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Bobby Jones, VP of Marketing @ Helper Helper and Host of Content That Converts Summit, joins Entrepreneur Hour to chat about launching a virtual summit from scratch and with a very limited email list.

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Bobby Jones teaches entrepreneurs who want to get their tribe to see results. In addition to consulting multi-million dollar organizations, this former high school English teacher has worked with thousands of students, trainers, coaches, marketers, and execs in dozens of fields for over a decade.

Known for his relentless pursuit of excellence, Bobby coaches entrepreneurs to grow their business and revenue through providing unparalleled value to their clients while making a name for themselves as true champions of positive social impact. He is the host of Content That Converts, a series getting business owners and marketers to design rockstar content, courses, and products for their audience that sell, deliver results, and create raving fans who keep coming back for more.


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Interview Synopsis

In this episode, Bobby and I talk about what it has been like to make the career transition from teacher to launching a virtual summit and doing so with a limited list and experience.

We talk about some of the major things Bobby learned along the way in terms of his expectations versus the reality of doing a summit as well as what Bobby hopes to achieve with his summit on October 2, 2017.

We wrap up talking about the size of your list you should aim for and how you can get big time influencers to partake in your cause even if that list is much smaller than you think you’ll need to attract their attention.

Hope you all enjoy…


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Launching a Virtual Summit From Scratch | Your Cause is More Important than the Size of Your List

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