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Anthony Young, President of Personal Spaceflight Advisors and Author/Design Engineer, hops ion the show to talk about the rise of Boomer entrepreneurs and why it’s never too late in life to launch your own successful endeavor.

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The Success Principles: By Jack Canfield

The Education of Millionaires: By Michael Ellsberg

The Profitable Consultant: By Jay Niblick

Tools of Titans: By Tim Ferriss


Anthony Young is founder of the startup Personal Spaceflight Advisors LLC and the author of more than a dozen nonfiction books. After receiving his BA degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, he performed design work for numerous design offices in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Young moved to Florida in 1981 and began freelance article writing while working as a designer. He signed his first book contract in 1982, and that book, published by Motorbooks International, became the best-selling automotive title in 1984. He wrote and published eight more automotive titles.

Young began writing for The Space Review, the online weekly covering space exploration and related subjects, in 2004. He published three books covering aspects of NASA’s Apollo program. He founded Personal Spaceflight Advisors in 2015 to advise high net worth individuals on suborbital personal spaceflight and achievement of their goals post-flight. He is interested is assisting ‘boomer entrepreneurs’ like himself. He currently lives in Jupiter, Florida.

Episode Synopsis

In this episode, Anthony and I talk about Personal Spaceflight and how it is quickly becoming mainstream, led by entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Sir Richard Branson.

Anthony talks about working with the Boomer generation on realizing their potential to launch a successful business endeavor, despite never having any previous entrepreneurial experience as well as how it’s a very viable option for retirement work.

We wrap up talking about what motivates the Boomer generation to start a business venture and tips to make the necessary mental shift to transition from the 9-5 career.

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My Take

Older entrepreneurs tend to get very overwhelmed by the prospect of starting their own business at the tail end of their corporate career, particularly when it comes to technology.

I always say this but you don’t have to be the next Zuckerberg to have a comfortable lifestyle business that supports you and your family well into your retirement years.

That being said, I do recommend older entrepreneurs hone in on what I call their power alley versus trying to do something they have never done before. For the younglings, great! Get out and explore. However, exploration requires a lot of hustle and as a Boomer with a 20-30+ year career behind you, you’ve already done your hustle and soul searching. You know who you are and where you provide value to the world.

So, how can we maximize your earning potential AND do so in your own business rather than for someone else is the real question?

Starting a business has never been easier with the power of the internet and even with a very basic website coupled with a content and social strategy, you can most certainly subsidize your current income, at the very least.

More importantly, you can do it from wherever, give back to the younger generations and enjoy the fruit of your labor with the freedom to enjoy retirement as you please.

Make sure to download my Boomer Startup Kit above for all my tricks on what you should be doing and considering for your transition.


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