were me, I’d buy the legal, non-THC version (HA!).

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Buy an HRV Watch!

I don’t know how I ever lived without my Biostrap.

This thing is truly amazing.

And some of you may already have a Fitbit or Apple Watch.

But I’m fairly confident they don’t provide you with HRV scores.

Now look, I’m not an expert on HRV as I just bought mine about two months ago but Dave agreed with me that this is a necessary tool.

It essentially measures the bodies stress levels.

So, let’s say you didn’t get a great night’s sleep or you really pushed it hard the day before…

My Biostrap tells me when to take my butt back to bed or take it easy on my body that day.

I can see direct correlations between what I do and how it impacts my score.

It’s like driving around in your car without gauges.

Sure, your car might run but how do you know when you’re low on gas?

How do you read when your engine is running hot or when it’s time for an oil change.

That’s quite literally the equivalence here…

And it’s a tool I don’t leave home without.

Plus it still allows you to track exercise activities and heart rate like the Fitbit and Apple Watch.

Dave recommends the Oura Ring, something you can also look into if a ring suits you better than a watch.

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Read Game Changers

If there’s anything I’ve learned about peak performance and biohacking, it’s that you constantly learn and add new things to your routine.

I engage in many forms of biohacking and that still even pales in comparison to Dave Asprey.

So, start here with this blog to get the ball rolling.

Download my guide to continue adding or even just considering next steps.

And in the meantime, DEFINITELY read Dave’s latest book, Game Changers.

This book was made for overall performance, not just health hacking.

And Dave Asprey is absolutely the guy you want to learn from in that area.

What makes successful people successful?

What makes happy people happy?

In Game Changers, Dave worked with thousands of the brightest minds and researches, plus years of his own research to compile exactly what that entailed.

Alright, guys…

Hope this has been helpful.

Happy hacking and remember…

Great, high performing people build long-lasting, amazing companies that change the world.

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