There are very few people in this world that are blessed with the ability to emit excellence across the spectrum of life. Chris Harris is not only proving that a superior and forward-thinking business intellect has the potential to revolutionize an industry, he is doing it while integrating a dynamic spiritual body/mind practice. From early morning workouts to pumping binaural beats for study sessions, Chris Harris is continuously exemplifying what the true aim of an entrepreneur should look like. If you had to sell your soul and wreck your health to make a dollar was it worth it? Not to Chris. And this is why he has my full support and testimony for being the guy to tune in to for increasing your life experience and prosperity in the marketplace.
Dr Brett Jones
Chris is quite simply one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs (and people) I've ever met. He has an insane work ethic and drive to better himself and the people around him. He's also extremely generous with his advice and time. One of his best attributes is his humility--even though he built his moving company to over a million dollars in revenue practically overnight, he still is hungry to learn and openly shares the lessons he learned along the way. I value Chris's ideas and insights so much that I make sure to run my ideas by him when we face big decisions. Because of his active, engaging mind and the wealth of experience he's accumulated (at such a young age!), he's a huge asset for any entrepreneur or business looking to grow.
Josh Matthews-MorganFounder of Learn Your Brain
Josh Matthews-Morgan
Although this testimonial was authored to encourage people to get to know “Chris Harris- The Business Coach,” any individual that crosses paths with Chris will undoubtedly benefit getting to know “Chris Harris- The Person.” As his younger brother, business partner, and best friend, I have been fortunate enough to have known “Chris Harris- The Person” better than most. Chris is truly an innovator in every sense of the word. It has been a blessing having the opportunity to work along with Chris over the last five years building the start-up company we co-founded while attending UGA, The College Moving Company. While Chris and I have several similarities, we are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to our thought processes in the work place; as I tend to be more of the “hands-on” type manager and Chris does a tremendous job of keeping his eyes and attention on anticipating what to expect in the future. Combined, we have developed a very successful niche due to these strengths to ensure we consistently take a pro-active approach, while focusing on innovation to modernize the way business is done. Chris is the most resilient, compassionate, and trustworthy individual that will be an enormous help to any business/person in whatever situation they may be experiencing. You will not regret the return you see on this wise investment.
Brandon HarrisCo-Founder of The College Moving Company
Brandon Harris
My final semester of college, I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I couldn’t decide whether to take the full plunge at the entrepreneurial journey or to work a job and do my passion project on the side. I called Chris one morning in February 2015 to notify him I was going to take the job in New York City. I told this to the man who held my hand every step of the way for the past year in my young journey as a budding entrepreneur. That night, I was getting ready for bed when I received a message from Chris. He told me bluntly to “put my armor on and keep moving forward and take on the battle of what it means to be an entrepreneur.” We had a lengthy conversation, and one that changed the course of my path. I shed light on this story because Chris is the type of leader and coach who will hold those he associates with accountable. He has high standards and works diligently to serve those he cares about. What impresses me most about Chris is his constant desire to grow himself and become the best person he can be. Working with Chris is a long-term investment and not just in your business, but in yourself. As a coach, I can ensure Chris will undoubtedly exceed your expectations and make you a better person.
Bryan WishFounder of The Wish Dish
Bryan Wish
Chris Harris is an inspirational leader and entrepreneur, ever since I can remember. Our relationship spans quite some time. In high school, we opened our first company together, called “Work for Less,” which provided landscaping services at a more affordable rate. Fast forward 10 years, I have been working in Corporate America, learning valuable lessons but still longing to “run my own show.” The appeal of building something from the ground up, to being able to create my own schedule, my own goals, my own targets, to be more in control of my destiny. The first person I thought to call for advice was Chris. Some people just have the entrepreneurial spirit in their blood and Chris is certainly one of those individuals. He has advised me on many important components of my business – from advice on saving money, bootstrapping the capital needed to launch my company and handy tricks regarding marketing and SEO. My new business partner and I are still pushing forward with our landscaping venture (, which was launched in January, 2015. I am very fortunate to have had a continued relationship with Chris and have found his expertise and guidance to be invaluable in starting our company.
Jon BoylesFounder of ATLanscape
Jon Boyles
To me, Chris Harris is The Cockroach. Unwilling to be destroyed. The Bear Grylls of business. The kind of guy to metaphorically walk up to a grizzly bear and punch it in the face until it runs away from him instead of running away from it. Where the average person falters Chris is already climbing the next mountain top. He’s climbed and is climbing some peaks the rest of us will never experience. But it’s not his nature to deny others the opportunities he’s created for himself. In fact, it’s his passion to help others do the same. I’ve never seen such a generous juggernaut before nor do I expect to see another anytime soon. His success in business is merely a reflection of the person he’s worked so unbelievably hard to become. He deserves every success he’ll ever see and we’re all better off for it as this is a man whose destiny entails empowering and transforming countless lives in the process. Chris, thank you for all you do and may all your plans come true. I know you’ll ensure they do.
Leo ManzioneFounder of Powerup Business Consulting
Leo Manzione

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Chris M Harris is a successful entrepreneur and business owner, having bootstrapped a start-up venture from idea to a multi-million dollar venture in a little over two years.  You will have the chance to hear him share his stories and experiences while providing invaluable information on navigating the infancy stages and beyond of a new endeavor. Chris hopes that, as a business coach, he can bring about the entrepreneur in all of us that has already begun to blossom or is just waiting to hatch.

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