Why You NEED to take Tucker Max Seriously

Becoming an author put Tucker Max on the map, there’s really no debating that.

Releasing valuable content to people is what we aim to do as entrepreneurs.

But in the midst of our efforts to build companies and have some semblance of a personal life, who’s got time for all this book writing business?

Friend of the podcast, Viveka Von Rosen, one of the most renowned LInkedIn influencers on the planet whom I absolutely love and adore, shared with me a little nugget about the importance of authorship in today’s business world.

She said that most of her speaking opportunities and established clout as a major influencer in her space came from her status as a published and successful author.

Wait, what?

So, we can’t just build amazing companies and watch people flock to our websites to click that buy button?

Yes, but also no.

Truth be told, some of the most amazing companies I’ve seen are like lemonade stands in a closet (aka my new favorite business metaphor).

They can be the greatest in the world at what they do but how great are you really going to be if nobody can find you?

Think about it, when have you ever seen someone’s status as an author and thought anything but positive things about them in their respective field?

It’s like putting the DR. in front of your name…Instant street cred and validity.

As it should be!

Writing a book is no small task and that’s inevitably why most of us never dare engage in the undertaking.

But we should and it could very well be the most important decision we ever make in business (Looking at myself on this one).

You see, I’ve long known I wanted to pen my own books.

I just have a way of communicating my thoughts in writing that is far superior to spoken word. Although, becoming a podcast host has most certainly closed that gap.

I’ve known the benefits and just neglected to act, probably for the same reasons you have and are here reading this blog.

And that’s where companies like Tucker’s come into play…

The ability to put out unique and original content, become a respected influencer in your space and spend none of your own time writing it yourself.

Novel idea that sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it is and it isn’t and I apologize for these continued ambiguous responses to my own rhetorical questions.

But it’s warranted in this case because while you can find someone to agree to ghostwrite your book for you, it’s entirely possible that same person or company could do a total botch of a job and actually hurt your credibility.

That’s why I only suggest using prolific companies with strong reputations and highly esteemed individuals like Tucker Max.

I think I’d trust my work to someone that has hit the New York Times Best Seller list on not one but four different occasions.

Call me crazy but the formulaic approach to just successfully launching a book is, in itself, worth every dollar I’d spend. That doesn’t even take into consideration actually writing the book itself.

Because ultimately, just writing a book and letting it sit on the digital bookshelves of Amazon really doesn’t make much sense when you really think about it. It’s all about that ROI and how you leverage that exposure to further your business efforts.

In my opinion, that’s an invaluable business proposition.


We Have to Treat Book Launches Like Business Launches

We’ve now had over 30+ New York Times Best Selling Authors on Entrepreneur Hour Podcast.

Each of them has had their own unique writing style, approach to business and viewpoints of the world.

One thing that has remained consistent and has resonated with me as the most important factor in becoming an author is treating your book like an actual business launch.

Building an email list to build awareness about the launch, dripping content that aligns with your topic to peak people’s interest and possibly even releasing snippets of your chapters to gauge feedback.

Truth be told, most of them have told me to plan an entire year out for a truly successful launch.

You read that right, one FULL year!


Okay, So How Does it Actually Work?

This was my question…

If I’m going to sit and talk to someone for hours upon hours every single day, I might as well just write the darn thing by myself!

Not so, Tucker told me through several preliminary conversations and brief, ongoing discussions about your story, his writers are able to capture your voice and story in ways that even you and your loved ones won’t be able to recognize the difference.

What’s more is they actually work with you on your marketing strategy, what your book cover should look like to really appeal to your target audience based on thousands of hours of research and how to formulate an actual revenue strategy around your launch.

In other words, you’re really getting more than a book in a box but rather a revenue stream in a box.

Why end your revenue channel at a $10 or $20 purchase when you can create a product or service offering that has an amazing customer LTV (Lifetime Value)?

For example, let’s say you’re a Personal Finance Consultant and you want to expand your reach beyond local referrals and word-of-mouth in your small, geographic region.

You literally might be the absolute best in the world at what you do but only people within a 15 mile radius and the walls of your church actually know who you are!

Some of you might tune out and just think you’re totally cool with that. You serve the people in your community that matter most to you and make a healthy enough living to more than provide for you and your family.

Awesome, dude…kudos. Seriously.

But what if you aspire to accomplish more in the world?

You see, I believe if we are so uniquely gifted at what we do we also have a responsibility to share that with as many people as possible.

What if your sound financial advice could lead to 5,000 people becoming financially independent, giving their families lives and experiences they could have never dreamed of and having more than enough for multiple lifetime’s of retirement?

Think about how many people are stressed out of their minds and worrying about where they are going to live out their remaining years/days.

Imagine the emotions they must feel and the helplessness that probably consumed them on an hour-by-hour basis.

Now ask yourself, can I create and make change in these people’s lives?

