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Randy Williams, Owner of Discrimination Complaint Consultants, joins Entrepreneur Hour to discuss the ways in which innovation is changing the world and how people should be positioning themselves for future prosperity.

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Randy Williams immigrated to the United States from British Guiana, growing up with a single mother in the city of New York. Having later gone on to an illustrious career as the highest decorated officer in the history of the FAA, Randy now works as a private consultant to defend civil rights and liberties.

His efforts have benefited thousands and he now aims to further give back via his collaborative writing efforts.

As my earliest mentor, Randy has been my personal life coach for the better part of two decades and an absolute go-to source for wisdom and advice.

Interview Synopsis

In this episode, Randy and I catch up on what’s been up in his world since he last joined the show. He also shares a few little inside stories about what our audience may not know about me.

We chat about innovation and how drastically our world could change with the advent of a technocratic society. Randy sheds light on how people should position themselves to prepare for such a shift as well as drawing comparisons to other historical events that ultimately further created opportunity rather than the contrary.

We wrap up talking Randy’s three biggest tips he would give to his younger self in terms of living a healthier, happier, life.

Hope you all enjoy…

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Finding Mentors That Know You Better Than You Know Yourself | My Earliest Mentor and Life Coach For the Last Two Decades

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