“Why This Guided Process Turns 15 Minutes a Day into Hours of Profit-Driven Productivity While Avoiding Painful Trial and Error…”

[because smart entrepreneurs can never afford to swing and miss]

When “working hard” becomes extremely costly

Your email inbox is completely full.

You haven’t had a break from your business in months.

It would be great if you had help.

But hiring someone is just not in the budget.

Frustration mounts as everything you’ve worked on doesn’t quite seem to yield that result you’re expecting.

Leaving you inside a dark cloud of confusion.

And so you wake up searching for some form of clarity once again.

If you could just tap into the wisdom and knowledge of the most successful people on the planet…

…instead of making all the mistakes through trial and error yourself.

You’ve even seen people like Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban and Elon Musk talk about how the books they read change their life and business.

“But being an entrepreneur means I don’t have time for reading books, RIGHT?”

And you’re right!

We don’t have time to sit around and read on the beach with a pina colada.

If we don’t generate revenues in our business…

…our bills don’t get paid and we don’t eat.

But there is a proven way we can have our cake and eat it too.

Where we don’t have to go back and reinvent the wheel.

Because now where the ‘speed of implementation standard’ is being set higher everyday…

…you shouldn’t have to.

I Felt Like Everyone Was ‘Playing Chess’ When I Was ‘Playing Checkers’

When I started as an entrepreneur I remember this shear feeling of overwhelm.

And it only got worse when I asked non-entrepreneurs for advice.

My first business was super painful.

It hurt my relationships.

It destroyed my health.

And even though we managed to grow the company…

I realized bad decisions became super costly.

I told myself I’d stop making life harder than it had to be.


I Found Myself Needing a Plan So I Didn’t Go Off the Rails


A plan that did not require reading 700 pages of “business books” a day.

I was taught in school to just cram before the exam.

But in business and life that didn’t work.

So I had to get strategic.

Because of that, I was able create an actionable ‘guided process’ to take key information from the most successful business people on the planet…

…and turn that into immediate results for myself.

Here’s How That Works With My ‘LITR’s are Readers Process…’

Running a business is like operating a machine.

Each gear in your business has to churn to benefit the rest of it’s functions.

But when that doesn’t happen…

…what you often find is other areas of the business have to work harder to overcome the others.

I’ve broken this down into four ‘Core Gears’.

As you can see below, when even one gear isn’t working, the amount of pressure builds up on the others.

Usually, most entrepreneurs rely solely on their “Implement” gear.

They’re just DOING without unpacking information in the business…

…and thus that gear is out of rythm and has to really overwork to make the business keep churning.

As each one of those gears is neglected, that pressure only continues to build.

As you can see in the next example, the “Implement” gear is all that’s working.

This is why most entrepreneurs are overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid.

Their businesses aren’t performing at optimal levels because all of their success rests on them just to just willpower through trial and error.

But watch what happens when you can use my methodology to unpack high-impact information…

…and apply it so that all gears are not just working but working harmoniously.

Now, all four gears are turning as they should.

And in so doing, your business is operating at optimal levels.

Learn – Actionable learning so you know what to look for when you read  and you’ll be prepped to incorporate this new knowledge both seemlessly and easily.

Implement – By using our ‘Implementation Kits’ this newfound knowledge doesn’t just go to waste as it so often does when we don’t act with urgency.

Test – If what we implement can’t be measured then it can’t be improved.

Repeat – We build in weekly reinforcement where this becames a healthy habit that continues to improve your company and your life.

What you find as a result of all this is an entrepreneur that is conducting at their highest level of contribution.


It’s Not About How Fast You Read the Book, It’s About What You Can Implement From the Book.


In our situation where there’s not a balanced procedure with our LITR Method…

…the entrepreneur usually ends up operating in extremes.

This creates overwhelm.

Let’s think of this as an example:

Sally Sue decides it’s time to read again and starts trying to dedicate hours to reading and transforming her business.

Meanwhile, she’s missing revenue generating opportunities that end up hurting her business.

She makes a dangerous and lingering decision that “reading just isn’t for entrepreneurs.”

She soon finds herself working “in” her business instead of “on” her business…

…and it becomes very difficult for her business to not only grow but climb out of the hole she’s now put herself in.

This example leaves an entrepreneur feeling that this perceived reality is the only reality.

And more often than not, this person will give up on entrepreneurship when the problem was a very fixable one.

The LITR method of turning these gears together would have completely prevented this “falling behind” feeling.

Instead, if Sally had chosen to read only 15 minutes a day instead of endless scrolling on social media…

…while having a supportive group of high-level successful entrepreneurs…

…reading the same book at the same time on the ‘same page…’

…while getting weekly support and guidance on how to get the most out of those 15 minutes a day…

…along with an Implementation Kit to be more efficient as you go.

So while everyone else is playing Checkers, this is how you play Chess.

