How I’m Getting CRAZY Results Doing Intermittent Fasting

How I’m Getting CRAZY Results Doing Intermittent Fasting


How I’m Getting CRAZY Results Doing Intermittent Fasting

Chris Michael Harris, Entrepreneur


Intermittent fasting has made a big impact on my life. My energy levels are high. My workouts are better, and my brain fog is gone. I’m not having crashes in the afternoon. I’m incredibly motivated, and I feel more vibrant and probably better than I thought in years.

These are just a few of the wonders that intermittent fasting has done for me. I’ll share more in this post.


First of all, I am not a doctor. I am simply sharing my experience.

Make sure that you consult with a healthcare professional and do thorough research before deciding to do intermittent fasting.

One more thing. 

Men typically will do better, and women need to be careful due to cycles and hormones. The book Boundless by Ben Greenfield says that if you’re female, don’t go into the exact extremes that men can have the same effect from ketosis. And it specifically talks about why it’s a little bit more challenging for women and why it may harm what you’re trying to accomplish. 

I understand the nature of what intermittent fasting promises, but to feel it and to be able to live the experience has been such a fantastic experience.

What I’m Doing

I’m doing an 18:6 Intermittent Fasting. 

So I wake up in the morning, I do what I need to do, then do a little bit of aerobic exercise, or some cardio, or take the dogs for a walk, or do some yoga, or whatever it looks like I just kind of slowly get into my day. And then I have a relatively large breakfast, and I make sure I get at least 1000 calories. 

One of the biggest concerns about this plan is my caloric intake would drop well below 2000 calories a day. I also don’t want to get 500 calories a meal and then lose 25 pounds. I want to keep some muscle mass, keep my physique and lose some of the undesired weight. Moreover, it’s more so I want to feel better. 

For me, Intermittent Fasting makes a lot of sense because it does help to manage your blood sugar levels, and you’re having a lot of digestive problems. It helps give your gut a rest. It’s also great for autophagy. 

Autophagy is like food in the refrigerator that’s gone wrong and scraping all that food out. So when you don’t eat for specific periods, you do intermittent time-restricted eating, and so the body goes in and cleans out some of those nasty cells. It’s like nature’s reset button. 

You could try it out for a couple of days, and you may feel great.

Eating Schedule

I do 10 AM and 4 PM eating schedules. I do that Monday through Friday. 

And then at dinner, Friday night, I eat a huge meal, because I then go 24 hours all day Saturday without a meal. 

Sunday, I get back to the regular 10 AM and 4 PM schedule. 

Sunday after two months, what I’ll be doing is still two meals a day, still taking advantage of ketosis and intermittent fasting and letting my body take advantage of autophagy, but having higher carbs. So I’m going to eat over 100 grams of carbs on Sunday and then Monday right back into the regular schedule.

Ketosis Diet

So I’m in ketosis throughout the week, and I eat a high-fat-high protein meal at dinner, which usually carries me. 

Now, I have found that between hours 18 and 24, I’m almost in a euphoric state. I have these beautiful ideas, I have a lot of clarity, and I have this energy. It’s like a high to a large degree, and I haven’t been enjoying and loving the fact that I’m giving my body a rest. 

Saturday is usually my day of rest. And adding a 24 hour fast to that has taken it to the next level. So I feel fantastic. 

Ben from Keto camp said that eventually, after two months, have at least one refeeding day. He said that’s going to be like your cheat day. You can have over 100 grams of carbs on that day. 

Dave Asprey talked about people that are on intermittent fasting and ketosis for too long will experience sleep issues. And there’s a fundamental scientific reason for Gliadin, where you start having sleep issues if you remain too long not feeding that part of the cell with carbs. 

So you may feel better on low carbs. But at some point, you are going to need to have a day of higher carb. Ben calls it Keto flex.

Over To You

Now, I can tell you that it has been a tremendous experience, I feel 10-15 years younger, and it has been unbelievable. 

However, I would recommend that you try it. Work with somebody in functional medicine or a practitioner that you trust who’s more inclined to consider alternative medicine or alternative ways of achieving health and wellness to make sure this is right for you. 

If you have other conditions that may not be conducive to you taking advantage of this or start feeling poorly doing it, you could get off.   

