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Kevin Kruse, New York Times Best Selling Author and Inc 500 CEO, hops on Entrepreneur Hour to talk about building an organization around we, not me, as well as some very beneficial productivity hacks.

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Kevin Kruse is serial entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, Forbes contributor and a globally recognized leadership expert.

As keynote speaker, delivering presentations on wholehearted leadership, employee engagement, and extreme productivity, Kevin has presented to Fortune 500 companies, startups, non-profits and even the US Marine Corps.

Over the last 20 years Kevin has started and sold several multi-million dollar companies which have won awards for both fast growth (Inc 500) as well as employee engagement (#4 Best Place to Work in PA).

Interview Synopsis

In this episode, Kevin and I discuss his traumatic experience as a child witnessing his father losing his business and having a one-armed creditor showing up at the door of his home.

Kevin and I also discuss his crazy story as a 22 year old entrepreneur living in his 10 x 10 office and showering at the YMCA because he couldn’t afford both an apartment and an office.

Kevin is one of the most renowned influencers when it comes to leadership and building an organization of people that actually want to be at their jobs. We talk at length about how you too can make your organization about we, not me.

We wrap up chatting about some cool productivity hacks that keep you focused on moving the needle forward in your business and not just becoming the task manager for an unlimited amount of to-do’s.

Hope you all enjoy…


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Your Organization Should Be About We, Not Me | Real World Data That Backs Employees Being Engaged In Their Work

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