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David Ehrenberg, Founder and CEO of Early Growth Financial Services, joins Entrepreneur Hour to discuss why you must be putting a strong accounting and financial infrastructure in place for your business.

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David Ehrenberg founded Early Growth Financial Services (EGFS) in 2008 to address the lack of on-demand financial support available to startups. David’s passion for mentoring entrepreneurs, and helping early-stage startups to thrive, led him to create the integrated financial solution that EGFS provides, from day-to-day accounting to strategic finance, tax, and valuation support.

After graduating from Georgetown University with degrees in accounting and finance, David started his career on Wall Street doing mergers and acquisitions work for Deloitte & Touche. He went on to earn his MBA from the University of Washington.

Interview Synopsis

In this episode, David and I talk about the importance of any business having strong financial principles in place.

David talks about the benefits of an early stage startup outsourcing their financial services rather than trying to do it in house and what they should be looking for in identifying the right company to hire.

We talk about some of the biggest mistakes startups are making with their finance and accounting protocols as well as how David’s firm helps to prepare them to look appealing to a potential investment partner.

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Why You Must Build a Strong Financial Infrastructure | Preparing for Growth By Ensuring you Know Your Numbers

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