But I want to give you my blueprint because it’s helped me so much. 

I would love to hear how it helps you. Please drop me a comment below.



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Should You Invest in Bitcoin or Double Down on Your Business?

Should You Invest in Bitcoin or Double Down on Your Business?


Should You Invest In Bitcoin Or Double Down On Your Business?

Chris Michael Harris, Entrepreneur


What is Bitcoin? Can you still buy and take advantage of it?

I’m going to tell you today what I do, what I think you can do, and whether or not Bitcoin is an opportunity for you to take advantage of.

A lot of people are scared about Bitcoin because it is a volatile source of investment.

The problem is its bottom-up adoption. It will have to take consumers, merchants and forcing companies from the bottom to adopt this form of payment. 

The amount you have on Bitcoin will not be off value, but it would go down sizably quickly. For example, if the government came in tomorrow and say that Bitcoin is illegal and you shouldn’t have any form of cryptocurrency, it can vanish just like that. Thus, Orthodoxy provides a little bit more stability.

The Inflation

Here’s the thing. Right now, the US dollar is more unstable than it’s been in decades. 40% of the current US dollars in circulation were printed in just 2020 alone. 

So if you don’t understand inflation, that means that money doesn’t have a value associated with it. Money will be just a paper that’s printed out. When we start printing money and don’t control the rate at which we’re printing it, we create gross inflation, which makes the dollar’s value weakened to such a degree. 

Inflation maybe 2% or 4%, a quarter. So we’re grossly understating precisely the inflation rate. It’s sizably more. 

We haven’t felt the full effect of COVID19 on the economy near the degree we have yet. In addition to the new administration’s impact and their desire to do a couple of things, we are coming out of such a rough time in our history. The stance on trade with other countries is going to hurt us. 

Such hard assets like Bitcoin, gold, silver, and land will become so valuable in comparison to the increasing weakness of the US dollar.

Bet On Bitcoin

So here’s the deal. Regardless of whatever is going on, what you can take home is when you’re betting on Bitcoin. What you’re betting on is you’re betting against the US market.

So even if you invest something in Bitcoin right now, in what tiny amount that you possibly can, it’s still going to continue to go up. 

Now, is there a possibility that in four years, we hit a little bit of a cap, and it goes down significantly? Sure, that’s entirely possible, but Bitcoin does have 10 to 12 years of proven track record, and you can look at that now. Look at the trends. It consistently has gone up. Even when it goes down, it invariably is still trending upwards. 

So you have a little bit of confidence, knowing there’s at least a decade behind Bitcoin at this point. It is continuing to go up, and it does have a solid, airtight system. As far as the blockchain is concerned, you’re still going to be okay to invest.

What I Do

I’m doing a small percentage of cryptocurrency. The two that I’m investing in are 80% in Bitcoin 20% in Aetherium. The reason for that is I like to see proven track records. I’m not against other coins, and I think those two are probably the most substantial bet. 

So if you have 1% to 5% of your investable assets that you want to put into cryptocurrency, think over the coming years, purely based on what’s going on with the Fed, the current administration, and what their proposed plans are. 

You’re going to see an extremely unstable market, a significant adjustment, even a recession in the economy, which could only drive the value of all cryptocurrencies, primarily Bitcoin and Aetherium. 

Now, I expect one of two things, either I’m going to make good money, or I’m going to lose it all. 

You don’t want to sit and not have something into cryptocurrency and look back and say, “This was 2016 all over again, I had the chance to jump in, and I missed it.” 

It’s a calculated risk. Do a small percentage of the money that you invest, and ride that up.

I’d recommend for you to diversify yourself and make sure that you are prepared. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. And watch what’s going on with the Feds and with the government, because what you’re going to see is, as the weakness of the dollar increases, you’ll see the rise of the value of Bitcoin continues, you’ll hopefully be able to do well on that if you control how much you have invested in it.

What about you? Have you invested in Bitcoin? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Binaural Beats Explained [Productivity Series]

Binaural Beats Explained [Productivity Series]


Binaural Beats Explained
[Productivity Series]

Chris Michael Harris, Entrepreneur


Here’s a fact about me: I’m extremely ADD and Binaural Audio has been one of the most effective tools in my toolkit. It helps me alleviate some of my concerns and tap into a level of productivity and flow state that I wouldn’t otherwise accomplish.

