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Jay Samit, Vice Chairman of Deloitte Digital and Best Selling Author, joins Entrepreneur Hour to talk about how you need to start with disrupting your life if you want to disrupt an entire industry.

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Disrupt You!: By Jay Samit

It’s Time To Disrupt You! Jay Samit’s TEDx Talk


Accomplished executive with 25 years experience launching new ventures and implementing strategies for global technology and media companies.

Innovative team builder who empowers others to achieve their best work while building lasting loyalty. Reliable partner who develops and maintains long-term relationships with key industry and government leaders. Proven forecaster in financial analysis, project management, and strategic planning.

Trusted consultant to leading corporations, NGOs, and governments on the positive impact of Digital Reality.. Honest, hard-working public and private company Board member who promotes social responsibility in every aspect of corporate life.

Episode Synopsis

In this episode, Jay and I talk about the fundamental idea of disruption and how society can learn to embrace rather than resist the natural evolution of life on earth.

Jay talks about the mental roadblocks people are failing to overcome in order to start pursuing their true desires and dreams instead of staying in jobs and careers they despise.

We wrap up talking about the interesting dichotomy between “failing and failure” as it pertains to achieving success.

Hope you all enjoy…


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How to Cause Massive Market Disruption | Altering Your Life to Disrupt YOU

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