Introducing The VIP Book Club

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Chris is a master at coming up with incredibly efficient systems so I don’t feel constantly pressed for time.

Paula Meninato


I’m on page 28 and I’m so amazed I am already seeing the stuff I can cut out and transform.

Charmaine Fuller

Founder of The Charmed Life

The Book Club has helped me feel like I have a solid plan for implementing what I need to in my business.

Laura Shaw


so..let’s recap everything you get when you join.


A community that holds you accountable to stay on task


A guided breakdown of the materials


A deep dive into how to implement into your business


Weekly LIVE Streams and Discussion Q’s


Monthly Web Classes to review & take action


Seachability features to find exactly what you need in the vault


Special Appearances from the authors of our reads


An interactive community of like-minded entrepreneurs


Specific reads vetted and selected for you to get results


Book Summaries & Implementation Kits for every read

so..let’s recap everything you get when you join.


A community that holds you accountable to stay on task


A guided breakdown of the materials


A deep dive into how to implement into your business


Weekly LIVE Streams and Discussion Q’s


Monthly Web Classes to review & take action


Seachability features to find exactly what you need in the vault


Special Appearances from the authors of our reads


An interactive community of like-minded entrepreneurs


Specific reads vetted and selected for you to get results


Book Summaries & Implementation Kits for every read

here’s how to order

Step 1

Click ANY of the Buttons on This Page to Begin Join Process

Step 2

Complete the Order Form

Step 3

Once Order Form Has Been Submitted, Click “Join Group”

This is right for you if…

I am willing to carve out just 10 minutes per day to read & learn

I don't have a business yet or even a fully fleshed out idea but I want to start out the right way!

I don't have time to read but I'm open to trying a new method

I know my business is capable of more than where we are

I have an insatiable desire to win & grow my business

I am coachable & willing to learn new things

I'm tired of trying things that just don't work

I'm ready to own my day and my future with my business

This is wrong for you if…

I have a know-it-all attitude & don't play well with others

Cutting out an extra 10 minutes for me to read is not important & I don't see the value

I know completely what I'm doing in my business

Reading is a waste of time when I should be working

I've joined book clubs before and they don't work

I'm bad with technology and I have no interest in learning

Can I Get My Money Back?


You’re backed by a two week (14-Day) money back guarantee

This is REALLY important to me.

There’s too many scam tactics on the internet.

People just out to get your money and provide no value in your life.

And so we’ve gone above and beyond to protect you.

Plus we assume the entire risk for you.

You’re getting access to thousands of dollars of my best stuff.


Literally, work I’ve spent hundreds of hours on.

And you can get a full refund within 14 days.

I can’t re-absorb knowledge from your brain.


You can’t give me back a digital file in your head.

And so you have my knowledge with you forever.

Leaving me with nothing and one less customer.

Sounds like a fair deal for you, right?

Well, that’s how confident we are in this offer.


We want to build the next great entrepreneurs…


Not rip a few bucks off of people.



You can cancel your subscription at any time and for whatever reason

reading single-handedly made me a better entrepreneur?

But reading was always really tough for me.

I’m about as ADD as they come.

And so I just did what most people do…

I studied for the test the night before and crammed.

Once the test was over, I forgot about what I learned.

And that experience is how many of us form our bad habit today.


Because reading has to make an impact in your life.

Otherwise, you’re just wasting time and not getting results.

So I read these facts about how the most successful people win by reading.

And decided to try a new methodology.

One where I read a little…

Implemented what I learned…

Tested it to see it if worked…

And than Repeated that process.


That’s when reading became FUN

I started to get crazy results.

Things I spent countless weeks on were taking hours.

I knew exactly what I needed to focus on.

And I knew where to go to get what I needed to learn.

My learn, implement, test, repeat formula set my world on FIRE.

So I decided I needed to teach this to others.

The VIP Book Club was born.

And very soon after people started to have the same results.

People that had been trying for years at something….

Changing their lives and businesses in weeks.

And honestly way faster than I thought they would.

So here’s what I learned.

It’s about sharpening the axe before you swing.

When a Warren Buffet makes a move…

He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.


Because we spend SOOO much time fixing our mistakes

And so the time I spend now getting it RIGHT the first time…

Is saving me HOURS UPON HOURS not having to fix stuff.

Or even worse sitting around feeling overwhelmed about what to work on.

My goal is to share this with the world.

To teach people this magic formula I’ve been perfecting.

And it all starts with just a 10 minute daily commitment to reading…


Quick Summary


The VIP Book Club holds you accountable to read just 7-10 pages per day


We have one 1.5 hour long Web Class per month


Weekly LIVE updates + Discussion Q's in the community


An entire Vault of all Archived Reads


Book Summaries & Implementation Kits


One-on-one guidance on how to implement what we read


Private access to take secured notes


14-day Money Back Guarantee


Cancel anytime


No join fee!

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