If your answer is yes, as was mine, then I’m legitimately holding you accountable to put your own needs aside and start thinking bigger for the benefit of humanity.

There are so many crooks out their just looking to prey on innocent people to make a quick buck just before they suck them dry and move on to the next victim like some nomadic predator.

We need more YOU’s in this world!

Never, in the history of ever, has it been more possible for YOU to reach people in meaningful ways.

Okay, Chris…Where are you going with this?

Let’s say you work with Tucker, someone whom has sold millions of copies of his own books, and his team is able to help you derive a solid business model to reach well beyond your current service area or domain and start being a voice heard around the world?

More than that, imagine how many people would read your book, love your style/personality/story and become a devout super-fan in your tribe, begging to know how they can work with you in a larger capacity.

THAT is the big picture we’re talking about.

Companies have utilized this method to scale beyond a company of one to a company of many that serve people from all edges of the globe.

Take this one for example:

I’m a big fan of Peter Mallouck.

You may not know who that is at first glance.

Have you heard of Tony Robbins, aka my adopted father?

Most of us have as he’s essentially the Michael Jordan of personal development.

Well, Mallouck is listed on this New York Time’s Best Seller, called Unshakeable.

One of those Tony Robbins’ books with his big mug plastered right on the front cover.

But look at that bottom edge of said cover and you’ll notice a little shout out that says, “With Peter Mallouck.”

Peter is actually coming on the podcast soon and I’ll be sure to ask just what kind of increase he experienced from the book release but let’s just say his company, Creative Planning, went from a local business in Kansas City to one that is now known around the world in the Fiduciary vertical.

All from, drum roll, please…being attached to Tony’s book!

To what capacity he was involved with actually writing the book, I’m unsure but will most certainly find out.

Either way, it still validates my point.

People are never going to stop reading, learning, and trying to better themselves.

It’s a fundamental part of who we are.

And you don’t have to co-write a book with Tony freaking Robbins to build an awesome revenue model for yourself.

As Tucker told me, he’s had clients build multiple six figure revenue channels just from launching a book with Book In a Box.

In other words, you don’t have to reach best seller status and have book signings at every Barnes and Nobel around the world to make a sizable impact on the world and expand your revenue bandwidths to new horizons.

I always say there’s a solution for every problem but it takes someone committed to the vision to find it.

Maybe we all need to start dreaming a bit bigger.

Hope you all enjoy…


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Tucker Max, 4x New York Times Best Selling Author and Co-Founder of Book in a Box, joins Entrepreneur Hour to talk about his journey as an author and how that accidentally lead to a publishing powerhouse.

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I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell

Tucker Max is a 4x New York Times Best Selling Author, most notably for his book “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.”

Having retired from writing “fratire” books in 2012, Tucker found himself with another budding venture on the rise, called Book in a Box.

Book In A Box has created an entirely new way for you to write a book.

Instead of sitting at a computer frustrated with the process for a year or more, they take take your ideas, and put them into a book in your words, and your voice. All you have to do is talk to them on the phone.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

They Validate Your Idea: Clarify your goals, refine your book idea and get crystal clear on precisely what your book will say, and use that information to craft a detailed outline that contains all of your book ideas in a simple, clear format.

They Interview You: One of their world-class editors—who range in experience from professional journalists to bestselling authors—will use your outline to interview you and get your knowledge and wisdom out of your head and into an audio recording. Think of it like recording the rough draft of your audiobook, before you write the book.

They Translate the Transcript Into Book Manuscript: The same editor will work from the written transcript of the interviews to create a book manuscript that expresses your ideas, in your voice. This is not ghostwriting; the ideas, words and even the voice are entirely yours.

They Publish and Distribute It: The biggest thing that separates ‘real’ books from those that feel amateur is the design. Your book will look and feel exactly like the ones published by major authors. Your book will be available to purchase from all the major online retailers in ebook, paperback, and in bookstores in hardcover.

You’re The Author, And You Own Everything: Since the ideas and words in the book are yours and not theirs, you’re the sole author. And since you pay them for this service, you own all rights and royalties.


Graduating on to New Horizons

In this episode, Tucker and I talk about the importance of having a book if you’re a public figure, renowned entrepreneur, pro athlete, celebrity or anyone with a significant story to tell or value to provide. In the modern and digital age we live in, it has never been easier to not only find viable resources to get the book done but also successfully promote it and derive meaningful revenue channels from it’s visibility.

We talk about what you should be looking for in a service that aims to help you pen your book. How you can ensure they will fully encapsulate your voice so it feels authentic and what that working dynamic will look like throughout the process.

We wrap up talking about realistic expectations from authoring a book and how you need to strategically build a business around those efforts but not solely expect to get rich from publishing your own book.



To Learn More about Tucker, visit him on bookinabox.com



Become a Best Selling Author Without Actually Writing a Book | Establish Yourself as an Influencer in Your Space

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