Alexapure: Better Than The Berkey

Chris Michael Harris, Entrepreneur


As a business-performance coach, biohacking is one of the top things I’m looking to do. I do give my body primed and ready to be at my best on a consistent daily basis. So sleep is number one, and water is number two. 

So we’re going to talk about the Alexapure water filtration system, my experience with it, and why we opted for this one over the Berkey. 

I will be pulling out some statistics that I have related to the famous Berkey and whether you should buy the Berkey or consider the Alexapure.

Alexa Pure Pro Water Filtration System

I’ve had a great experience with Alexapure. I’ll talk about the specifics as it relates to this individual unit. So this is very common, comparable to Big Berkey. It is a 2.25-gallon stainless steel tank.

Now, this is something I wish I had known at a prolonged rate. So it’s probably not like most water filters that you’ve had, where you pour it in there, you wait five minutes, and you’re ready to serve yourself, it’s going to take hours to filter the entire thing is going to take you probably two to three hours. 

So this is a double stack stainless steel unit. You put the water in the top, and there’s a filter in there.

The cool thing about what Alexapure does is that it has multiple tiny holes, where you put various filters in there, and that’ll help the gravity filter aspect part of that will help it expel a little bit.

It also gives you up to 20,000 gallons of water, which you can filter before replacing those individual filters. So each filter is 5000 gallons that you can filter.

So if you do the math alone and figure out how many gallons of water you’d have to buy to equip the equivalent of 5000 gallons filtered, you’re going to spend $5,000. So there’s going to be an immediate ROI on a purchase of any of these devices. But the cool thing is they’re very comparable. 

You cannot go wrong with either Berkey or Alexapure in terms of contaminants removed. Both of them remove over 200 contaminants from your water and test it out among the two best in the world.

Heads Up

There are a couple of things you’re going to have to look out for, though.

First, this will leak. This is a gravity filtration system; if you put too much water in the top tank, and it goes down to the bottom, and it’s going to overflow eventually.

So make sure that every time you add new water, check and look down inside to see how much water needs to be filled up.

I thought to have a fill line. But it’s still impossible because it could be empty at the top, but the bottom is still full of water. You just can’t tell. 

The second immense pain in the butt is that it’s hard to refill it. So we have a little glass jug container to fill up the water top when necessary. Otherwise, taking that top part off every single time, putting it in the sink, and putting water in it is a little bit of a difficulty. 

The next thing is the aesthetic. Stainless steel is excellent for maintenance because you can throw it in your dishwasher and clean it however you want, and it’s not going to rust. But the problem is it’s unattractive. 

Another thing is, the stopper is at the very bottom of the system, so you’ve got to have it on the edge of the counter. So what we had to do is find something to prop it up a few inches. That way, I can fit the bottle up underneath it.

The Significant Edge

Let’s talk about affordability. The slight edge to Alexapure on the unit’s initial cost is you get a filter with the unit, and that’s great. Berkey’s slight edge is on replacement filters, and they have 6000 gallons to Alexapure’s 5000 gallons. 

But a pretty significant edge with the Berkey on the back end with their filters costs roughly about half of what they cost to replace your Alexapure filter. 

So it depends on what you’d instead do, depending on how much water you’re consuming through that. In the long term, it might be more effective for you to spend the extra money upfront but have lesser costs on the tail end. 

But honestly, from everything that I’ve read, these are both ranked number one and number two, everybody that I’ve read gives the slight edge to Berkey overall. Still, in some categories, they provide the edge to Alexapure.

Over To You

I don’t think you can go wrong with either filter. I think you’re going to be doing your body a vast, tremendous benefit in getting those contaminants out of your water and making sure that what you’re consuming and putting your body is clean and pure. 

You can’t go wrong with either. It just comes down to whether, again, you want to have the cost upfront, faster filtration with the Alexapure, or if you’re going to have the tried and true Berkey, which has been for decades the number one go-to source. 

Alright, I hope you guys liked this post. I hope it was tremendously helpful in your decision to decide which one you want to select. 

Until the next one.


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