Jay Bowers, founder of Sorority Fitness and Jay Bowers Fitness, joins Entrepreneur Hour to talk about the importance of fitness as an entrepreneur.


Jay spent his early childhood years in Brazil. On track to a professional tennis career, Jay broke his leg and decided to start a business at age 12; drop shipping electronics from China.  Jay also launched a book trade business and leadership event in college and eventually founded Sorority Fitness his senior year in college at the University of Georgia, where he graduated with a business degree with an emphasis in marketing.  Jay is a very close personal friend of mine and a member of my extremely small inner circle of entrepreneur buddies.  

Interview Synopsis

In this episode, Jay talks about what inspired him to get into fitness and what he aims to accomplish with his clients.  Jay loves the idea of self-improvement and talks about how that starts with your own body.

According to Jay, business is all about optimizing systems, and the most basic and important system you can control is your body.  By eating well, sleeping enough, and exercising, you can maximize your productivity potential

Jay talks about the significance of environment when it comes to staying committed to fitness and he also gives some incredible tips on how you can start your fitness resolution the right and sustainable way in 2016.  

One of the things I have always admired most about Jay is his commitment to learning and reading.  To Jay, reading is to the mind what working out is to the body.  Do it every day and the results will compound.  Warren Buffett reads eight hours per day, Bill Gates will go on a reading vacation every year and read 30 books and Mark Cuban reads three hours per day.  If these folks can find that much time to dedicate to reading, there must be something to it.


Jay has several exciting projects in the pipeline as he gears up to author his first book on fitness to better educate his clients or anyone that is interested in fitness.  He intends to explore the underlying psychology of motivation and habit change, really getting to the core of helping people accomplish their goals.

Thinking back on his entrepreneurial journey, Jay believes he would have focused on learning more to avoid some costly mistakes but he also advises to remember what Aristotle said – “the best way to learn is to do, so get out there and use what you learn in the books don’t use them as an escape.”


To contact Jay Bowers with any further questions, he can be reached at Sororityfitnessathens@gmail.com


Here are the resources Jay recommends:

Mindset: By Carol Dweck

Power of Habit: By Charles Duhigg

Busy: By Tony Crabbe

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