So if you want to learn more about what Binaural is and its power, stick around. Let’s start.

What is Binaural?

Binaural Audio is an audio illusion effect. It is comprised of conflicting frequencies.

You have one frequency at a certain hertz and another out of different hertz. The difference between those two creates an auditory illusion; that illusion is what you hear.

And so what that does is you can have various frequencies that are effectively meant to create a brainwave state.

5 Brain Waves

Gamma is essential for problem-solving, learning, or simply being at a heightened state.

Beta is more of an active brainwave state. It’s when you’re working, reading, speaking, or thinking. It’s whenever you’re focused on what you’re currently doing.

Alpha is when you’re transitioning from a neutral state to a meditative state. They help calm you down and promote feelings of deeper relaxation and content. 

Theta is when you’re in a flow state or a very creative or meditative state.

Delta comprises your deep levels of relaxation and deep sleep zone effectively.

So here’s the deal. We enter into the states usually and naturally on our own. Your environment will dictate how easy it is for you to tap into those various spaces. Binaural helps you tap into it more seamlessly.

My Experience Using Binaural

If you Google Binaural beats, you’re going to find a ton of controversy. You’re going to see some studies that showed how it had helped lower anxiety, depression and how it has increased focus. In some cases, this is true.

I want to get into some of the benefits of what it claims to help you accomplish a health standpoint. Let me share my experience.

Binaural has helped in reducing my anxiety and stress. It has increased focus and relaxation. It has helped foster positive moods, promote creativity, and manage pain. I don’t think this is a placebo effect because I didn’t know them before using Binaural.

So I’m going to show you Binaural, it’s an app that I use. I think it will help you, and I want you to try it out for yourself.

Quick Tip

Binaural is fantastic for helping you to enter into deeper states of sleep. But, you have to be realistic and put yourself in the best-case scenario. You can’t drink a cup of coffee at eight o’clock at night and then say, “Binaural doesn’t work, Bro.”

It is not a miracle worker.

If you don’t watch TV, you wear blue light blocking glasses before you go to bed at least two hours before going to bed, and you listen to Binaural audio, you won’t have an issue getting a night of deep sleep.

How It Works

If you listen to classical music, instrumental, or more relaxing meditative music, it cannot create that same effect with Binaural.

So here’s how it works.

I recommend getting any pair of noise-canceling headphones and then pop them on your ears.

Then turn on your audio file.

And then what you can do is slide your scale in Binaural, all the way up to Gamma, you can drop into Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. So that’s amazing because you can dictate where you want it to be on your own.

What you’ll find as you listen is you’re going to feel like your heart has shifted to your head.

That sounds so ridiculous. I know. But, one of the things that you’ll notice is you’ll start feeling like there’s pulsate in your brain.

Binaural won’t work the way it’s supposed to unless you can have those two different frequencies in each ear. And if your headset is not noise-canceling, you’re going to be picking up other sounds and can’t get fully into it.

If you only hear those frequencies, it’s not the full effect.

Using With Other Apps

What’s remarkable is, you can layer Binaural on top of your downloaded music that you want to listen to.

So you’ll just be going to hit PLAY.

And you’ll also be able to go to your settings widget and then go to the actual Settings. And then, mixed with other apps, turn that ON.

Using other apps is powerful because, once you turn that on, you can then go to Spotify or YouTube and turn on some channel that you find that you like, and you’re going to get the benefit of Binaural with music that you want to listen to.

So something I highly recommend, definitely check out the Binaural app.

Discernible Difference

One of the things that I experienced is that when I come up in my office, even if I have music on in my room. I pop my noise cancellation headphones, turn on the Binaural app. I can tell there is a discernible difference. 

I don’t have the proof. I don’t measure my brain waves in my room to tell you if it’s happening. But I know it’s different. Those are some of the most productive days that I have, or I feel like I’m really in a flow state.

Look, if it only made a 1% increase, it’s worth it. If it’s only making moving the needle just a tad, it’s worth trying it out.

So here’s what I would recommend you do. Try it out, download the app, go to YouTube, get a pair of 20 $30 noise-canceling headphones, pop them on, and see if it helps you.


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